Sunday’s (September 12th) scripture lesson

David Carpenter has informed us that the scripture lesson for Bible Study this Sunday, September 12th, is Matthew, Chapters 22 and 23. I encourage you to read these passages prior to Sunday; in doing so, you will better appreciate the message and be able to more actively participate in discussion. Also, bring your Bible!
Meredith and I will be out of town this weekend and through much of next week. Bob and Lynn Russell have agreed to facilitate Sunday’s class. Thank you Bob and Lynn. Since we will not be in class on Sunday, it is likely that there will not be an electronic report following this Sunday. So, I encourage you to be in class if at all possible, or to follow the class session on the BAUMC website if you’re not able to physically be with your classmates on September 12th.
Have a great Sunday; we’ll miss you, our friends!
Richard Wansley

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