Maranatha, August 15, 2010

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Next Sunday, August 22nd, is "Great Day at BA"; it is also the day chosen to celebrate the 30 years of service by Dr. Biggs and his family to BAUMC. Your gift to Dr. Biggs in honor of his service will be your presence at Sunday School and Church on Sunday, August 22nd. Be there and contact other members to encourage their attendance!!

This Sunday, we had a great group of members and were glad to have everyone in class. If you weren’t able to be there today, make certain that you’re with us next Sunday if at all possible.

We recognized several people for their birthdays and anniversaries, including Richard Payton and Richard Wansley (both whose birthdays are on August 19th) and Lee & Pam Snodgrass whose anniversary is August 18th.

Johnny Romo was our only visitor; he is the new resident at the Maranatha sponsored apartment in Exodus House. Johnny tells us that he plans on being a regular at Sunday School and Boston Avenue. Welcome Johnny!

Friday evening, 6pm, August 20th, will be the Anniversary Dinner for Maranatha’s 30th; the dinner celebration will be held at the Church. Contact Pam Sherman or Pam Low for reservations and more information. I know that some of us (including Meredith and me) have prior committments that will prevent our attendance, but we’ll be thinking of our Maranatha friends. If possible, join your Maranatha family on Friday evening! Enjoy!

Suzy and Denny Meredith-Orr told us that the mission activity, serving at the Day Center, was successful. Photos of the service were placed on the Mission Board in the classroom. Thanks, Suzy and Denny, for organizing this and other mission opportunities.

Several concerns were shared with the class, including news that Michelle Place’s grandmother continues to have both good and bad days; Kirk Place’s mother, Margie, has learned that she has Stage 4 cancer; Jim Seymour’s mother, Theda, died earlier this week (services will be held for her on Thursday, August 19th, 10am, at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 1222 S. Guthrie); Jim Smryl’s mother, Kathryn who lives in San Antonio, has esophageal cancer; John Sherman’s friend, Steve "the Greek" Vaniadis died this week. Please remember all these people and their families and friends in your prayers. Christi Luks is travelling in Bolivia, visiting the shores of Lake Titicaca. Keep Christi in your thourghts and prayers, as well.

Jim Embrey led us in a prayer; thank you, Jim!

Keith Madden taught a interesting lesson on the crusades, and affored us ample opportunities to consider how contemporary times can mirror history. Thanks, Keith! After class was dismissed, I presented Keith with a Certificate of Appreciation for stepping up at the last minute to be our teacher.

Next Sunday, our teacher will be Professor Sandra Costen Kunz, Phillips Theological Seminary. Dr. Kunz has taught our class in the past, and we look forward to hearing from her next week.

Have a blessed week!

Richard Wansley

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