New info about Kim Fanter

from Patty Banes:

Kim Fanter is also presenting on Tues. Sept 25th for parents and grandparents of younger children. Kim is a great parenting coach which will be beneficial to anyone having control and behavior issues. Don’t pass up this opportunity because you never know when you will need your "bag of tricks"!

Hope to see you there!
Call for childcare reservations, 918-699-0112

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Kim Fanter Workshop

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Meal Request for Joan Hatley

Michelle Place forwarded this request today. Follow the link if you would like to participate.

Joanie has requested we continue meals, so the meal schedule is open until Oct 30. Hopefully by then radiation will be complete. The recovery from surgery has been much longer than anticipated (she had drains in for over a month!!!). If you don’t mind spreading the word around, I’d appreciate it. I’ve emailed all senior high youth families and asked Ann White to email Joanie’s little kid choir families.

The site is Last name: Hatley passcode: 5410


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