Operation Magic Carpet Ride

Here is more information concerning carpet removal at the Staat’s on
Thursday 30 June.


Subject: RE: Paul & Mary Staat’s home–Operation Magic Carpet Ride (MCR)
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 16:45:48 -0500


I have confirmed with Mary that this coming Thursday, June 30 starting at 0830 will be good for them too in the carpet removal from their home. Mary will be calling the City of Tulsa to make arrangements to pick up the carpet at curbside.

A recap of what we will need to do:

Three rooms with small closets (Mary has moved all of the stuff off of the floor), the largest is approximately 12′ x 12′.

1. Move furniture out of the room.
2. Pull the carpet up along with the padding.
Note: we may have to remove some molding on the floor, depending on how the tack strip was installed. For speed, if needed we will remove the center then move onto the molding later in
the process. We will wing this as we go…
3. Vacuum the floors.
4. Move furniture back into the room.

Tools needed:

Claw hammers
Pry bars (flat blade preferred)
Razor/box cutter knives
Pliers, assorted types, i.e. needle nose, diagonal, regular. (used to pull up carpet to cut, pull nails, tack stripes, etc.).
Shop vacuums, I will bring mine and we probably will
need one more for multi-tasking.
General purpose tools (home type–nothing high tech).


Large garbage bags (I have some 55 gallon)
Dust mask (I have some, 3M type)

I will bring some bottled water, if you want to bring anything else, make it so.

Once done, if interested, go to Ron’s hamburgers for lunch and a little fellowship. About 1/8 of a mile from Mary & Paul’s home (located on Peoria).

If I missed anything let me know, but I believe this is about it. My cell is 918-625-3373 if you need to get a hold of me.

Peace out!


PS here is a website to brush up on carpet removal.

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