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Good to see all yesterday.

Due to the enormity of information from yesterday, I broke it (info) up into three distinct categories:

1 Attch = Our weekly newsletter

2 Attch = Church and other class announcements, (sorry I/we just do not have the time to cover all of these in class). I will post on the bulletin board Feb 15 for all to read.

3a Attch email from Denzil Tallent in regards to El Sistema

3b Attch El Sistema Tulsa, Prospectus


We had a great class (like all others) this past Sunday and a lot of interesting and important information and subjects were brought up. I am sure we could have easily gone another hour as we ramped up the discussion. It seems we never have enough time, ever.

This is what was said to me after class by some class members and I want to share with you as your class president:

1 No one doubts (myself included) the importance and value added of music, a music program (to include choir) AND the Arts (that’s my plug for Art). A lot of us had or have our children in BAUMC church music and art programs since they were of age to present.

2 Everything we do with our money and our way forward in regards to business as a church/class should be transparent and definitive…no secrets, no guessing, but a clear cut path for the highest probability of success for us, Boston Avenue Church.

3 WE are a faith based organization and in that vein, we subscribe to God’s love (agape) and Christ’s Grace. Through God and Christ (they) control our destiny with ‘free will’ being our ability to make sound decisions using our moral compass.

4 Civil and respective discourse is always "The Way". NO hard feelings, you, me, us should never feel that we cannot ask a question and feel uncomfortable; we all can at least respect that protocol. No one needs to be "cheeky" or "snippy", it does not serve a useful purpose.

5 I personally feel questions were asked that are important and still need further clarification. For me, I will speak to others (to include David) on those matters and if relevant, I will share with you all.

As always, always…I wish you Peace, Happiness and Good Health–you all are beautiful and awesome. I am blessed to call you fellow Christians and friends,

Happy reading!


PS Audio as of this writing has not been posted to the web.

1 Attch, Maranatha Newsletter, 8 Feb 2015.pdf

2 Attch, Class_Church announcements, Feb 8, 2015.pdf

3a Attch, EMAIL, El Sistema Tulsa Prospectus.pdf

3b Attch, SistemaTulsa.Prospectus.packet.1.pdf

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