Maranatha, August 22, 2010 – “A Great Day”

"Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because
without courage you can’t practice any other vitue consistently."
Maya Angelou

Not only was it a Great Day at BA but it was a great day at Maranatha! Our numbers in class swelled to 103 members and guests; we were recognized at the 11am service as being "superachievers"! Let’s keep it up for next Sunday; we need your participation, and please invite guests.

It was an unusual Great Day celebration because we also recognized 30 years of service by Dr. Biggs and his family to Boston Avenue. At the 11am service, Dr. Biggs received a standing ovation by the congregation, and we were honored to have all of the Biggs family members present as well. Thank you Dr. Biggs for the precious gift of your ministry to us for so many years! And, we look forward to your years with us yet to come!

In class, we recognized several who will have birthdays this week, including Jeff Allen (8/22), Albert Klein (8/25), and Jacque Gallegos (8/28), as well as one anniversary celbration, Dana & Stuart Solomon. Congratulaions!

Our Greeters this morning who also brough refreshments were Jacque Gallegos and Beverly & Mark North; thank you. Next week, it’s a "fifth Sunday"; so, it will be a Brunch. Please bring food to share with others, but if you can’t bring anything, please come to Sunday School regardless. There will be plenty to eat!

Visitors included Johnnie Romo, Will Johnson, Terry & Dino Todd, and Muriel Evans. Please join us again at any time; your always welcome at Maranatha.

We had a number of announcements. First, it was reported to all us who were unable to attend the the Maranatha 30th Anniversary Dinner last Friday evening that it was a rousing success! Our appreciation for making it so was expressed by the class to Pam Low and Pam Sherman. It was also reported that one exciting discovery revealed at the dinner was that Maranatha has donated over $250,000 to charities and the church over the years. Amazing!

The Kans and Karoke Party will be held at the Scotts this coming Saturday, beginning at 6pm. If you are a new member and wish to attend or you are looking for additional information, contact Skip Scott at scott (or scott at Bring canned goods as a donation, and bring a lawn chair for outside (weather permitting). If you’re not certain whether you purchased at ticket to this party, contact Skip or Paula.

The Amish Dinner, an all member event, will be held on October 2nd; so, mark your calendars. Pam Sherman will give us additional information in the near future.

There were many Joys and Concerns expressed this morning, and if I don’t report them all here, please let me know and I will send out a supplemental report later in the week. Joys included an announcement by Denzil Tallent of the pending marriage (engagement) of their daughter; Richard Payton had his first "hole in one"; Kendall Carpenter told us her father has finally home after suffering a stroke, their son is in France and daughther setteled away in college. We were also asked to keep our nation’s veterans in our prayers, a joy for their service and a concern for sometimes failing to recall their service on behalf of us all.

Concerns were many, including for Megan Davis, diagnosed with MD; Nikki Smith who lost her employment; Randy Elliot who had a biopsy this last week; friends who died including Phyllis Blalock and Rick Garner; and concerns for Suzy Meredith-Orr’s grandfather. Following class, I received a message from Ginny Walker whose not been in our class recently, in part due to the failing health of her husband, Jerry. Please keep all these, their family, friends, and loved ones in your prayers.

Our Joys & Concerns prayer was delivered by Paul Staat. It was good to have Paul back in class and at the Church!

Professor Sandra Costen Kunz, Phillips Theological Seminary, was our teacher this morning. Her topic was "Christian Discernment and Christian Peace Education". Sandra’s teaching elicited questions and comments that continued for some time even after class was dismissed. Thank you, Professor Kunz, for your thoughtful lesson this Sunday and in the past.

Next Sunday, Professor John L. Thomas, Phillips Seminary, will be our teacher. We’ll have an abbreviated time for announcements, joys and concerns during our Brunch, then invite Dr. Thomas to deliver his lesson. It’ll be great! You need to be there!

See you Sunday! Many blessings!

Richard Wansley

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