Additional Info re: Class Teleconferencing


The time was inadvertently left off the practice session being hosted on Wednesday by Pam Low. Here’s the complete information:

Wednesday, April 1, 7:00PM (Mac Users)

Host: Pam Low


Also, we’ll be publishing a complete set of Ground Rules with the information for next Sunday, but here are a few that should help the practice sessions go smoothly:

  • All members of the same household should connect on a single device. This will avoid feedback and cross talk that can make it difficult for others to hear.
  • Please turn off or mute all devices you are not using for the call.
  • Please secure all pets, noisome children (or noisome adults) before the call. If they aren’t participating in the call, they will distract from the call.
  • Each of you will be muted when you join. In the practice sessions, you should have learned how to “raise” your hand using the software. Should you raise your hand, the meeting host will call on you and unmute you. Once you have spoken, you will again be muted.

Lastly, we thought you might enjoy a preview:

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 7.31.31 PM

Michael Dishman

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Maranatha Zoom Teleconference Class Sessions

To All Maranatha Class Members:

Like most of you, we miss seeing our fellow class members. A group of us has been experimenting with the Zoom teleconferencing system and feel this is a viable way for many of us to meet while the church is not open for Sunday School. Our plan is to have an online “check-in” with fellow class members weekly in advance of the church broadcast at 11:00 am. Our first check-in will be held Sunday, April 5 at 10:15 am and will last 30 minutes. We’ll be sending out an invitation with more specifics as we get closer to that date.

So, how do you get connected? At present, a smartphone, tablet or computer is required. The larger the screen, the easier it will be for you to see and recognize your classmates. We’ll send out a weekly invitation with an agenda and instructions on how to connect each week.

If you are already familiar with Zoom, you pretty much already know what you need to know. If you have questions about how we are using this tool for the check-in, please contact one of the mentors listed below, Ed Payton or Roger Rowe.

If you’ve never used Zoom, please do not wait until April 5 to start – we will be unable to help you during the check-in. Instead, attend one or more of the Practice Sessions listed below. You should try to join a 5 – 10 minutes before the Practice Session starts by clicking on the provided link below the name of each Host – if you’ve never used Zoom before, you may be asked to download an app. You’ll be placed into a “waiting room” until the session actually starts. Feel free to contact your session Host in advance of your practice session if you have specific questions. Ed Payton and Roger Rowe are also available to answer questions prior to April 5. God bless you and your families. Keep safe. Thank you.

Michael Dishman

Practice Sessions

Note: We’ve listed below the area of primary expertise of the session host, for example, Rick Evans is more familiar with Macs and Jim Embrey is more familiar with Windows. However, you can connect to any meeting with your preferred device. For example, a Mac/iPhone/iPad user can connect to Jim’s meeting and a Windows/Android user can connect to Rick’s meeting.

Monday, March 30, 5:30pm (Windows Users)

Host: Jim Embrey


Tuesday, March 31, 5:30pm (Mac Users)

Host: Rick Evans


Wednesday, April 1 (Mac Users)

Host: Pam Low


Thursday, April 2, 4:00pm (Windows Users)

Host: Ed Payton


Friday, April 3, 5:30pm (Windows Users

Host: Dan Blevins


Additional Mentors: Sharon Earley, Ray Earley, Jim Embrey, Carol Maus, Barbara Meehan, Stuart Solomon, Richard Wansley

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Lynn & Shari Goodwin

I received the following email from Shari Goodwin. I respectfully request that everyone in our class pray for a speedy recovery for Lynn and for united support for Shari and family. Thank you. Keep safe. God Bless you and your family. MICHAEL DISHMAN

Well, Lynn has decided to be an overachiever. All this Covid 19 stuff wasn’t enough of a challenge, so he’s been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in the midst of it. Took us a couple of months to get the diagnosis and a treatment plan. Lynn was supposed to get his port yesterday (Friday), but he keeps running a fever, so they decided to eliminate possible underlying causes before driving his immunities down. He’s almost finished with that, and the doc thinks he has a very good chance of beating this. Eight new meds have been developed in the last two years just for this.

He starts chemo Monday and the first round will be stomach injections so the port can heal. Tentatively planning to get the port Monday as well. If anyone would like to see updates as they become available, our girls have set up a CaringBridge site and the link is

It’s really easy to use – just click “follow.” Thanks for your friendship and prayers! SHARI GOODWIN

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Registering for Church Service

Jim Embrey submitted an excellent suggestion to me. It is important that we all register or "sign in" for attending church service. Under current conditions, we encourage everyone that watches the 11:00am service to register by (1) calling (918) 699-0129 or (2) go to the BAUMC website and then click on the "Register here" link.

Also, if you want to follow along and/or print out the sermon bulletin, here is the link.

*This link requires a bit of "clicking", i.e. from the home page, click on Worship, then Join us for Worship, scroll to the Traditional Sunday Worship Services – 9:00 – 11:00, then click "Click here to view this Sunday’s bulletin and Rev. David Wiggs’ sermon outline".

Thank you and keep safe. God bless all of you and your families. MICHAEL DISHMAN

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Richard Wansley’s Devotion Messages to our Maranatha Class

See Richard’s Email Message to me. This is a great idea. He will send me devotions that he discovers and I will send them to all class members.


I ran across a devotion which touched on a matter appropriate for our time – "uncertainty". I wanted to share it with you and if you feel worthy to do so, our entire class. In fact, I offer to coordinate getting volunteers to write (and potentially record) devotions once or twice a week until we return to our regular in-person class schedule. If you agree, I leave it to you to send the devotion to our class members and if you further agree, I am willing to hear from (rawansley) and coordinate others who may wish to offer brief devotions as well. Thank you for keeping us in-touch.

Richard Wansley

Richard Wansley Devotion #1 (03-26-20).docx

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Maranatha Class Newsletter – March 22

In order to maintain a bit of normalcy and to pass on relevant information during these uncertain times, I’ve elected to continue the weekly class newsletter. If you have any social events, announcements, prayer requests, etc. that you would like included, please let me know.

Sunday School Lesson

As previously announced, Joel is recording his lessons for Lent and they are being posted to YouTube. Here are the links to lessons #1 and #2. Enjoy!

#1 This one is titled Lenten Series: The Spiritual Blind Spot, Pt. 1.


Birthdays and Anniversaries

Happy birthday to the following folks:

Suzy Morgan – 27th

Linda Nicks – 27th

No anniversaries this week.

Upcoming Social Activities (and cancellations)

It is with much disappointment that the decision to cancel the Designer Showcase is official. I apologize but our Maranatha designer showcase auction party is cancelled. I pray for you health and safety during these unprecedented times. Lynn

The next class social is planned for Friday, May 1. We hope and pray there will be no need to cancel or postpone. It will be a celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Maranatha with a lovely dinner and worship opportunity. Stay tuned for more details.

Due to the current restaurant restrictions, the weekly meeting of Maranatha Men on Tuesdays for food and fellowship has been suspended. We hope to restart again in the near future.

Christmas Party/Auction – December 12 at Tulsa Country Club

Upcoming Mission Opportunities

April 10 – Serving dinner at the Day Center for the Homeless – due to the current situation, we are exploring other avenues for providing this meal. We will not be serving in person.

July 26 – Serving dinner at Redemption Church

September – Operation School Bell

Oct 9 – Serving dinner at the Day Center for the Homeless

Nov 22 – Serving dinner at Redemption Church

You have a chance to be a part of the first Mission Team to our Church’s new National Mission Partner, McCurdy Ministries in Espanola New Mexico (just north of Santa Fe). The team will be going to McCurdy from May 22nd to May 27 (tentatively but schedule will be adjusted based on team members). If you are interested, please contact Ed or Judith Payton right away!

Joys and Concerns

For all of our class members and their families during these uncertain times.

If you miss announcing a prayer request in class, feel free to email me at earleysharon1 with your request.

Other Class Announcements

It is time again to consider the contributions that our class will be making. A donations request form was attached to last week’s email. You may use it to submit a requested donation. The deadline for submission is Sunday, March 29. The form should be sent to Kendall Carpenter.

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Maranatha Sunday School Lenten Lessons Coming Your Way Soon!


As you may recall, we had originally planned to have Joel Panciera present a 5-week series on Lent in Sunday School during March and April. This email is to let you know that (1) Joel has graciously offered to make his five-week series on Lent available on video through the Boston Avenue website, and (2) we have the opportunity to use the Maranatha Class blog to communicate the plans to our class members and to facilitate discussion.

Early this afternoon we sent out a communication that EvaMarie had sent to all of the classes regarding opportunities to participate remotely in Adult Ministries on a regular basis, especially during Lent and while the church is closed. The content of that message includes several different options, and an attached file explained how to install and use Zoom. I mention this because I can see that there will be some confusion from so many opportunities, but I don’t believe that it overlaps with what Joel described as a future virtual resource library, offering videos such as those he is self-producing for 2020 Lent. He delivered the first week’s lesson in person in the Maranatha classroom on March 1, so we have the audio recording that I can upload to the Sunday School section on (at

Joel has communicated with Caitlyn about making the videos available as soon as he can. He has likely completed and given her lessons 2 & 3 if not even more, and I understand that he would also like to present and record lesson 1 as a video so the series will be complete. He has also suggested a way to make the lessons more interactive, by collecting comments from the class and then responding by way of an e-mail message that we could send to our members and to our blog (joelpanciera.

As these recordings become available we will send out an email with a link to the videos and any special instructions that you might need to view them.
Thanks to Joel Panciera for making these videos and thanks to Barbara Meehan for coordinating with the church staff on Maranatha’s behalf.

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Adult Ministries – Additional Resources

EvaMarie’s message also included these three files to supplement the materials and resources that she provided earlier this afternoon:

Adult Sermon Responses
Updated 2020 Lenten Calendar
Zoom instructions

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Boston Avenue Church Adult Ministries Update

Below is some helpful information from EvaMarie Campbell to help with our spiritual needs during this challenging time.

In addition, please keep Gary and Melanie Linsky in your prayers. Gary’s mother passed away in New York. The service is Wednesday, but Gary cannot attend because he is having surgery on Thursday.

From EvaMarie:
Greetings and Grace and Peace to you during this unprecedented time in our world. Here are some technological helps for you to access for yourself and/or for your Sunday School Class. Please pass this information along to those in your classes and groups.

We will be sending out a daily devotional and video. Use these links to sign up. You must opt in to receive the devotionals and videos.

All-church email sign-up link:

Daily Devotional Sign Up Link:

Sermon Archives available for class discussion using the attached reflection sheet.

Sermon Archives

Adam Hamilton has give us access to his Lenten Series videos. Be sure to check these out.

Link to Lenten Series by Adam Hamilton

While we are in physical social isolation, we want people to connect. If you would like to be paired with an older person who is in isolation, please sign up. By signing up, you agree to send written mail to your buddy at least once a week. You will receive your buddy’s contact information next week.

Boston Avenue Buddies

Everyone is invited to spend time in prayer and meditation each Friday at Noon. No need to go anywhere, just stop what you are doing and join in meditation.

I’ve attached our updated Lenten Calendar for your use during this season. We changed the daily activities that previously involved physical contact so we can continue to practice social distancing.

Be sure to tune into Channel 8 at 11:00am. each week to watch our Worship broadcast. We plan to offer this each week with only essential personnel for as long as we are able.

Should you know of anyone in our congregation without access to technology please send me their names and addresses (if you have it) so I can reach out to them through the “snail mail” with resources for their continued faith journey.

Remember: Washing Hands is Activism

Social Distancing is Showing Love

We’re only as healthy as the most vulnerable among us.



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Request from Class Member Richard Wansley

Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries: Exodus House Tulsa Annual Dinner, April 14th: As a Board Member of CJAMM, I am informed that the Exodus House Tulsa Annual Dinner, scheduled for April 14th at Boston Avenue, has been postponed to a date yet to be determined. I am aware that Table Sponsors are being notified today regarding this change but am not certain whether those with individual tickets might not be notified easily; so, I ask that you help with letting people in Maranatha Sunday School Class and the church as a whole about this postponement. The organizers will surely let people know about a future date for the dinner at a later time. Thank you. Contact me if you have any questions. Richard Wansley

God Bless You. Michael Dishman

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