Update: Good News about Paul Staat!

See the message below from Shari Goodwin:

"Good news! Paul’s test results have come back. He learned yesterday that his lymphoma is B cell, non-Hodgkins, which is the most treatable kind. There is no indication that the cells have spread any place other than the lymph nodes. He will have to have chemo for a year – a full dose every three weeks with maintenance chemo in between, beginning just as soon as his abdomen is sufficiently healed. His port will be put in this afternoon, and the prognosis is very good for a full recovery and no reoccurrance.

Dr. Yeary told him that it would have been a completely different scenario two months from now if the lymphoma had gone undetected. What a blessing that he had the hernia surgery when he did and had an excellent, thorough surgeon performing it!

He said to tell everyone that he is feeling God’s grace and feeling everyone’s love and prayers, and he wants you to know that you’re in his prayers as well. He has appreciated all the visits, but is beginning to get tired after all the surgery and tests. He suggested that, for a while, it might be good for everyone to check with Mary before visiting. He would love to get cards any time!

He should go home tomorrow, then will need to stay down and heal. He’s hoping to create a blog as soon as he is able, to include everyone who wants to be with him on this journey.


Shari Goodwin"

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