Corrected Update on Paul Staat

The earlier message was cut off, just as it was getting good. Here it is again:

Paul Staat’s surgery was Thursday and much more involved than anticipated and his stay has been extended to Wednesday, July 28th.  He is in St. John’s room 1027.  Paul welcomes visitors.  The next four days will probably get pretty long.

The surgery was successful and the doctors are sure that he will feel much better for having gone through it.  However, during the surgery the doctors did detect abnormal lymph nodes.  Of course, they removed them for testing.  They will also be running more tests tomorrow, keeping Paul busy.  Whatever this is, they feel certain that it has been caught very early, as he has shown no symptoms.

Mary is juggling between Paul at the hospital and Kate at home and Kate visiting the Paul.
I am going to take some quick-fix lunch/dinner items to Kate and Mary for the juggling time period.  Perhaps a few meals next week would be helpful.  I am thinking Wednesday would be nice — that first day home time gets away from you.  Then another meal Friday or Saturday, whichever works into your schedule.  Mary starts back to work August 4th, so they may need some help about then, depending on how Paul’s recuperation is coming along.

If you would like to help with one of the two meals for next week, email Karen Brownlee Campbell at k.brownlee(at) (substitute @ for “(at)”).  She will email you in return to confirm plans.  We will keep you posted on the needs for the week of August 1.

We ask for you to remember Paul and Mary in your thoughts and prayers.

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