Sunday 20 February 2011

From Michelle:

Feb 27 – Retired United Methodist Minister, Rev. Ken Tobler will be speaking on “Good Friday, It’s Important.”
March 6 – Brantley Tillery of St. Luke’s Redemption Church and Exodus House
March 13 – Class Business, class funds disbursement approval, and get to know your classmates (free visit time)
March 20 & 27 – Retired United Methodist Minister, Dr. Howard Plowman will be speaking on “My Favorite Scriptures”

Dr. Plowman has asked that we provide him with our favorite scriptures before he arrives.  He will select and then address as many scriptures as time allows.  Maranatha members may either fill out a slip of paper, which will be available at the check in table, or email them to me at mplacetul(at) (substitute an “@” for “(at)”).

Have a good week,
Michelle Place

From William:

Thank you to all who came Sunday and enjoyed a wonderful presentation by Boston Avenue Youth. What a wonderful ministry our youth provide to those in need.

Thank you to Pam Sherman for keeping the class minutes.
Thank you to Art and Karen Campbell and Denzil and Lisa Tallent for the wonderful refreshments and for greeting us at the door.

Greeters and Refreshments for Sunday 27 February:

Set Up: Gary and Patti Smith          Clean Up: David and Susan Rose

Thank you to Karen Campbell for a wonderful prayer.

February Birthdays
23  Ginny Walker
26 Ray Latchem
27 Jule Embrey

February Anniversaries:
26 Art and Karen Campbell

Derick Blankenship
Jessica Baggerman
Rachel Tallent


This week our speak will be Ken Tobler. “Good Friday it’s Important”
February is Let’s Help Keep the Lights on for Cookson Hills. Donation envelops are available.
28 February is for all the Panera lovers. Eat dinner and Panera and 71st and Lewis and tell the cashier you are there on behalf of Project Transformation and Panera will donate 10 percent of the proceed generated to Project Transformation. Any questions call Debbie Peterson 699-0124.
Dinners for 8: Groups and Group Leaders have been assigned. If anyone is still interested in joining contact Skip and Paula Scott.

Joys and Concerns
Bethany Willyard – For those who wish to send Bethany a get well card or letter of encouragement, here is the address:
Bethany Willyard
C/O Monarch
P. O. Box 1267
Muskogee, OK, 74402

Johnnie Romo – Johnny is moving into a place of his own. Congratulations to Johnnie for graduating from Redemption.
Nancy – Recovering from surgery. A meal schedule has been formed for Nancy for this week and next.

Have a great week and hope to see all on Sunday.
William Meyer

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Nancy Morgan – Comfort Food

Nancy Morgan is scheduled for outpatient surgery tomorrow morning.  Nancy is looking at a six to eight week recovery period.  Her sisters, Suzan (classmate) and Janet, will be staying with her for the first several days.  Beginning Tuesday, Nancy could use some help with meals.

If you would like to help with food, please send me an email at maranathaclass(at) (substitute @ for (at)).  Indicate what day you would like and what you wish to prepare and deliver.  I will communicate with the group of responders to confirm dates, address, phone number, etc.

Nancy has no diet restrictions.  She likes everything, except meatloaf is not her favorite and lasagna (or spicy, tomato-based foods) might not be the best for her right now.  She really likes chicken.  The doctor told her with the difficult recovery she is facing, she needs COMFORT FOOD!

Tuesday, 2/22
Wednesday, 2/23
Thursday, 2/24
Monday, 2/28
Tuesday, 3/1

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Sunday 13 February 2011

We had a wonderful class Sunday. Thank you to Mike Chaffin for his wonderful presentation.

Thank you to Pam Sherman for the Class Minutes.

Thank you to Sam and Sarah Smith and Mark and Susie Butterworth for the wonderful refreshments and greeting us has we came in.

Thank you to Jenny Deloux for the prayer.

Greeters and Refreshments for 20 February: Set Up: Art and Karen Campbell.  Clean Up: Denzil and Lisa Tallent

February Birthdays:
14th Keith Madden
17th Sam Smith
18th Dean O Todd

February Anniversaries:
15th Randy and Mary Elliott
16th Rob and Suzy Morgan

Elaine Wilson

20 February Our Speaker will be BA Youth
20 February Barton Clinton Gordy Starts
21 February Chili Supper
22 February Spaghetti Supper
February is Help Keep The Lights on For Cookson Hills. Envelops are available for donations.
Tulsa Drillers – For those who would like to attend a Drillers game with Boston Avenue 3 dates are available: 10April, 22 may and 5 June. Tickets are $20.
Dinners for 8 – Group list posted on the class bulletin board. Leaders have been selected.

Joys and Concerns
Bethany Willyard  – We look forward to Bethany’s return.
Lynn – Kidney Removal
Nancy – Surgery
Nate – needs a car and a job

Have a great week and enjoy the nice weather

William Meyer

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Sunday 6 February 2011

Well, despite another round on snow Wednesday,  we had a marvelous class on Sunday. Thank you to Barbara Loyd for her wonderful talk: The Spiritual Aspects of Color”.
We also want to Thank those who Greeted and brought Refreshments: Neal and Debbie Pascoe and  Scott and Debbie Morgan;
Thank You to Barbara Loyd and Sharon Earley for the Class Minutes.

Dorothy Heath
Alexis Brownlee
Bill Thomas (Father of Bill and Bob Thomas)

February Birthdays:
8th  Karen Low
11th  Jerry LeDoux
12th  Kathryn Thomas

February Anniversaries:
10th Cisco and Sarah Maldonado
12th David and Brenda Worthington

Greeters/Refreshments for 13 February
Set Up: Denzil and Lisa Tallent
Clean Up:  Art and Karen Campbell

Janet Purington  (Thank You)

Please Pray for:
Lynn Goodwin – Kidney Surgery

13th Our Speaker will be Mike Chaffin, District Superintendent of Tulsa United Methodist

13th Fred Elder Recital  6PM

21 Greatest Chili on Earth – Plan to help set up, serve and clean up. The adventure starts and 3:30PM. Sign up clipboard in front of room.

Light on for Cookson – For those who wish to make a donation, envelops are available.

Groups for 8 – Groups posted on the bulletin board. Leaders for each group are being appointed.

For those wishing to attend a Tulsa Drillers Baseball Game with Boston Avenue, we need to know what date you plan to attend. Sign up available Sunday.

I hope to see everyone Sunday, have a great week.


William Meyer

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Day Center Meals

In Sunday’s news from William Meyer, he mentions a Sharon as coordinating meals for the Day Center, meaning Sharon Cambridge, Boston Avenue’s cook. Sharon Cambridge is coordinating entrees for those who want someone to do most of the cooking. You can contact her at the church, 583-5181.

If you are interested in having the class serve at the Day Center again for one of their open spots, please let Sharon Earley know so that she can coordinate with Paul Staat.

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Sunday 30 January 2011

We had a delicious brunch Sunday, Thank You for all who brought food and for the wonderful fellowship. Our speaker this coming Sunday 6 February is Barbara Loyd, “The Spiritual Aspects of Color”.
Thank You to Sharon Earley for the Sunday Morning Prayer.

Thank you to Pam Sherman and Barbara Loyd for helping with the class minutes.

Suzanne Hood from Houston TX
Elaine (I believe this is her third time, maybe fourth or fifth)
All are welcome back anytime.

February Birthdays:
2  Paul Giessen
5  Dave Been
7  Art Campbell
7  Sherry Stinson

Greeter and Refreshments:
6 February  Debbie and Neal Pascoe (Set Up)
Debbie and Scott Morgan (Clean Up)

February 13  Fred Elder Recital  6PM

February 21  The Greatest Chili on Earth – Clipboard sign up on bulletin board to the left of the marker board.

Day Center for the Homeless has empty slots. Please contact Sharon @ 583-5181 ext 144 if you wish to help.

April 10th German Requiem 6PM performed by Chancel Choir
For those who wish to attend a Drillers game with Boston Avenue, the Dates are: April 10, May 22 and June 5. We’ll need a head count this Sunday 6 February.

June 5th Vespers 6PM

Joys and Concerns:
Thank You to the Civil Air Patrol for there outreach program to area schools

Please Pray for:
Mike’s Mother – Heart Problems
Tim – Back Surgeries
Martha – Heart Problems
Mary Ellen – Skull Fracture and Fibromyalgia
Paul – Hair growing back, continues with Pet Scans
Charlene – Foot Surgery
All – That we survive the snow and ice and extreme cold.

I look forward to seeing all on Sunday, stay warm.

William Meyer

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