Another bit of Maranatha news!

I forgot to mention in the newsletter last night that we had three visitors in our class Sunday: Mary Wiggs, Ryan Shepher, and Karen Gillis-Tinlin, a new member. Welcome to all of these visitors!

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Maranatha Newsletter – September 7-14

Rev. David Wiggs began his series of lessons for the month of September on the topic of "Where in the world is God?" versus "God is making all things new!" He challenged us to change our perspective as we read scripture and as we live in the world. It was a thought-provoking message. He will continue on this topic next week.

Class Celebrations

Birthdays this week include Elizabeth Green and Pam Sherman on the 9th, Michelle Place on the 11th and Sherry Griffin on the 13th. There are two anniversaries this week: Susan and David Rose on the 11th and Karen and Joe Harris on the 12th.

Meredith Davison Wansley gave the prayer today. Next Sunday Ed Payton will be giving the prayer.

The Hoods and the Davises provided snacks for the class today. The Grims and the Bundrens will be serving snacks next. week.


  • Richard Wansley reported that the Vernon AME Church will not be participating in the Mission trip because of a scheduling conflict. There is still time for you to sign up to go the week of October 7-11th for the trip to work in Port Arthur, Texas.
  • The next class social will be Pizza and Bunco on Friday, November 8. Karen Campbell said that she will be unable to chair the committee next year and asked that class members consider taking this important position. It isn’t too early to consider thinking about how you will serve the class next year.
  • Consider signing up to give the prayer and/or bring refreshments for the next quarter.
  • On Wednesday the Senior Seekers will be watching a movie, The Thin Man, at 1:00 pm.
  • The United Methodist Women will be having their annual Mission Tea from noon until 1:30 pm at the Tulsa Garden Center on Thursday, September 19.

Joys and Concerns

  • Bob Russell is recovering from his recent surgery and had a good week.
  • Great news! Cisco Maldonado finished his radiation treatments and hopes to be back to work soon.
  • John Sherman continues to recover from his shoulder surgery

Enjoy your week and we’ll look forward to seeing you next Sunday.

Meredith and Carol

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Sunday’s lesson was presented by Paddy Swiney, Her topic was the early Christian Church in the United States.

Gary Linsky, Susan Day, Allene Donley, Dave Grim, Bob Russell, Kraemer Luks, and Ginny LeDoux
Thank you for the snacks the Tankersley, and Dee Dueck and Kendall Carpenter for the prayer.

This Sunday we start our new worship times.

Snacks this week: Andy and Suzanne Hood have guilty and Rob and Andrea Davis have healthy

Prayer will be Meredith Wansley

Prayer Concerns : John Sherman, Gary Smith and Bob Russell are doing well after surgery however Bob had some concerns and needs our prayers.

This week we are taking a Love Offering for Rev Sara and Larry Montgomery. The monies will be used to purchase a meal ticket for them to use as they need it.

Our speaker this week is Rev David Wiggs.

Peace, Meredith and Carol

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Wednesday night Bible Study J122

There have been several times in past years I have moved out of my comfort zone and participated in a group study class offered at the church. I never approached anyone of them with confidence but rather had lurking thoughts like "why did I do this?" However, every time I experienced new spiritual growth and enjoyed the time spent with members of our church I had never met.

As announced in The WORD and during Maranatha Class, a study of the Gospel of Mark begins tonight from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in Jubilee Hall room J122. It is taught by Marita Morgan and Don Hertzler, both engaging teachers. I am told there are very few planning to attend. Please consider this class and if the spirit moves you ………I’ll see you tonight!

Scott Morgan

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Brice Venable

Class… Brice Venable pass away Saturday am. The service will be Tomorrow at 2:00 pm in the sanctuary. Please keep Sue, Amy, and Kathy in your prayers.


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21 August, 2019 08:27

Hi all,

Debbie Peterson took on setting up a meal train for Sara & Larry. Please see the link below if you’d like to sign up:

Also, please feel free to share with other groups that might want to participate!


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Exodus House and Parsonage House Reunion

Class…. attached is the flyer for this year’s reunion for Exodus House and Parsonage House. Everyone in the class is welcomed to attend. This year the reunion is at Centenary UMC at 631 N. Denver Avenue.


Exodus House and Parsonage House Reunion.pdf

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Maranatha Newsletter – August 18-25

This week Bruce and Sharon Chucoski brought us the follow-up lesson on "Where is God urging us to go?" They discussed the results of the survey about mission projects that 38 of our class members filled out. Jeff Jaynes of Restore Hope will be our teacher next week.

Birthdays this week are: Richard Payton (19), Richard Wansley (19), and Jeff Allen (22).
Anniversaries include Melanie and Dave Shepherd and Dana and Stuart Solomon.
Prayer this week was by Carol Maus. Carol Grim will have our prayer next week.
Snacks this week were brought by the Susan Hamilton and the Chucoskis. Next week the Wansleys and the Maus will be bringing our refreshments.
Upcoming events:

  • Burroughs Elementary School is still needing for Reading partners.
  • The Mission Trip to Port Aurthur, TX is scheduled for October 7-11, 2019. If you have questions or are ready to sign up, please contact Richard Wansley at rawansley.
  • Senior Seekers will have a gathering at 11:30 am on Wednesday, August 21. Audra Fogel will speak on the Sutton Avian Research Center in Bartlesville, OK. Reserve a lunch by calling 918-699-0123.
  • Exodus House and Parsonage House will have a reunion on September 2, Labor Day at Centenary Methodist Church.
  • BAUMC is changing the Sunday schedule beginning the first of September. Early church will start at 9:00 am rather than 8:30 am and last for only 45 minutes. Sunday School will begin at 9:50 am and 11:00 am church will remain the same. The purpose of the changes are to increase attendance. There will also be switching of the Chancel and Chapel choirs on the first Sunday of the month.
  • The class voted to give $1,000 to the Communication’s Department toward the purchase of a new laptop commuter with enhanced video capabilities.

Joys and Concerns
Prayers are needed for the following class members:

  • John Sherman had shoulder surgery on Monday.
  • Bob Russell is having heart problems and will be having diagnostic procedures this week.
  • Cisco is going to need 8-9 more chemotherapy sessions despite being in remission.
  • Karen Campbell has back problems but still managed to coordinate a great social for us last Friday.
  • Bruce Chucoski’s dad has a small prostate cancer.
  • J.P. and Erin Doland were in a car accident.
  • Sara Pugh-Montgomery had her twin girls on Sunday morning.

Peace and blessings,
Meredith and Carol

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Aug 4

Visitors today were Chris Hill, Kathryn Linsky’s sister and Clarissa Leland, the Chucoski’s daughter.

This week Bruce Chucoski brought us "Where is God urging us to go?" We did a survey of mission project that we have been doing. He will continue this discussion on 8 / 25.Birthdays this week are: Mary Staat, Glenna Arnott and Jill Thomas.
Anniversaries include Lisa and Denzil Tallent, Patty and Jim Banes and Angie Dale and Jim McCann.
The prayer this week was Roger Rowe, next week Rob Reck will have our prayer.
The snacks this week were brought by the Goodwins and the Manduano’s and next week Karen and Art Campbell have guilty and setup. Dana and Stuart Solomon have healthy and cleanup.
Upcoming events:
Operation School Bell will be 9/10. This is the event where shoes and school clothes are given to Burroughs’ students.
And Burroughs is asking for Reading partners.
Mission to Port Aurthur, TX is scheduled for 10 / 7 to 10 / 11. This trip we are partnering with Vernon AME. If you have questions or are ready to sign up, please contact Richard Wansley at rawansley.
Our next social is 8 / 16 where we are having a pot luck and a movie. There is still time to sign up.
Joys and Prayers
We are asked to pray for the victims at El Paso and Dayton.
A thank you to our class members who worked with Vacation Bible School. It was a great success. Please consider volunteering next year.
Prayers are requested for Kate Staat- Barnes who has a very painful cyst on her spine.
Susan Day is glad to be back in class after an illness.
Paul Geisen shared several joys: His oldest daughter’s marriage, his son’s new job (and moving out of the house) 2 International Students who are staying with them this school term and the adopted stray cat that had a litter of 8 kittens who are now being joined by 2 abandoned kittens. (Maybe prayers for the mother cat to be able to feed all)

Peace and blessings,
Meredith and Carol

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Maranatha Newsletter July 28 – August 3

Darlene Tegeler concluded her thought-provoking series of lessons from the book "Not on Safe for Church: Ten Commandments for Reaching New Generations" by Jasmine Smothers and F. Douglas Jr. Powe this Sunday. She did a thoughtful job of sharing the many challenging ideas presented by this author for how the church can become more receptive to a new generation of young adults.

Class Celebrations

Birthdays this week include Terri Todd on the 28th, David Carpenter on the 29th and Shannon Latchem on August 2. There are no anniversaries this week.

Jim Embrey gave the prayer today. Next Sunday Roger Rowe will be giving the prayer.

The Butterworths and the Carpenters provided snacks for the class today. The Goodwins will be serving snacks next week with an unknown partner! .


  • The Redemption Dinner was tonight, July 28. Many thanks to the class members who were so quick to help with this dinner.
  • Kendall Carpenter thanked the class for their kindness this week following the loss of her father, especially for the meal that the class served following the funeral last Wednesday.

Joys and Concerns

  • Richard Wansley reported that he and Rev. Amy Venable have been visiting our class members, Jimmy and Walter Berg, at their home. They are working with them to resolve their problems so that they can come back to church. Rev. Venable has been taking them communion.
  • Wonderful news! Cisco Maldonado is in remission from his cancer!
  • Mary Staat reported that Paul’s mother who is 97 years old, is recovering from her recent stroke.
  • Jim Embrey’s aunt is in hospice.

Enjoy your week and we’ll look forward to seeing you next Sunday.

Carol and Meredith

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