Operation Magic Carpet Ride

Maranatha Class, Boston Avenue Youth, and friends

“Operation Magic Carpet Ride”–by Jim Embrey

On June 30 the Maranatha and Boston Avenue Youth group ‘swept’ into Paul Staat’s home and within 2 1/2 hours moved/relocated furniture from three rooms, pulled up carpet, carpet padding, tack strips and about 5,000 nails/tacks/staples, swept, vacuumed, wet mopped and then moved/relocated furniture back into their respective rooms. This mission was needed to help Paul Staat’s eventual recovering after taking medications that can reduce his immune system. The carpet removal was needed due to the fact carpets and rugs tend to harbor pollens and other irritants that could affect Paul and his recuperation from the medications. As usual the “Alpha Team” (Maranatha) coupled with the B.A. Youth group worked well together and accomplished the job efficiently, neatly, safely and well ahead of schedule. Just another testimony to the ‘Spirit’ that resides in us all and how we utilize it in magnifying Christ’s good works.

Not pictured: Bob Russell, Stuart and Greg Maus, Jeff Allen.

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