Meredith in Hospital


Please know that Meredith was hospitalized at St. John on Monday evening. We expected her to be out by now but that’s not the case. Meredith needs to have her gall bladder removed but a complication has come up, and a procedure to resolve the problem failed earlier today. They will attempt the procedure again tomorrow and she may have surgery to remove the gall bladder on Friday. Depending on the procedure’s outcome, she may or may not have a form of surgery that will allow her to leave on Friday or Saturday. She may be there even longer. She not feeling well and sleeps often due to the drugs to control the pain and her overall health status. I’m not sure that she feels well enough for visitors, but thoughts and prayers from you and the other members of the Maranatha class would be much appreciated. Thanks, much; I will keep you informed with her status.


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Sunday 27 March 2011

I hope all  enjoyed Dr Howard Plowman March 20 and 27th. I found it interesting to hear people’s favorite scriptures and the reasons behind it.
Thank you to Denny Meredith-Orr for a wonderful prayer.
Thank you to Bill Gertsen and Art and Karen Campbell for Greeting us and providing refreshments.
A special Thank you to Boston Avenue Children’s Area and Mid High Youth for the wonderful Thank You Notes.

March Birthdays:
27th Eric Green
27th Suzy Morgan
27th Linda Nicks
29th Susan Morgan

April Birthdays:
1st Mark North
2nd Jim Barnes

March Anniversaries:
28th Eric and Beth Green

Jancy – Carol Maus’s Friend

New Member:
Elaine Wilson – Grand Daughter of John and Pam Sherman.

All are welcome back anytime.

Sunday 24 April – Easter Sunday

Our speaker this week will be our own Paula Scott.

This weeks Greeters and Refreshments:
Set Up: Paul and Ruth Giessen
Clean Up:  Angie Dale and Jim McCann

We still need people to Greet and bring Refreshment. If you are interested contact Johnnie Romo or Beverly North.

Join the Boston Avenue Facebook Discussion by picking up your Daily Lenten Devotional written by Church Staff and Church Members.

April 1st is Cascia Hall’s Trivia Party.

Mid High Mosaic – Saturday April 2 at 10AM, Boston Avenue United Methodist Church Community Hall, Cost $6. Come enjoy our Mid High Youth’s talent.

Eagle Court of Honor, Saturday April 9th at 4PM, Where: First United Methodist Church 1007 S Osage Ave  in the Gymnasium.  Come support Matthew J Klein as he receives this great honor.

April 11th –  Help Sargent Tom Garrett and his Family: Golf Tournament and MeadowBrook Country Club.  Lunch and Registration at 11AM.  Shotgun Start 1PM.
4 man team $260.  Single Player $65 – will be paired into teams

April 15 – Easter Egg Stuffing and Potluck Dinner – Sign up sheet going around or see Paula Scott.

Joys and Concerns
Sargent Tom Garret
Citizen of Japan
Don – Hospice
Ford – Award Winner
Todd – Plate in leg, injury healing.
Jeanette – Son

Have a wonderful week. I hope to see all on Sunday

William Meyer

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Maranatha Class Schedule

Here is the schedule for the next two months from Michelle Place.

03/27/11 Howard Plowman – My Favorite Scriptures
04/03/11 Paula Scott – Lent
04/10/11 Jim Embrey – Lent
04/17/11 David Carpenter – Lent
04/24/11 Easter Brunch
05/01/11 Janet Purinton – The Art of Passion Week
05/08/11 Don Forsman
05/15/11 Don Forsman
05/22/11 Don Forsman
05/29/11 Brunch

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Benefit for Tom Garrett and family

This ride is for MSgt Tom Garrett, the troop with ALS.
Jim Embrey

There will be a benefit for Tom Garrett and family on the 17th of April at the Cimarron Biker Bar in Tulsa. Live music featuring at least three local bands. There will be a poker run, food for sale, silent auction, and raffle tickets for sale. All proceeds will go toward helping Tom with his needs. If you are interested in helping with the event or donating please contact me at 7725. I will have flyers soon that will list the details of the days event.

MSgt Jim Richards
DSN 894-7237

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Sunday 20 March 2011

Thank you for the wonderful turn out Sunday. It was a pleasure to here Dr Howard Plowman talk and we’ll experience the same pleasure this Sunday when Dr Plowman returns.

Thank you to Pam Sherman for keeping the class minutes.

Thank you to all those who Greeted and brought Refreshment:  Bob and Lynn Russell,  Dave and Carol Grim and David and Brenda Worthington.

March Birthdays:
20th Meredith Davison Wansley
26th Doug Tye

March Anniversaries:
21st Neal and Debbie Pascoe
24th Keith and Sue Madden

The pray was given by Rex Donley – Thank you.

Our Greeters and Refreshments for 27 March will be:  Bill Gertsen and Mark and Beverly North.

We are still needing supplies for Apartment M. Please check off items obtained, a list is being passed around.

Saturday 26 March we are having a work day at Apt M. Any help will be appreciated.

The Work Area on Missions wants Your Help:  The National Subcommittee which focuses on mission trips within the United States, will meet Wednesday evening, 23 March at 5:45PM in the Asbury Room to decide a mission site for this summer or fall(2011).  Any suggestions please call Mike Sheehan at 918-671-7596 or Michael-Sheehan(at) .

Be sure to pick up a copy of the Daily Lenten Devotional book at Boston Avenue. The book was written by church staff and members. Once you have your copy join the great discussion on the Boston Avenue Facebook Page.

Joys and Concerns
Tom Garrett – ALS
Bethany Willyard – Thank you to Bethany for the wonderful letter to the class presented by Meredith Wansley
Richard and Jeanie Payton – Premature Grand Baby
Don – Cancer, Medical Retirement
Nancy – Improving, Thank you for the food.
Todd – Broken leg and hoof injury (horse accident)
Garrett – Broken Foot
Ben – Knee Surgery
Olin – Surgery
Mason – Rotator Cuff
Johnnie Romo – Thank you to Maranatha for your support.

Have and Great Week. I hope to see all on Sunday.

William Meyer

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Chapel Choir

Dear Maranatha Class,

On behalf of all of our Chapel Choir choristers and families, I would like express my sincere gratitude for your continuing and generous support of our ministry.  Your gift will really help us keep costs affordable for everyone.  Thanks so much!

Grace and Peace,

Joel Panciera

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Sunday 13 March 2011

Thank you all those helped approve our Donation List, it is greatly appreciated. A total $10,000 was distributed to Boston Avenue, outreach ministries and other ministries.
Thank you to those who Greeted and brought Refreshments:
Set Up: Steve and Debbie Jacoby.  Clean Up: Richard Wansley and Merridth Davison
Thank you to Pam Sherman for the class minutes.
Thank you to Shari Goodwin for making several copies of the 2011 Maranatha Donation Recommendations

Kendall Carpenter – Thank you

March Birthdays:
14th Ginger Smryl
18th Joe Harris
18th John Sherman Jr.
19th Carol Grim

March Anniversaries:
14th Richard and Jeannie Payton

Elaine Wilson
Larry and Susan Winter (One of Maranatha’s founding members)

Sunday 20 March:
Our speaker will be Dr Howard Plowman, “My Favorite Scriptures” – If any have a scripture for Dr Plowman to discuss, please contact Michelle Place
Dr Plowman will be our speaker Sunday 27 March also.

Greeters and Refreshments:
Dave and Carol Grim
David and Brenda Worthington

We need people to be Greeters and bring Refreshments. If you are interest please contact Johnnie Romo.

To benefit MSargent Tom Garrett and his Family in the fight against ALS there will be a Golf Tournament 11April 2011 at MeadowBrook Country Club. Lunch and Registration at 11AM.  Shotgun Start at 1PM
4 man team $260.  Single Players will be paired to form teams, $65 per player.

16 March at 12PM in the Asbury Room, “Senior Wise Safety at Home and Out and About” with Shari Clark. Please RSVP with Paula Gradney 583-5181 Ext 129 or Paul Staat 583-5181 Ext 133. Lunch is $5.

We continue to gather supplies for Apartment M, please see the list being passed around. Please check off any supplies you have obtained.

If you have not already, pick up a Daily Lenten Devotional Book. now you can log on the the Boston Avenue FaceBook site and participate in the wonderful discussions.

Bethany Willyard – Bethany is doing well and has quit smoking. For those who wish to send Bethany a card or letter of encouragement, here is the address:
Bethany Willyard
C/O Monarch
PO Box 1267
Muskogee, OK 74402

Joys and Concerns
Japan and its Citizens
Jerry – Cancer and Cruise
Richard and Jeannie Peyton  – premature Grand Child
Kirk Place’s Mother

Have a great week.  I hope to all on Sunday.

William Meyer

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Sunday 6 March 2011

Thank you to all who came Sunday, our speaker was Brantley Tillery, Pastor of Redemption Church and Director of Exodus House
We also would like to Thank those who Greeted and provided refreshments:
Set Up: Karey and Pam Low
Clean Up: Rex and Allene Donley

March Birthdays
6th Kenny King
6th Barbara Loyd
8th Kendall Carpenter

March Anniversaries:
7th Kirk and Michelle Place

This week March 13th:
Class Discussion and Vote
Daylight Savings Time Begins – Spring Forward
Greeters and Refreshments:
Set Up: Richard Wansley and Meredith Davison
Clean Up:  Steve and Debbie Jacoby

Boston Avenue is handing out devotional books for Lent. The devotional materials were written by Boston Avenue members and compiled by Joel Panciera. Ann White helped to put the book together.
There will be a discussion of the devotional material on the Boston Avenue United Methodist Church Facebook page. All are welcome to join the discussion.

Wednesday 16 March at 12PM in the Asbury Room: Senior Wise Safety at Home and Out and About. Must RSVP with Paula Gradney 583-5181 Ext 129 or Paul Staat 583-5181 Ext 133

Sunday March 20th and 27th Our speaker will be Howard Plowman – For those whohave scriptures they would like Howard Plowman to discuss please contact Michelle Place.  Email:

Apartment M: There is a list of items needed for Apt M. Please initial the list by items you have supplied.  There will be a workday for Apt M Saturday 26 March.

Congratulations to Rob Reck for the wonderful anthem during the Sunday Service.

Congratulations to Johnnie Romo who know has an Apartment of his own.

Joys and Concerns:
Please pray for :
Bethany Willyard – Bipolar
Kirk Place’s Mother
Beverly Lightner – Surgery
Rhonda – Chemo
Kate – Low Immune System
Student Athletes
Children in DHS custody or are wards of the court

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Proposed Maranatha 2011 Donations

The items listed will be up for discussion on Sunday, 13 March.

William Meyer

———- Forwarded message ———-
From Sharon Earley

Dear Maranatha Class Members,

Your donations committee has been hard at work.  We solicited donation requests and ideas, met to discuss those items and prepared the following proposal for your consideration.  We took care to stay within the donation guidelines previously drafted in 2003 which focus, first, on the needs of our Church and its outreach missions and ministries and, secondly, on others in need.

An Excel spreadsheet* is available for download here (Maranatha donations 2011) which summarizes the proposal by category.  Additional information is provided in the narrative below.  Please take a moment to review this information and bring any questions you may have to Sunday School this Sunday, March 13.  We will address your questions, make any necessary modifications and vote on the proposal.

Maranatha 2011 Donations

Within Boston Avenue:

Chapel Choir tour  – $800
This is a less expensive, close to home trip, but an extra bus will need to be chartered due to the size of the choir.

Children’s Camp Scholarships – $750
Cost of all camps has risen this year. B.A. tries to pay half tuition for one camp of each child’s choice. EvaMarie has 8-12 Boston Avenue families who need full tuition in order for their children to be able to participate.

Little Disciples Library – $200
Money will purchase books and needed supplies for the children’s library.

Advent Workshop – $400
This would cover supply and food expenses not covered by the Holly Rose Endowment Fund. We will also discuss the option of adding to that endowment.

Middle School computer lab – $500
Debbie needs 3 computers and some software for the youth to use on the third floor. We think 2 computers may be donated.

Senior High furniture – $1400
This will go for group seating in an extra classroom and computer chairs for the fourth floor.

Seminary scholarship – $500
Maranatha’s own Ben Pascoe has received a nice scholarship to Perkins but still needs help with textbooks.

Quilting for Others – $300
This Boston Avenue group gives their time to make quilts for people in need; they just need help to purchase materials.

Boston Avenue Outreach Ministries:

Burroughs Elementary School – $300
These monies would provide special meals for the teachers, supplies for the students and teachers, uniform items, copy paper and any other requests

Boy Scout Troop 20 – $300
Money will be used for scholarships for the boys to attend events and camping equipment.

United Methodist Circle of Care – $500
COC has a great ministry to Oklahoma children who need nurture and care.

New Day Camp – $1250
This would provide 5 scholarships for children of incarcerated parents to attend. Camp helps them feel loved, learn to deal with their situation.

Exodus House – $500
This money will help restock our Apartment M for a new tenant.

Day Center for the Homeless – $300
Helps provide food and shelter.

Meals on Wheels – $300
Helps keep meals affordable for people who cannot get out and need this assistance.

Neighbor for Neighbor – $300
Neighbor for Neighbor offers ten basic programs that assist the uninsured, low income, unemployed, seniors, handicapped and the impoverished.

Good Samaritan Fund – $300
This fund helps people who come in asking for help. No cash is given, but we help purchase food, gas, pay rent, etc. Those being helped include Boston Avenue families.

Bolivia Medical Clinic – Backpacks and ponchos for nurses – $500
We have a covenant relationship with Bolivia UMC. Nurses ride bicycles to their various clinics and the backpacks and rain ponchos would help them carry their supplies with them.

Other Ministries:

Clarehouse – $300
This ministry helps people who are dying, and their families, through those last days – often at no charge.

Car Care Ministry – $300
This ministry repairs cars for people who can’t otherwise afford it. Clients pay for parts and this ministry provides labor.

* You will need the newest version of Microsoft Excel or comparable software to open this .xlsx file.

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