Maranatha, July 18, 2010

“Most folks are about as happy as they
make up their minds to be.”
Abraham Lincoln

A great class on Sunday, with a good number of members in attendance. David Carpenter lead us on the second in his series of Maranatha Disciple Bible Study. The lesson pertained to Matthew 5: 21-48. Next Sunday, David will be teaching once again, and I will forward the Bible verse for your reading prior to the class. Remember, BRING YOUR BIBLE! It will enhance your experience in this Maranatha Study course.

We acknowledged several birthdays, including those of Nancy Christy (7/18), Steve Jacoby (7/18), Mark Butterworth (7/20), and Lydia Jackson (7/2), as well as the anniversaries of Carol and Mickey Maus (7/19) and Beverly and Mark North (7/20). Party till you drop; just remember to get back up!!

Mary and Randy Elliott and Charlotte and Roger Rowe provided tasty treats for all us. Personally, I had one too many Crispy Cremes; I should have had a healthy bagel instead! It’s nice to have options. Thanks Mary, Randy, Charlotte and Roger.

Next week, our Greeters who will also bring snacks are Angie Dale and Jim McCann (Cleanup and Guilty Snacks) and Rex and Allene Donley (Setup and Healthy Snacks).

Visitors on Sunday were Rebecca Allen, Alexis Brownlee, and returning for the second time, Jim and Ginger Smryl. Bring guests next Sunday; we love visitors!

Several important announcements were reported by members, including that the July social is group attendance to the BABA performance on July 30th. The group membership is set but if you’re interested and haven’t signed up, then contact Pam Sherman. Paula Scott let us know that the Cans & Karoke Party will be held on August 28th. If you bought tickets to this event, contact Paula for details. Suzy Meredith-Orr informed us that we will be serving food at the Day Center for the Homeless on Friday evening, August 13th. More details from Suzy later, but let her know if you’re interested in attending this mission opportunity.

David Rose celebrated the joy of being one year past his quadrupal bypass surgery; great news! Paul Staat is having surgery and there was request for prayers. The Low’s neighbor had a serious accident and suffered brain trauma. Jerry Jessee, Lynn Russell’s stepdaughter’s father, has advanced cancer. There was mention of the continuing treatment of a boy with a brain tumor, and the death of a child. Today, I was notified that Jim Seymore’s mother is dying from lung cancer, and has moved to hospice care. Your prayers are requested for all these mentioned in class and others who are need of our Christian concerns even though they may not have been mentioned aloud on Sunday.

On Sunday, Michelle Place led us in prayer following the sharing of Joys and Concerns. If I missed any announcements, feel free to let me know and I will pass the information along to other members.

We’re fortunate have each other as classmates! Have a great week.

Richard Wansley

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