Maranatha, February 21, 2010

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”  Mohandas Gandhi

Dear Maranatha Family:

We were honored  this morning to have Debbie Peterson, our Church’s Director of Mid-High Youth Programs, present to us. Our Class is an ardent supporter of youth activities in the Church, and Debbie helped us understand how important it is for us to be making such an investment.  She made it clear that today’s youth face some of the same challenges that we, sometimes painfully, experienced in our adolescence, while also pointing out the new temptations and decisions faced by young people in contempary times.  Debbie gave us assurance that our Church’s programs strive to be relevant and strengthen the developing faith of our mid-high youth.  Thank you, Debbie, for your presentation to us, and what you and your volunteers do with youth in our Church’s family.

Two Class Members were recognized for their birthdays coming in the next few days, including Ray Latchem (2/26) and Julee Embrey (2/27).   We also acknowledged the anniversary of Karen and Art Campbell on February 26th.  Happy Birthdays and Congratulations!!

An Olympics theme adorned our table of food and drink, thoughtfully arranged by Pam and Karey Low assisted by Suzy and Denny Meredith-Orr.  Pam also offered our prayer this morning.

Suzy reminded us that the Maranatha Class is responsible for the Chili (and Stew) Supper in Community Hall, immediately preceding the Monday, February 22nd presentation by Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman as part of the Barton-Clinton-Gordey Series.  Please help; gather as early as 3pm, Monday, the kitchen in Community Hall. Meal serving begins at 5pm and ends at 6:30pm.  Also, plan on attending as many of the BCG Series presentations by Rabbi Zimmerman as possible, with more of his teaching tonight at 7pm, and, then again, Monday and Tuesday, 7pm each evening.

David Rose told us of not one or two but four joys, each of which pertained to joyous events in the family, a child’s acceptance to college, being an expectant grandparent (again), and members of the family moving back close to home, and a long awaited visit home by other family. Lynn Russell shared a concern, a request for prayers for Carl who is not expected to live many more days.

The Dixons, new members to the Church, visited with us today.  They live in the Catoosa area and seemed to enjoy their experience with our Class today.  Several of our Class Members spent time getting to know the Dixons.  I’m sure this made them feel welcomed; a big “thank you” to those Members who let the Dixons know that we are a great Class not only on Sundays but everyday!

Next Sunday, Reverend Marsha Alexander will be our teacher.  Reverend Alexander has served as a UM Missionary for a number of years, most of which were in the Phillipines.  Her most recent assignment was with Manos Juntas Mexico, a UM project in Northern Mexico which has been a VIM site for our Church in the past.  Be there next Sunday, bring guests!!

Richard Wansley and Meredith Davison

Today, we’re changing the means of our communications with you.  We’re using the Class G-Mail account so that we can have a better record or history of our regular Sunday reports. However, using this system does not permit you to reply to me with a private communication.   So, if you wish to send me a private comment or request, then please use the following E-mail address, richard.wansley(at), or call me on my mobile telephone, 918-520-8787.  Have a great week!

Richard Wansley

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