News letter, 15 February 2015


As always, great to see everyone today. Almost every seat was filled today, so good to have everyone in class.

Some notes:

1. Barbara is back! She will be posting two audios this week (last and this week).

2. I apologize for my inappropriate comment about all of the announcements…they are important and have been scanned and sent to you all last week and are posted on the bulletin board. My choice of "adjectives" was not the best! It just is soooo much, I just can’t get to them all–we just don’t have the time, it frustrates me.

3. We have one more week with David this month – let’s keep up the great and civil discourse; remember, we all are the church and we all care. Be fair and let everyone ask a question.

4. Lent is starting this week, 18th Feb. It’s an important time of the Christian season; study up about it, reflect on it and let’s see what we do to make this world a better place because of it.

5. It’s ok to be a conventional and traditional Christian, just like it is to be a contemporary Christian. We are ALL like minded, Grace and Agape will keep us together. It is ok for us all to be in the same room and church!

Go in Peace,


Maranatha Newsletter, 15 Feb 2015.pdf


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