Maranatha News letter, Dr. Biggs bio and class announcements


Good to see you all today, great class and attendance.

A big Thank You to David Wiggs for taking the time to be our guest speaker for the month of February. He has provided very thoughtful insight into our current demographics and a direction for a "way forward" path for our continued success in bringing the Word of God to others.

Attached you will find:

1. Our newsletter.
2. Dr. Biggs bio and theme for all of March.
3. Announcements for today and this month.

A couple of other notes to bring to your attention:

1. 1 March is the cut off for submitting money request donations for this cycle (more to come later in the year).
2. The Finance committee will work up proposals for us all to consider for approval some time later in March/early April.
3. Thank you all for being brief and to the point in Joys and Concerns; as always email me with both and I will send out to all.

I wish you all Health, Happiness and Peace,


PS Looking for a volunteer to do our prayer next week Sunday at class opening.

Maranatha Newsletter, 22 Feb 2015.pdf

Mouzon Biggs Bio, March 2015.pdf

Announcements, 22 Feb 2015.pdf

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Maranatha~Middle of the week notes


I hope this email finds you all in good health and happiness.

A couple of mid week notes of interest:

1. This coming Sunday is David Wiggs last class lecture for us. let’s show him our support.

2. Attached are:

A. A personal letter from Julie Allen that is important and of special interest to her and a lot of us.

B. A reminder about Dr. Bruster and his agenda while here at Boston Avenue this coming week.

C. A reminder about the Chili Supper sponsored by our class.

3. On a final note, it has been brought to my attention that a lot of class members want to consider keeping the annual Chili Supper as a mission effort. Also, if we do not keep the Chili Supper, what would we be willing to do as a replacement event? Please think this through, pray about it and get back to me. I will bring this subject up in class in the near future for further discussion.

See you this Sunday, Go in Peace,


Julie Allen, 19 Feb 2015.pdf

Dr Bruster mailer, 19 Feb 2015.pdf

Chili Supper hosted by Maranatha Class.pdf

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News letter, 15 February 2015


As always, great to see everyone today. Almost every seat was filled today, so good to have everyone in class.

Some notes:

1. Barbara is back! She will be posting two audios this week (last and this week).

2. I apologize for my inappropriate comment about all of the announcements…they are important and have been scanned and sent to you all last week and are posted on the bulletin board. My choice of "adjectives" was not the best! It just is soooo much, I just can’t get to them all–we just don’t have the time, it frustrates me.

3. We have one more week with David this month – let’s keep up the great and civil discourse; remember, we all are the church and we all care. Be fair and let everyone ask a question.

4. Lent is starting this week, 18th Feb. It’s an important time of the Christian season; study up about it, reflect on it and let’s see what we do to make this world a better place because of it.

5. It’s ok to be a conventional and traditional Christian, just like it is to be a contemporary Christian. We are ALL like minded, Grace and Agape will keep us together. It is ok for us all to be in the same room and church!

Go in Peace,


Maranatha Newsletter, 15 Feb 2015.pdf


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Williams Meyers


William Meyers was involved in a car accident recently (I don’t have any other details as of this writing) and just found out yesterday.

From the Caranatha Team:

"I talked to Will this afternoon. He is having headaches from the accident and it totaled his truck. The other driver that hit him was drinking. He
really needs nothing at this time. His only request was for prayers. He is such a great guy and I pray for a complete recovery for him."

Lynn Knight Jessee

See you all this Sunday,



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Maranatha Newsletter and other info


Good to see all yesterday.

Due to the enormity of information from yesterday, I broke it (info) up into three distinct categories:

1 Attch = Our weekly newsletter

2 Attch = Church and other class announcements, (sorry I/we just do not have the time to cover all of these in class). I will post on the bulletin board Feb 15 for all to read.

3a Attch email from Denzil Tallent in regards to El Sistema

3b Attch El Sistema Tulsa, Prospectus


We had a great class (like all others) this past Sunday and a lot of interesting and important information and subjects were brought up. I am sure we could have easily gone another hour as we ramped up the discussion. It seems we never have enough time, ever.

This is what was said to me after class by some class members and I want to share with you as your class president:

1 No one doubts (myself included) the importance and value added of music, a music program (to include choir) AND the Arts (that’s my plug for Art). A lot of us had or have our children in BAUMC church music and art programs since they were of age to present.

2 Everything we do with our money and our way forward in regards to business as a church/class should be transparent and definitive…no secrets, no guessing, but a clear cut path for the highest probability of success for us, Boston Avenue Church.

3 WE are a faith based organization and in that vein, we subscribe to God’s love (agape) and Christ’s Grace. Through God and Christ (they) control our destiny with ‘free will’ being our ability to make sound decisions using our moral compass.

4 Civil and respective discourse is always "The Way". NO hard feelings, you, me, us should never feel that we cannot ask a question and feel uncomfortable; we all can at least respect that protocol. No one needs to be "cheeky" or "snippy", it does not serve a useful purpose.

5 I personally feel questions were asked that are important and still need further clarification. For me, I will speak to others (to include David) on those matters and if relevant, I will share with you all.

As always, always…I wish you Peace, Happiness and Good Health–you all are beautiful and awesome. I am blessed to call you fellow Christians and friends,

Happy reading!


PS Audio as of this writing has not been posted to the web.

1 Attch, Maranatha Newsletter, 8 Feb 2015.pdf

2 Attch, Class_Church announcements, Feb 8, 2015.pdf

3a Attch, EMAIL, El Sistema Tulsa Prospectus.pdf

3b Attch, SistemaTulsa.Prospectus.packet.1.pdf

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Class Newsletter, 1 February 2015


Rev Wiggs is a great speaker with a great message, I am looking forward to the whole month of hearing him lecture and teach. I will not be sending out his bio again.

A couple of notes:

Our newsletter is attached with a lot of attached pages, please look them over, good info.

I am and I know you all are excited for our new Youth director, Sharon Thornhill. She will be starting March of this year, please see the attached letter from Rev Wiggs on her resume and background. When you do meet her, make her feel at home…she is one of us and will be mentoring our children for success.

Please share our newsletter with others if you think they would be interested, all publicity counts.

Richard owes us some money for being in the Tulsa World…I think David Rose knows how that process works…David can you remind Richard when you see him? Thanks.

Finally, I have drill next weekend and Julee will have the helm…please be supportive (I know you will) and remember she was a 3rd grade school teacher–you don’t want to get sent to the principal’s office.

Have a great week, keep blessing others and praying for people, your family, our church, our country and our world.


“World peace must develop from inner peace. Peace is not just mere absence of violence. Peace is, I think, the manifestation of human compassion.”

Dalai Lama XIV

Maranatha Class notes for 1 February 2015.pdf

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