Maranatha, May 23, 2010

“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of faith is
to see what you believe.”
Saint Augustine

The quote above is a reminder that the “faith” of our class members is “seen” through the reward of members who move to help and care for another class member or their family. Our class was faithful this week when members demonstrated their support for the family of Jennifer Tye who died earlier in the week. Carol Maus and Mickey, friends of Jennifer, Doug, and their sons, shared loving stories of Jennifer’s life with us. Thank you Carol, Mickey, and all those who gave their time, food, and prayers for the Tye family. Her family will continue to need your prayers!

This morning, we recognized several birthdays for the week (Jane Smith, Amy Michael, and Kevin Meehan) and a number of anniversaries (Dee & Noel Copeland, Suzy & Denny Meredith-Orr, Allene & Rex Donley, Diane & Gene Martin, and Lynn & Bob Russell). Happy Birthday and Congratulations to each of you!

Our greeters who provided refreshments were Rob & Frieda Reck and Janet Purinton. Good food! There was one announcement: the “70s Trivia Party” will be held on June 4th at the Manduanos. Contact them if you have not already signed up to attend this party.

Today, many concerns were shared by our class: For the Bruce Taylor family, for young Amanda, Debbie Jacoby’s father, a class member who is starting chemotherapy this week, and others as well. If you wish for us to share specific concerns and names of those in need of prayer, please let us know and we will send out another report with that information later this week.

Joys were also presented to the class, including the birth of Rorie Hope, the granddaughter of LeDouxs, and celebrations for new graduates.

Scott Morgan led us in prayer.

We welcomed visitors, Ron, Ben, Lisa (Meehan), and Liz (Wansley). Come again!

Our lesson was the completion of the discussion of Jeremiah and his prophetic statements; the lesson was presented by Reverend/Professor Susanna Southard, Phillips Theological Seminary. Many thanks to Susanna for a well-delivered and meaningful lesson!

Next week is a “Brunch Sunday”; so bring a dish to share with the class. Ginny Walker will provide a devotion/lesson for us next week. Bring family and friends for the food and Ginny’s lesson!

Prayerfully Yours,

Richard Wansley and Meredith Davison

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