Sunday, December 19th and 26th, Maranatha

One last posting from Meredith and me before we leave service as your Presidents. Thank you so much for the honor of serving as one of your Class officers, and our special appreciation to each person who, as an officer and/or committee chair, helped make 2010 another successful year at Maranatha! You’re awesome, and we are blessed by having you in our lives!

Thanks to all who volunteered to step up as officers for 2011, some of whom are accepting responsibilities for the second year or even more. A great big thank you to Michelle Place and William Meyer who agreed to serve as Co-Presidents. I’ve prepared the new list of officers for Michelle and William, and will be meeting with William tomorrow to pass along my book of notes for the 2010 year. I look forward to their leadership, and our continued fellowship and learning at Maranatha in the new year.

Sunday, December 19th, we had an inspired lesson delivered by Michelle Place. So many people had such positive comments. If you weren’t able to be with us, then look for the posting of Michelle’s (and other Advent teachers’) lesson on the Maranatha section of the Church’s website. Each Advent teacher has brought great meaning to the Season!

On Sunday, we acknowleged all those who will be having birthdays before the end of the year, including Randy Elliott (12/24), Denise Graham (12/24), Ray Adams (12/27), Karen Harris (12/28), Mike Stephenson (12/29), Lee Snodgrass, and Bob Winchester (12/30). Only one anniversary, Pam & Karey Low (12/30). Happy Birthday to each, and Congratulations to Pam & Karey.

Our greeters who also brought snacks, and decorated a lovely seasonal table, were Dave & Carol Grim and Gary & Patti Smith. Thank you. Next week, there are no designated members who are to bring treats, so we ask that everyone bring some Christmas day leftovers (or other snacks) to share with your fellow class members. It’s not a Brunch, but an "Everyone Greets and Treats Sunday" on December 26th.

We had two visitors, Tiffany and Jeremy Bjorlie. Please come back to visit anytime! Stephen Edwards was back in class after a bit of an absence. We hope to see him again, soon.

There were a number of joys and concerns shared with us, including: Rob Davis’ brother, Steve, has been moved to hospice care in Arkansas, coming to the end of almost 2 years suffering from lung cancer; Bethany Willyard fell and broke her ankle; Sarah Smith’s sister, Jane, continues to struggle with her cancer; John Sherman’s sister, Suzanne, had knee surgery; a friend and work colleague who collapsed at work and died. Please pray for all those and their family who were mentioned and those unspoken ones who are held in our hearts and are in need of God’s touch. Several joys were also shared: Paula Scott met the man whose POW bracelet she had worn for nearly 40 years when Paula and Skip were in Hawaii recently (unfortunately, this man’s oldest son recently died from a heart attack); Randy Elliott reported that his sister’s grandson had responded positively to treatment for cancer; Lynn Russell thanked all who contributed to gifts for those at Redemption Church; Johnnie thanked the class for gifts to him as he continues his reentry.

Pam Sherman delivered a Christmas prayer, noting the many concerns and joys expressed by members. Thank you, Pam.

Next week, December 26th, Paul Loyd will deliver the last lesson in our Advent series, entitled "The Blessing of Light". The Bible verses for the lesson are: Isaiah 9:2-7; Titus 2:11-14; Luke 2:1-20. Be there if you can do so, and bring your guests for the Christmas weekend; it will be a meaningful completion to our teachings during this Season.

For those who will be travelling and we will not see, have a blessed, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you at Maranatha!

Richard and Meredith Davison Wansley

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