Memorial Service For Rex Ball

The Memorial Service for Rex Ball will be held Friday, December 3rd in the Church’s sanctuary with a reception immediately following. The Church will have information about the time. If you have any other questions, please contact Michelle Place directly.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hope you had a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday! We had great attendance at Maranatha this Sunday. If you were unable to attend, we missed you and look forward to seeing you next Sunday. We are thankful for all our members!

It was the first Sunday in Advent, and we had a wonderful lesson delivered by Janet Purinton; the lesson was entitled "The Blessing of God’s Future", and is a part of a series to be delivered by class members from the Advent 2010 Study called "Blessings of the Manger". Each lesson follows the lectionary. Scriptures for this first lesson were Isaiah 2:1-5, Romans 13:11-14; Matthew 24:36-44. Janet gave us a beautiful blend of perspectives of these Scriptures, both theological and personal. Thank you, Janet!

Next week, Paula Scott, will provide the lesson, entitled "The Blessing of Peace". The Scriptures of this Second Sunday in Advent are: Isaiah 11:1-10; Romans 14:4-13; Matthew 3:1-12. Prepare, and be there to hear Paula’s presentation.

Prior to today’s lesson, we acknowledged several birthdays coming up this week, including those for Lynelle Lancaster (11/29), Rex Donley (11/30), Bob Ronne (12/1), and Dee Copeland (12/3). No anniversaries this week.

Our greeters who brought refreshments were Lynn and Bob Russell, Pam and John Sherman (Bethany Willyard subing for Pam and John who could not be present this morning).

Several joys and concerns were brought to the class: Rex Ball died last night; Michelle Place will likely give me more information and I will pass it along to you; David Carpenter’s mother has recovered sufficiently to leave the hospital and will be living in a skilled nursing facility; Meredith Davison Wansleys’ mother is doing much better and seems to be quickly resuming her normal, active life; Sharon and Ray Earley’s son, Jason, was awarded Eagle Scout. Allen and Jane Smith were in class this morning; it was good to have you both back with us.

Important dates – December 6th: Neighbor for Neighbor Mission Opportunity (contact Suzy or Denny Meredith-Orr); December 10th: Christmas Party/Annual Auction (contact Pam Sherman for dinner party reservations and details and Michelle Place for auction information).

Johnnie Romo delivered a thoughtful prayer this morning; thanks, Johnnie!

Have a blessed Advent week, and as Janet urged this morning, one free of as many distractions as possible as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Richard Wansley

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Sunday, November 21st; Advent at Maranatha – November 28, 2010

Thanks so much to Ruth Weston for her interesting, informative presentation on Celtic Spirtuality last Sunday, November 21st. The class members appreciated the refreshments provided by the Lows and Paytons (Judith and Ed). Much appreciation to Judith Payton for a thoughtful prayer.

Next Sunday, snacks will be provided by the Russells and Shermans.

We recognized birthdays during this week – Sandi Gardner, Lynn Goodwin, Karen Holmes, and Mark Lee, as well as anniversaries – Mary & Ray Adams and Patti & Gary Smith. Happy, happy!

On Sunday, November 28th, we will begin Advent at Maranatha. Our study guide is entitled, "Blessings of the Manger", and it is based on the Revised Common Lectionary. The topics and primary presenters for the next five Sundays are: "The Blessing of God’s Future (Janet Purinton)"; "The Blessing of Peace (Paula Scott)"; "The Blessing of Waiting (Pam Low)"; "The Blessing of God With Us (Michelle Place)"; "The Blessing of Light (Barbara Loyd)". Thank you, so much, for voluteering to lead the class during this important season in our Christian year!

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday and every Advent Sunday to follow; invite your family and friends who will be visiting with you over the holidays to join us at Maranatha!

Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

Richard Wansley

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Sunday, November 21st, Maranatha Teacher / Lesson

On Sunday, November 21st, our Maranatha teacher will be Ruth Weston, a Boston Avenue member; her lesson will be on "Celtic Spirtuality". See you Sunday; bring your family, friends, or other guests! We love visitors!

Richard Wansley

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Huge OOPS! Please Read

"Huge OOPS! The Maranatha Auction committee just didn’t think. Having a raffle at the church is against church policy. No problem, the Maranatha Belles will regroup and come up with Plan B that is within church policy and procedures. Fortunately, no raffle tickets have been sold for the pre-auction Flemming’s gift certificate. If anyone has any questions or hesitations regarding the auction, please feel free to visit with Lynn Russell or me.

Michelle Place"

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Sunday, November 14th, Abbreviated Report

Please accept my regrets for not providing you with a complete report for last Sunday, November 14th. I left for a business trip immediately following Sunday School, returning only late yesterday. And, I’ve not been able to get caught up yet. It is possible, regretfully, that I may not get a report out before this coming Sunday.

I am thankful to Dr. Paul Kent who taught last week. He did an amazing job with a wonderful lesson; and, I thank Ed and Judith Payton for making the arrangements for Paul to be with us.

Moments, ago, I forwarded a E-mail to you regarding the Christmas party and auction. The orginal message was from Michelle Place, and it contains an attachment (an auction form). If you have questions, contact Michelle directly or others as indicated in her E-mail.

See you on Sunday!

Richard Wansley

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Death of Ray Latchem’s Father

"Ray Latchem’s father died unexpectedly this morning in Louisiana. Ray and family will be traveling to New Mexico for the service this weekend. His name was Charlie Latchem."

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Jacqui Gallegos’ parent’s house burns down

"Just received word tonight that Jacqui Gallegos’s parent’s house burned to the ground night before last. They live in Florida. They both got out and were not physically injured, but they now have only the pajamas they were wearing. Both are around 80 years old. Jacqui asks that we all keep them and all her family in our prayers.


Shari Goodwin"

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Updates on two members – Rex Ball, Skip Scott

Please see the following updates, one from Michelle Place regarding Rex Ball, and a report from Skip Scott.

"Rex Ball is improved but his condition is still grave. The pneumonia is successfully being treated and the respirator is stepping down but still necessary. He remains heavily sedated because he becomes very agitated with the tube in his throat. There are still kidney issues but they can’t do anymore for them until he is able to move more. Stephen has returned to Tulsa for a few days for work and two other family members remain with Rex in Memphis. Michelle Place"

"To All, Thank you for your prayers, everything went well at the dentist’s office, i have my teeth implanted now, though a little sore i’ll be fine in a few days.
Skip Scott"

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Prayer request from Sharon Bookout

"I would like to make a prayer request. My best and dear friend James lost one of his sisters, (Natisse) Bambi, 53, very unexpectedly last night and the entire family is somewhat in shock. Naturally he is taking it extremely hard. She has lived and worked as a freelance musician in California for the past 30 years. James’ family is very close even though 3, now 2 sisters live in LA. His family had a band in the late ‘70’s, early 80s’ called the Honey Bees. It was he and his 4 sisters and ex-wife, managed by his parents. They toured Japan, Canada, Hawaii, and Tahiti and was one of the leading local bands of North Tulsa at the time, right behind the GAP band. I just ask that you keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers at this time. Thank-you.

Sharon Bookout"

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