Maranatha, August 8, 2010

"Kdo jinemu jamu kopa sam do
ni pada"
(When you try to dig a hole for someone else, you usually fall in
it yourself!)

The above quote is a Czech wisdom, shared with me by my daughter-in-law who along with our son and grandson are visiting with us from their home in South Africa. It’s been a busy week for us with all our adult children, their significant others, and grandson under the same roof once again!

On Sunday, we had a great morning! If you were there, you know that already; if not, then we missed you, and hope to see you soon!

We celebrated two birthdays, Gene Martin (8/14) and Don Forsman, our teacher (also on 8/14), and several anniversaries, Jim McCann & Angie Dale (8/8), Kevin & Barbara Meehan (8/11), Rob & Frieda Reck (8/11), Paul & Ruth Giessen (8/13), and Rob Smith & Susan Morgan (8/13). Congratulations.

Our greeters who brought refreshments were Shari & Lynn Goodwin and Debbie & Neal Pascoe; thank you!

Next week greeters and providers of snacks are Ginny & Jerry LeDoux (guilt-ridden/set up) and Dana & Stuart Solomon (healthy/clean up).

Melanie Evans, a Maranatha alumus, joined regular members on Sunday.

Several announcements were made by members. Friday evening, August 20th, will be the date of our Maranatha Anniversary Dinner at the church. Check with Pam Sherman about details. Those who signed up for the mission, serving at the Day Center for the Homeless, on Friday, August 13th, please remember to be there; contact Suzy or Denny Meredith-Orr for details or if your plans have changed.

Concerns recognized by members included the death of Jim Seymour’s mother, Richard Payton’s aunt whose caretaker stole money from her, Kirk Place’s mother who was recently diagnosed with cancer, and Michelle Place’s grandmother who is seriously ill. Your prayers are requested for these families.

An eloquent, thoughtful prayer was prepared and delivered by Ed Payton.

Please note this important announcement: On August 22nd, it with Great Day At BA! It will also be the 30th Anniversary of Dr. Biggs at BAUMC. At Dr. Bigg’s request, there will be no grand event, but it is requested that we fill every pew and overflow the sanctuary with all of us who are members. So, please mark your calendars and be at BA on August 22nd!

Our teacher on Sunday morning was Don Forsman, who spoke to us about being a Christian "doubter". Thanks, Don. Don will be back with us at some date yet to be rescheduled in the next month or so.

Next Sunday, our own Keith Madden has agreed to be our teacher for a lesson on the Crusades; come join us for this interesting topic!

Have a great week.

Richard Wansley / Meredith Davison

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