Meredith in Hospital


Please know that Meredith was hospitalized at St. John on Monday evening. We expected her to be out by now but that’s not the case. Meredith needs to have her gall bladder removed but a complication has come up, and a procedure to resolve the problem failed earlier today. They will attempt the procedure again tomorrow and she may have surgery to remove the gall bladder on Friday. Depending on the procedure’s outcome, she may or may not have a form of surgery that will allow her to leave on Friday or Saturday. She may be there even longer. She not feeling well and sleeps often due to the drugs to control the pain and her overall health status. I’m not sure that she feels well enough for visitors, but thoughts and prayers from you and the other members of the Maranatha class would be much appreciated. Thanks, much; I will keep you informed with her status.


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