Maranatha News letter, Dr. Biggs bio and class announcements


Good to see you all today, great class and attendance.

A big Thank You to David Wiggs for taking the time to be our guest speaker for the month of February. He has provided very thoughtful insight into our current demographics and a direction for a "way forward" path for our continued success in bringing the Word of God to others.

Attached you will find:

1. Our newsletter.
2. Dr. Biggs bio and theme for all of March.
3. Announcements for today and this month.

A couple of other notes to bring to your attention:

1. 1 March is the cut off for submitting money request donations for this cycle (more to come later in the year).
2. The Finance committee will work up proposals for us all to consider for approval some time later in March/early April.
3. Thank you all for being brief and to the point in Joys and Concerns; as always email me with both and I will send out to all.

I wish you all Health, Happiness and Peace,


PS Looking for a volunteer to do our prayer next week Sunday at class opening.

Maranatha Newsletter, 22 Feb 2015.pdf

Mouzon Biggs Bio, March 2015.pdf

Announcements, 22 Feb 2015.pdf

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