Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Within our daily world, in every human face,
love’s echoes sound and God is found,
hid in the common place."
Excerpted from How Can We Name A Love, a hymn with words by
Brian Wren (1973) set to a traditional English melody

Today, it was a Brunch Sunday at Maranatha. The food was great, and the decor was decidely oriented to Halloween. Thanks to all who brought delicious food and "treats"!

Several important dates were recognized, including Birthdays by Suzy Meredith-Orr (10/31), Cisco Maldanado (11/2), Maryellen Niblack (11/5), and Rob Davis (11/6), as well as Anniversaries celebrated by Lydia & Ralph Jackson (10/31) and Jill & Bob Thomas (11/2)! Enjoy your special days!

We had an update on what seemed to be a great Halloween Party on Saturday evening. Denny Meredith-Orr encouraged us to bring items for the "Angel Car" next Sunday (see our website, Missions, to learn more about how you can help the Tulsa Car Clinic).

The 1st Advent Sunday is November 28th, and we are looking for volunteers (either individuals or couples) who would agree to give the Advent lessons. We will provide the background curriculum for you to use so that we have a consistent set of lessons over the 4 Sundays. Contact me (richard.wansley) if you are willing to volunteer; the first four volunteers will be asked to deliver our lessons.

We had a number of expressions of Joys and Concerns, beginning with reminders of news that we had heard earlier in the week: Roger Rowe’s brother, Robert, is improving; Lynelle Lancaster’s stepfather, Bob Bowker, is seriously ill; Rex Ball is recuperating following surgery; Nancy Arrowsmith’s granddaughter, Charlie, has health problems; Mickey Maus’ stepmother died this week; Ginger Smyrl’s grandfather is very ill.

Joys included the continued improvement of Paul Staat; Kendall Carpenter’s return home from Paris next week; Maryellen’s mom whose health is doing better; Ginger’s son who has had a joyous experience as a football player.

Pam Sherman’s daughter, Bethany Willyard, gave a testimony regarding her challenges in life, asking for our prayers. Bethany, you are welcome to be with us at Maranatha anytime, and should call on us for your support!

Please keep all these and their families and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Paul Loyd led us in prayer this morning.

Next week, Bob and Lynn Russell will be arranging a program from Redemption Church for our lesson. Have a blessed week; see you next Sunday at Maranatha.

Richard Wansley

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Prayer request and message from Lynelle Lancaster

"Hello Class,

My stepdad, Bob Bowker, is in Room 736 of OSU Osteopathic Hospital at 11th and Houston in Tulsa. He will be in Continuous Care for the next six weeks as they treat his bedsores and work with his nutritional needs. Considering that they have already done 2 surgeries he is in amazingly good spirits! Thank Goodness! Both he and the family will appreciate your prayers.


My broken foot seems to be healing well.

You’ll are awesome!

Lynelle Lancaster"

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Message from Roger Rowe – update on his brother

"Charlotte and I haven’t been able to be in class much lately, but wanted to pass along an update on my brother, Robert. The short story is that your thoughts and prayers have been very effective and most appreciated. After having been discharged from the hospital for his stroke he had a very bad bout with colitis. This landed him back in the hospital for a period of time, where he became very weak and emaciated. Once that was under control, he was dispatched to a rehab facility where he has been for a couple of weeks now working on rebuilding his overall strength and health. We are seeing progress both physically and mentally and most grateful for your support. Roger Rowe."

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Rex Ball – Update from Michelle Place

"Rex Ball’s surgery went well and he is headed to ICU for two to five days.


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Prayer request from Nancy Arrowsmith

From Shari Goodwin on behalf of Nancy Arrowsmith:
"Shari could you please ask for prayer at the Church and in the Maranatha class for my Granddaughter Charlie born last Thursday night. She is in critical condition. A friend of my son’s has set up a facebook page called praying for baby Charlie. We really need all the prayers we can get. Thanks for your help. Nancy"

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Help request – power washer needed for Downtown for Good

Ray Earley writes:
"Sharon is heading up the Downtown For Good work at Exodus House this
Saturday, and among the tasks is re-painting stripes on the parking
lot. If anyone has a high pressure power washer they could loan for
this please let us know asap:

Ray & Sharon home 492-1803
Sharon Cell 629-5327
Ray cell 606-3046"

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Update on Rex Ball; Reminder for Brunch Sunday, October 31st

See update message from Michelle Place:

"I finally have an address for Rex. His surgery begins Thursday morning at 7:00 am. I’ll send more updates as I have them. In the meantime cards may be sent to the following:

Rex Ball – Patient

Baptist Memorial Hospital

6019 Walnut Grove Rd.

Memphis, TN 38120"

Also, remember, this Sunday, October 31st, is a "Brunch Sunday". Bring food to share, and think about a Halloween theme if you would like. See you on Sunday; bring guests. We love visitors!

Richard Wansley

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Important News from Michelle Place

"Rex Ball will undergo very serious abdominal surgery in Memphis on Thursday, October 28 at Baptist Hospital in Memphis, TN. Rex will be in the hospital for at least a week and then be moved to rehab within the Baptist hospital system for at least six weeks. As soon as I have contact info for Rex, I will pass it along.

Thank you for all your kind words with the death of my beloved grandmother earlier this month. Fannie Sue Adcock, “Grannie” was truly a saint. Kirk’s mother is doing very well in Granbury, TX. Margie Place has completed radiation and three rounds of chemo for her Stage 4 lung cancer.

Michelle Place"

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."
Oscar Wilde

Maranatha is an amazing class as a whole, and it has amazing individuals! Beverly North taught our lesson today, speaking about her and her husband, Mark’s, journey in supporting two littel girls through Children.Org. It was amazing! Thank you, Beverly (and Mark) for your presentation and personal mission to others. Beverly brought handouts for us to exam, and I’m hopeful that she will bring them once again for members to examine next week. Also, Beverly and Mark will soon have a website where we can learn even more.

Ed Payton (10/24), Beth Winchester (10/25), and Mary Adams(10/29) have birthdays this week. We wish you a happy one! Julee and Jim Embrey have an anniversary on October 30th; congratualtions!

Our greeters who brought goodies this morning were Mickey & Carol Maus, Mike Stephenson, and Denise Graham. Thank you. I must admit to having sampled some of it all, more than once!

Denny and Suzy Meredith-Orr brought in the "Angel Car", and explained that purchasing items listed on the "Car" will benefit the Tulsa Car Clinic; the project that we learned about from Lonnie Vaughn last week. We’ll be brining in items from the "Car" over the next several weeks. If you interested and can’t be in class with us, then check out the Maranatha website for the "Angel Car’ ( or contact Denny or Suzy.

Downtown for Good is scheduled for next Saturday, October 30th. Sign up with the church through Rev. Bill Crowell’s office if you have not already done so. You can sign up to work with other Maranatha members (just tell them that what you want to do), or you can work with another crew. There’s plenty of work to go around; you are needed!

October 31st, following the 11am service, it’s the Downtown Hoedown, an all-church celebration/harvest festival. Hotdogs and the trimmings, games for adults and children. Bring a blanket or lawn chair. $5 per person.

Michael Lane joined the class today; welcome! Grayson Davis and Melanie Evans where our visitors. Baby Grayson feel asleep but we were happy to have him with us anyway.

We had a number of joys and concerns expressed by members this morning. Unfortunately, notes on these joys and concerns were misplaced and, therefore, I can’t give you details. If you were there, you heard that there were those who need your prayers, and there were joys shared by many others as well. If you wish to have a specific joy or concern reported to those who were unable to attend this morning, then please contact me (richard.wansley) and I will send out a second notice this later week.

Lynn Russell led us in prayer. Thank you, Lynn!

Next week: it’s Brunch Sunday! No lesson, just sharing announcements, joys, concerns, prayer, and companionship! Join us!

Richard Wansley

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Update: Car Care Clinic “Angel Car” and Halloween party

See our class website, my October 17th Report, and look for the to the "Angel Car" items to see how you can help the Car Care Clinic:

Also, contact Denny Meredith-Orr at odms2 to RSVP for the Halloween Party or let him know that you want to attend this social gathering.

Richard Wansley

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