Maranatha News from Sunday, July 29

Here’s the news from Maranatha:

We had a lovely and relaxing brunch yesterday with good food and fellowship. Thanks for being there. Thanks to David Carpenter for a wonderful prayer.

Next week Bill Crowell will begin a two-part lesson on his trip to Turkey with the Institute for Interfaith Dialogue.

Sunday’s hosts will be Pam and Karey Low and Roger and Charlotte Rowe.


July 29 David Carpenter

July 29 Skip Scott

July 30 Pat Bones

Aug 2 Shannon Latchem

Aug 4 Paul Staat


None this week


Lonnie and Martha Vaughn


Our collection for Operation Hope yielded few items, so Meredith moved that we donate $100 for the purchase of more supplies. The motion was seconded and carried. Meredith will do the shopping. You may still bring items to class this Sunday if you wish.

Lynn reported on the successful and fun dinner service at Redemption last week. Thanks to all who helped.

There were positive remarks from many about this years’ BABA show, “The Pirates of Penzance.” Despite the glowing reviews ticket sales are disappointing. Please consider supporting the BABA program, your church, and your fellow Maranathans by attending this weekend. You won’t be disappointed!

Lonnie Vaughn from the Car Care Clinic and his lovely wife Martha attended and thanked us for helping give the program a big boost last year. He told us of many success stories.

Try and stay cool! We’ll see you Sunday.

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Maranatha News

Here’s the news from Maranatha:

Many thanks to David Carpenter for condensing all the info he could find in scripture about angels for us, and for inspiring us to share our encounters with the class. We also appreciate the bonus lesson about Jonah!

Next week it’s the second Maranatha brunch of the year. Please bring what you can to share.

Thanks to the fabulous Morgan sisters for hosting last week.

Angie Dale shared a thoughtful prayer.


25 Charlotte Rowe

28 Terri Todd


26 Ginger and Jim Smyrl

27 Brenda Miller and Mark Lee


No visitors last week.


This is the last week for the Operation Hope collection of household items.

BABA tickets are on sale now for “Pirates of Penzance.” Many Maranatha members are in this terrific show!

Thanks to those who served at Redemption Sunday night.

Joys and Concerns:

Nikki Smith announced she begins a new job with the American Red Cross on August 6. Congrats to her!

Susan Rose’s niece is expecting triplets and one child isn’t doing as well as the others. Please pray for them.

Nancy Morgan is dealing with lots of pain. Please keep her in your prayers.

Kendall Carpenter shared her happiness about her parents’ 60th anniversary celebration last Saturday.

Melanie Shepherd’s company sponsored a 5 year old boy through the Make A Wish Foundation. He has terminal cancer and treatment has been stopped. The company sent him to Disney World. Prayers for he and his family.

Lynn Jesse asked for prayers for those affected by the Aurora shooting.

We look forward to seeing you Sunday for a morning of good food and fellowship.

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Maranatha News from July 15

Here’s the news from Maranatha:

Thank you to David Carpenter for educating us about Angels. He’ll continue his interesting talk next Sunday.

Thanks also the Maus’ for hosting. The fabulous Morgan sisters will be our hosts this Sunday.

Thank you, Denise Klein, for a beautiful prayer.


16 Darlene Lorenz

17 Tom Cox, Terry Michael, Nikki Smith

18 Nancy Christy, Steve Jacoby

20 Mark Butterworth

21 Lydia Jackson


17 Judith & Ed Payton

19 Carol & Mickey Maus

20 Beverly and Mark North


Kristy Hayes, who decided to join us officially! Welcome!


August 19 is still open for guilty treats.

Collection of toiletries and household items for Operation Hope continues through July.

July is Mission Emphasis Month and items collected the 22nd go to DVIS: Domestic Violence Intervention Services.

We’re serving dinner at Redemption on July 22, not July 29. New sign-up sheet was circulated.

Day Center service is August 10.

Denny explained that after discussions with Joel Panciera and Kendall Carpenter, Brenda Reed approved BABA accepting CC’s on a trial basis if Maranatha would allow its bank account to be used as a holding account. Kevin agreed this was feasible since no fees were being charged to the account, only the net transaction amount is being placed in the account. At the end of the show. Kevin will write a check out to BA for the funds deposited. This is only being done for this one event.

With that in mind, tickets are on sale now for the entertaining and spectacular “Pirates of Penzance!” Many of your friends in Maranatha are in the cast, please come show them your support!

Joys and Concerns:

The Bolivia mission team made it to their destination after weather problems delayed them overnight in Miami. Have yet to hear if their luggage also made it! Prayers go with them.

Rob Reck’s mother passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. He said their family is well-supported and have no needs at this time except for prayers. Her service is Tuesday at 10am at 400 N Aspen in Broken Arrow. 918-258-5506.

David Rose reported that they sold their house and have moved to mid-town. We hope it’s bigger because another grandchild is on the way! Congrats to the Roses.

Mary Elliot’s brother is here visiting from Perth, Australia.

Have a great week and we’ll see you next Sunday!

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Maranatha News from Sunday, July 8

Here’s the news from Maranatha:

Thank you for a good turnout for Rabbi Sherman’s presentation on Midrashim. Midrashim are interpretations of bible stories written by Jewish authors that “fill in the gaps” or add a new perspective to familiar stories. He shared two about Noah and the flood that were very compelling and thought-provoking. We were honored to host him before his retirement, and thank Angie Dale for her help in arranging his visit.

David Carpenter will be speaking the next two Sundays on “Angels.” I’m intrigued!

We were well-fed by the Morgans and the Grims. Next week our hosts will be the Maus’ and Shermans. There are still openings for hosting, so some Sundays, we may have less food than usual.

Thanks to Jim Embrey for a great prayer.


8 Patty Barnes

11 Frieda Reck

11 Linda Reid


8 Mary and Patrick Bones

8 Carol and Dave Grim

9 Patti and Gary Smith


Our second brunch will take place the last Sunday in July.

Collection of toiletries for Operation Hope continues through July.

Maranatha will serve at Redemption on Sunday, July 29 and at the Day Center Friday, Aug 10.

Pam’s plan for the August social is dinner and a visit to the Aquarium. Date TBD.

Jim Embrey reported on the work at Joanie Hatleys, and again solicited project ideas for DT4G.

July is Mission Emphasis Month and items collected the 15th go to Child Share-Circle of Care.

Tickets are on sale now for the entertaining and spectacular “Pirates of Penzance!” We now accept credit cards!

Joys and Concerns:

Allene Donley reported that Nitty and John Sonder send greetings from Ft. Worth.

Pam Sherman’s first great-granddaughter, Kenzie Nicole Marie, was born healthy last week.

Melanie Shepard’s sister Valerie is hospitalized.

The mother of a friend of Debbie Jacoby’s is also hospitalized.

Martha Blevins asks for a prayer that the right thing will happen at the right time.

Richard Wansley reported that their four year old grandson, Lucas, is enjoying his first solo visit to Tulsa.

Kendall Carpenter announced Valerie’s new job at Laureate, counseling adolescent eating disorders. Congrats, Valerie!

See you next Sunday!

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Maranatha News from Sunday, July 1

Here’s the news from Maranatha:

We had a very festive Sunday thanks to the efforts of Michelle Place, who fed and embellished us with all things patriotic! Thanks, Michelle! The Morgans and Grims will host this Sunday.

Thanks also to Ben Pascoe for showing us a different view of Abraham. Ben is a passionate and knowledgeable speaker and we are grateful he shared his gifts with us.

This Sunday, we are pleased to have Rabbi Charles Sherman as our speaker. We are very excited he will be here, let’s honor him with a big turnout!

Lynn Jesse blessed us with a beautiful prayer that could not have come from anyone but her loving self.


1 Sue Madden


7 Sherry and Jim Stinson


The College Age Sunday School class visited this week in honor of Ben’s lesson.


July is Mission Emphasis Month. Each Sunday in July items are collected in Bishops Hall for specific agencies. July 8 is Cookson Hills Center, the 15th is for Child Share-Circle of Care, the 22 is for Domestic Violence Intervention, and items collected on July 29 will go to the Community Food Bank.

Meredith Davison reminded us about Operation Hope’s need for toiletries. Don’t forget to bring them to class during July.

Kendall announced that volunteers are needed to sell BABA tickets on Sunday mornings in July. (We have it on good authority this is gonna be one heck of a show. So please get your tickets soon!)

Jim Embrey confirmed that Phase I was completed at Joanie Hatley’s house. Gifts cards were purchased for her with funds not used for maintenance work. Phase II will take place as part of DT4G.

The prayer signup sheet has many vacancies. Please remember that a prayer can be a poem, the words from a hymn, or a devotion, it doesn’t have to be improvised or off-the cuff. We appreciate everyone’s help with this.

Joys and Concerns:

Pam Sherman announced the pending birth of her first great-granddaughter. Prayers are needed for the baby and her mother who will raise her as a single mom.

David Shepard’s brother Bobby recently had bypass surgery. He is doing well.

Keith Madden announced that Sue’s mother died on Friday. Please keep the family in your prayers.

Have a safe and happy holiday! See you Sunday.

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