Rev. David Wiggs bio; our speaker for the month of February 2015


I hope this letter finds you and yours doing well in all things.

Attached is David’s bio, he will be our speaker for the whole month of February.

His basic theme for the month will be, "The Mission Statement for Boston Avenue–To Infinity and Beyond!"

David Wiggs, bio, Feb 2015.pdf

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Class Newsletter for 25 January 2015


Attached is our weekly newsletter.

As of this writing, our audio has not be up loaded to the website. Thanks again to our own Ed Payton for a great class.

A reminder, we will have Rev David Wiggs as our guest speaker for all of February. Please be ready to start class at 10:00, David has to leave promptly to prepare for second service.

Email me if you need a minute to make an announcement and I will reserve a time for you in class.

Peace, Friendship and Happiness to you and yours.

See you Sunday,


Maranatha Class notes for 25 January 2015.docx

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Ed Payton–Our speaker for 25 January


Attached you will see Ed’s bio. His lesson is titled, "Abraham and Issac; the Untold Story".



Ed Payton, 28 January 2015.pdf

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Class notes, 18 Jan 2015


Great to see you all today. Attached is our weekly newsletter.

Of interest:

1. 23 Jan International dinner, LAST MINUTE — anyone interested, call/email Angie for reservations…literally, the more the better. We are very cool people to hang out with.

2. Chili supper is in February, be a part of our annual tradition one last time.

3. 23 Feb is our next Day Center for the Homeless dinner, more details from Rex and Roger later on in February.

4. WE STILL need a volunteer for being a reporter. (Don’t make me volunteer you…it ain’t pretty!).

5. Our website is looking AWESOME! Barbara has been really hitting it and the site is looking great. Check it out.

6. Ed "The Great" Payton will be our speaker next week.

I wish you all Peace, Happiness and Love in your lives…if you get a chance do one good thing each day this week for someone,

Your friend,


Jim Embrey

Class President

Maranatha, 2015

Cell: 918-625-3373

Email: jjsembrey

Visit us!

Boston Avenue UMC:

Maranatha Class:

Maranatha Class notes for 18 January 2015.pdf

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Audra Fogle; guest speaker 18 Jan 2015


Attached is Audra’s bio. She is a dynamic and fun person to be around. She is a very serious and passionate person with a mission. Her lesson this Sunday is titled, "God’s Welcome".

David Wiggs moved Audra from the Youth Ministry to the Welcoming Ministry for our church for a specific reason and purpose. We as Boston Avenue UMC members will want to hear, learn and support our church in this new approach to "open arms" for our members.

See you Sunday at 9:45.

Be Happy and Share that Happiness with others,


Audra Fogle, 18 Jan 2015.pdf

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Class notes, 11 Jan 2015


It was good seeing you all on Sunday. Attached you will find our weekly newsletter.

A BIG REMINDER: I/we need a Reporter for our class, it is a very easy but important job to “capture” a few notes from the class and submit an article to the BAUMC staff for inclusion into “The Word” publication. Sharon Earley has the scoop on this position. Let Sharon and/or I know if you would be interested in this post and try it for awhile.

Go in Peace, Do Good and be Nice to others,


Maranatha Class notes for 11 January 2015.pdf

Attachment for 11 Jan 2015.pdf

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2015 Class Officers

President: Jim Embrey

VP Curriculum: Michelle Place

VP Finance: Grim/Campbell/Blankenship

VP Missions: Rex Donley & Roger Rowe

Social: Dale/Maldonado/Solomon/Campbell/Payton

Auction: Richard and Meredith Wansley

Greeter/Refreshments: Debbie and Scott Morgan

Reporter: Sharon Earley

Secretary: Carol and David Grim

Caranatha: Lynn Jessee-Russell, Nancy Christy, Karen Harris and Patti Smith

Chili Supper: Nancy and Joey Manduano

Historian: Pam Low

Treasurer: Susie Butterworth

Web Master: Barbara Meehan

Caranatha–Brenda Worthington

Jim or Lynn-

My brother’s wife, Donna Ward, passed away peacefully Monday after a valiant ten year struggle with a cancerous brain tumor. Funeral will be Saturday in Wyoming so David and I are leaving Friday.

Prayers are what we need most right now. Lots of family members are traveling for her service. Just because you ‘know’ something is imminent, it doesn’t make it any easier. Many thanks,

Brenda Worthington

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2015 Roster and Photo Link

Attached is the 2015 class roster and a roster for our out of town members who want to stay connected. Tara Harl can be removed as she just let us know she is moving out of town next week. If there are any additional corrections please email them to my home address: pglow and I will send out a corrections list.

This is the link to the Maranatha Members’ Photos:

The photo link is a private link so not accessible by someone doing a search. You can also view it by going through the Maranatha website and the members only link. Last year the names appeared below the photo. It appears you now have to click on the photo and the name appears in a new window. It might be different in different browsers.

Happy New Year
Pam Low

2015 Maranatha Alumni.pdf

2015 Maranatha Roster.pdf

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From Caranatha


Leslie Paris’s father died last week. Services were held in Ponca City on December 27.

Leslie does not have any needs as of this writing.


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