From Bob and the Thomas Families

Thank you for the message. As far as food and that type of thing we’re in great shape. We have been blessed with a wonderful father, who lived a great life with health issues only surfacing relatively recently. We are blessed to have many of our families holding him to the end. We know the holidays are filled with family rituals, plans, travel, etc. and it is important to us that people are with their families in the way that they have planned.  The church has been gracious in allowing us an early Christmas Eve memorial, which will help bring closure to many friends and our family. In the spirit of Christmas it just seems fitting to us to celebrate rebirth and birth in this way and in many ways to us will make future Christmas Eve’s and Christmas Day’s be that much more special for us in remembering Dad. The service will be followed with a short time to see the family in the parlor and with the same opportunity at Bill’s home immediately thereafter. Virtually no one in our family will be changing travel plans and certainly that is our hope with friends and acquaintances as well. This is Christmas, after all.  Our real hope is that those who feel drawn to the service are welcome, but others know that we are blessed in many ways, so that  a prayer or a card in lieu of this service is more than appropriate. Thanks to all for the warm embrace of thoughts and prayers.
Bob and the Thomas families

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