Maranatha Newsletter, 29 March 2015


It was good to see you all today, we had 105 in class today! Great job.

Brunch is next week, bring you favorite dish to share with all; it is always a good time to visit, share stories of family and life together. We will also be discussing our first disbursement of monies from our 2014 Christmas Auction.

Please see the attached for more information.

I hope to see you at one of the many offered sermons this week.

In His Peace and Love,



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Sunday March 29


A reminder that this weekend will be Dr. Biggs last Sunday in this series of ‘How the Bible came to be" and for the 2016 year for our class. I have really enjoyed his lectures and hope you have too.

FYI and SA (for your information and situation awareness (military thang)), Michelle Place is always looking down range for our next speaker(s); please let her know if you would be interested in teaching a class, she still has open dates. Michelle is so good, how good you ask? She is booking a very special person for 2016 (who is in high demand); this special person’s calendar is already booked up the first half of next year. Way to go awesome Michelle!

Brother Ed Payton had our prayer this Sunday, but unfortunately for us, he will be out of town this Sunday due to unexpected business; anyone interested in giving our prayer this Sunday? Please let me know Sunday morning before class starts.

Thanks for working with me on starting a little early. Dr. Biggs needs a lot of time, so I have to really push things along so that we can get the maximum out of his lectures each day.

Easter is slowly approaching us, let’s keep this season in our hearts as Christians. I always try to reflect on the ‘gravity of seriousness’ that Jesus must have felt in his heart as ‘the day’ approaches.

In Peace and Love,


PS **Hey next class President, we are setting up missions and classes for you already and we have saved all of our documents for use if needed and will help you as needed. The Chili supper is already reserved by Jim and Julee Embrey and July is booked for the next speaker.**

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5Newsletter 22 March 2014


Good to see you all today. Please see our weekly newsletter attached along with other important information.

Please join us next week for Dr. Biggs last lecture.

A reminder, 5 April will be our fist brunch bring some goodies to share and an appetite! We will have fellowship and will also discuss some financial business.

Thanks for all you do in His name.


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Circle of Care, 22 March 2015.pdf

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Newsletter, 15 March2015


Good to see you all today, great lecture by Dr. Biggs, as always.

Please mark your calendar for 5 April for our Easter brunch and be ready for good food, fellowship and some finance business.

See attached for our newsletter and other information from today.

In Peace,


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Prayer Request–Lee Anne Nichols

A prayer request from Lee Anne Nichols:

This is Lee Anne Nichols. I could use a prayer. I have asthma and a condition I have never heard of voice box syndrome. I have not felt well for months and have had a odd set of symptoms that did not go together. The flaps in my voice box cover my airway so I can’t get air in and out and am not getting oxygen to my body in a normal way. Symptoms are short of breath, "air hunger", muscle cramping (lactic acid buildup), fatigue, problems talking, etc. Anything triggers my voice box to obstruct my airway.

This is not an immune reaction but a mechanical obstruction. I have not gone any where much because of the problems. I am working. I was in the hospital briefly. There is treatment for it and I anticipate it will get better. Living with it is difficult at the moment until I get it under control.

The reason I have not been at Sunday School is because of illness. Please put me on the prayer list. This is a very strange illness and even as a nurse not something I know much about.


Lee Anne

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Maranatha Class notes, 8 March 2015


Good to see you today!

Please see attached for our newsletter and attachments for this week.

I look forward to seeing you all next Sunday.

In Peace and Happiness,

Jim & Julee

Maranatha Newsletter, 8 Mar 2015.pdf

Dr. Biggs lecture board notes, 8 March 2015.pdf

Travis Nicks wedding picture, 2015.pdf

Disciple class.pdf

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Prayer request and note

A Prayer Request:

From Bethany Willyard

I would like to ask you to put Anna Cairns on the prayer list. She is the lady that took care of my children during my addiction time. She was diagnosed with cancer, they thought she had beat it. The Breast cancer has returned and the Dr’s do not believe that they will be able to remove the cells this go around. They have all ready told her that the cancer is going to kill her. So, on that note please add her and her family to the prayer list. Thank You

Peace and Happiness,


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A Prayer request


From, Lynn Jessee

"Please put my little granddaughter on our prayer list. She is having back surgery tomorrow at 7 am. They say it will take 8 hours. We need all the prayers for her and her surgeons. Thanks so much."

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1 March 2015, Maranatha, newsletter


Good to see everyone! I know it is very tricky to get out in this type of weather and it isn’t easy driving around on the slick streets. We had a good showing for Dr. Biggs and I/we really enjoyed his first class today. Remember we will have the audio uploaded as soon as we can.

Attached you will see:

1. Newsletter
2. Rebecca Allen’s wedding picture
3. Dr. Biggs class notes (from the dry erase board) follow along with the audio
4. Dr. Biggs bio (last posting)

Thanks for all you do in the name of Christ. Do good things whenever you can, fight hate with Love – it isn’t easy, but it works.

Peace, Health and Happiness,


Maranatha Newsletter, 1 Mar 2015.pdf

Rebecca Allen.pdf

Dr. Biggs, class notes attachment.pdf

Mouzon Biggs Bio, March 2015.pdf

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