Sunday 13 February 2011

We had a wonderful class Sunday. Thank you to Mike Chaffin for his wonderful presentation.

Thank you to Pam Sherman for the Class Minutes.

Thank you to Sam and Sarah Smith and Mark and Susie Butterworth for the wonderful refreshments and greeting us has we came in.

Thank you to Jenny Deloux for the prayer.

Greeters and Refreshments for 20 February: Set Up: Art and Karen Campbell.  Clean Up: Denzil and Lisa Tallent

February Birthdays:
14th Keith Madden
17th Sam Smith
18th Dean O Todd

February Anniversaries:
15th Randy and Mary Elliott
16th Rob and Suzy Morgan

Elaine Wilson

20 February Our Speaker will be BA Youth
20 February Barton Clinton Gordy Starts
21 February Chili Supper
22 February Spaghetti Supper
February is Help Keep The Lights on For Cookson Hills. Envelops are available for donations.
Tulsa Drillers – For those who would like to attend a Drillers game with Boston Avenue 3 dates are available: 10April, 22 may and 5 June. Tickets are $20.
Dinners for 8 – Group list posted on the class bulletin board. Leaders have been selected.

Joys and Concerns
Bethany Willyard  – We look forward to Bethany’s return.
Lynn – Kidney Removal
Nancy – Surgery
Nate – needs a car and a job

Have a great week and enjoy the nice weather

William Meyer

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