Maranatha, June 27, 2010

“Today you are you, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is youer than you.”
Dr. Suess

We had a large class today; it was terrific! We celebrated several birthdays: Roger Rowe (6/29), Sue Madden (7/1), and Charlie Ninde (7/3), and some anniversaries: Lynn and Shari Goodwin (6/28) and Alan and Jane Smith (6/30). Happy Birthdays and Anniversaries!

Our greeters who also brought refreshments were Bob and Lynn Russell, and David and Brenda Worthington. Thanks!

We have a number of visitors this morning: Judith Shumway, Tom Walton, Alyce & Larry Meredith, and Rebecca Allen. You’re invited to return any time; thanks for visiting!

SAVE THE DATE: August 20, 2010 – The Maranatha 30th “Pearls” Anniversary Party. We will have a social hour and dinner at the Church, and share memories. Also, there is discussion of having a mission opportunity during the weekend. We want all members and alums to be at this celebration!

In July, the social event will be group attendance to BABA. Pam Sherman will provide details next Sunday.

Brenda Miller is collecting books for the Day Center and Meredith Davison is gathering unused soaps, coffees, and so forth collected by you from your stays at hotels.

Several joys and concerns were expressed. Mickey Maus reported that Carol is improving from her accident a couple of weeks ago. Sharon Bookout shared concerns for change in having a new principal at her school. Jim Embrey successfully completed his “war games” assignment. There were several people ask for thoughts and prayers for others who were without employment, as well as though new graduates who will be seeking employment in a difficult economy.

Our prayer was offered by Kendall Carpenter. Nicely done, Kendall; thanks. Reverend Bill Crowell completed his 4-part presentation on interesting, often overlooked Christians in our history who have made a difference to today’s modern world.

Next Sunday, the 4th of July, will be a BRUNCH SUNDAY. Please bring a dish to share with others. We are also looking for a volunteer to share a “freedom-themed” devotion. If you are interested in doing so, please let me know by Tuesday.

Don’t forget, next week is a BRUNCH SUNDAY! Hope to see all of you and your visiting family and friends at Maranatha!

Richard Wansley

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