Corrected notes of interest

Please disregard previous email…I had a "Google" mistake in it and not all of the notes were included. My apologies. Jim

Class, I will not be in class 3 May (Mary Bundren will be leading our class) and 10 May (Angie Dale McCann will be the leader this day) due to previous engagements. Rock on Ladies! Please support and mind them during their tour of duty–thanks in advance!

See below for other notes of interest.

**Prayer request from Bethany Willyard

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 9:35 PM

Mike’s aunt and uncle were in a real bad house fire. His cousin was badly injured and air transported to Dallas for medical attention. They lost everything.

Please pray for the Caballero family. We possibly will have to head to Texas. Please pray for our safe travels. Thank you and God Bless.

Mike and Bethany

**Joel Panciera will be our guest speaker for 3 and 10 May. This from Joel:

Hi Jim,

I am really looking forward to my time with Maranatha. I have taught various forms of this lesson for a bunch of classes so I have all of the ‘bugs’ worked out and should be ready to create, I hope, a meaningful series of classes. Here is the info:

Title: "Everything that my Sunday school teacher was afraid to teach me about the Bible". Basically, I would like to explore how the most up-to-date historical research on what we actually know about the people and places in the Bible can significantly enhance our understanding of scripture – and in particular – Jesus.


  • I grew up in rural, western Pennsylvania – enjoyed hunting, fishing, watching various sports (family had season tickets to Steeler games in the 70’s) and of course studying music (piano, organ, trumpet, singing)
  • Bachelor in Music – Oberlin Conservatory (Organ, Music History minor)
  • Master in Music – Westminster Choir College (Choral Conducting, taught music theory)
  • Doctorate – University of Oklahoma (Choral Conducting)
  • Spent a year of private study in Cambridge University, England
  • Have served all types of churches as organist, choir director, Music Director (Presbyterian, United Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopal, & Roman Catholic) and as Boston Avenue Church’s Music Director since Jan 2000
  • Served as the Director of Vocal Studies at Bethany College (Lindsborg, KS) before coming to BAUMC
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Notes of interest for Maranatha

Class, I will not be in class 3 May (Mary Bundren will be leading our class) and 10 May (Angie Dale McCann will be the leader this day) due to previous engagements. Rock on Ladies! Please support and mind them during their tour of duty–thanks in advance!

See below for other notes of interest.

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Maranatha Newsletter, 26 April 2015


Good to see you all this past Sunday, I hope you enjoyed Mr. Drew Diamond’s lecture, I did. Michelle really works hard to get speakers for our class. You too can be a speaker or if you know of someone that you feel who would be inspiring and edifying, please let her know.

Please see attached for our newsletter and other notes of interest.

A couple of reminders for this week:

1. Dr. Joel Panciera will be our lecturer for May 3 & 10.

2. Mary Bundren will be the class leader for May 3. I will be at my final military guard duty! It took me 38 years to get there and now I am there!

3. May 1st will be our swap meet in Maranatha, see the newsletter for more details.

4. Way to go Michelle! See attached for a great article on her and her mission.

5. Jose-Luis is starting the process of asking Boston Avenue UMC members to be volunteers for the El Sistema program, see attached. If you have more questions, he has a table set up in Bishops Hall. I know our Mission dudes are working something on this matter–more info later.

Peace, Love and Happiness–share it,


Maranatha Newsletter, 26 April 2015.pdf

26 April 2015 consolidated announcements.pdf

Director of Music Ministries, Joel.pdf

Exodus House.pdf

Michelle Place Tulsa World April 2015.pdf


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Celebrating CMSgt Jim Embrey’s 38 years of Honorable service


I apologize for the technical issues/problems, no one’s fault, just computer stuff!

So, here it is in just a plain ol’ email:

**Don’t worry if you cannot make this, it’s ok, we will hook up at church with a hand shake, hug and a smile**

**Don’t worry about RSVP…just show up! NO GIFTS, PRESENTS, etc, PLEASE (a pithy/funny joke is very acceptable)!! Just you!

Date/Time: May 2, 5-7 PM, come and go as you please, spend two minutes or two hours if you want, it’s your call.

Where: The Bundren’s residence

3120 E. 87th St Tulsa, OK 74137

What: An easy and relaxed social with very light snacks and drinks…maybe cake will be involved, it’s sort of crazy!

Attire: Very summery and casual and relaxed. I am wearing short and a Hawaiian shirt to celebrate retirement.

The Bundren’s live in a gated community, just tell the guard at the shack you are going to the Bundren’s for the social.

I really appreciate the Bundren’s and all concerned doing this for me/us; It is heart felt by me–your love and friendship is what matters to me.


Jim, Julee and Sam Embrey

8611 E. 80th St

Tulsa, OK 74133-6506

Home: 918-252-7294

Jim’s cell: 918-625-3373

Julee’s cell: 918-630-1511

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Maranatha Newsletter, 19 April 2015


Good to see you all today.

I really enjoyed Nancy’s lesson today. Next week we will have Mr. Drew Diamond from the Sherman Miller Museum as our guest speaker.

For your planning, Dr. Joel Panceria will be our guest speaker the first two weeks of May–always a great teacher and lecturer.

Please see attached for our weekly newsletter.

In Peace, Love and Kindness,


Maranatha Newsletter, 19 April 2015.pdf

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12 April 2015 Newsletter


Good to see you all today. Attached you will find our weekly newsletter and other notes of interest; of special note, our 1 May Super Swap Potluck, another TAGS class by Angie, OUR VERY OWN Patti Smith, "2015 Woman of the Year", by The Woman of the Gamma Phi Beta Tulsa Chapter–way to go Patti!! and last but not least the Tapestry of Tales offered 17-18 April at Boston Avenue.

A reminder that Pam Low will take new pictures for our new members and will update our pictures on the name tag board, if you want.

Peace and happiness to you and yours,


Maranatha Newsletter, 12 April 2015.pdf

Super Swap Potluck.pdf

TAGS Class–Angie’s class, 19 April, 2015.pdf

Patti Smith.pdf

Tapestry of Tales.pdf

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Quick notes, 11 April 2015


Quick notes for tomorrow:

1. Youth stock sale begins this week, bring your check book! Our youth will be giving a briefing in our class tomorrow morning. We will pass out envelopes to put your donation in. If you prefer, representatives will be set up in Bishops Hall to accept donations too.

2. Godspell, presented by our Boston Avenue Youth, BAY Troupe last performance will be tomorrow at 2PM. It is a great show and you will be blessed and impressed by the outstanding performance by our youth.

3. Rev. Lisa Hines will be our guest speaker, she is a great person with a great mission and lecture.



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Test Monitors for Burroughs Elementary


Burroughs Elementary School is in dire need for Testing Monitors.

Testing Monitors for Burroughs Elementary

April 10th – May 1st

Please contact Mrs. Tisdale to sign up for a time to monitor a class during the State Testing

tisdade or 918-833-8780

Thank you,


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Newsletter, 5 April 2015


Good to see you all today.

Thank you all for the great food and fellowship; those who were not here, we missed you.

Our 1st half distribution of funds have passed, thanks to our Finance Committee for a great job. Now Susie, our class Treasurer, will be getting her "Treasurer Thang" going on and will start to cut checks to those affected agencies.


**Andrea and Rob Davis now have a new granddaughter!

**Pam and John Sherman’s, Elaine Wilson, our oldest granddaughter that came to Sunday
school with us for several years, was just inducted into the national physics sigma pi sigma


**Our youth program (Boston Avenue Youth Troupe, aka BAY Troupe) will be putting the play

**Our lecturers for April will be, 12 April Rev Lisa Hines, 19 April Nancy Christi and 26 April
Drew Diamond (curator, Sherman Miller Museum).

**Tapestry of Tales, April 17-18 at BAUMC. Go to for further

See attached for more info.
Go in Peace, Be Happy! It is contagious!


Foot notes (ref: Wikipedia):

1. Godspell is a musical by Stephen Schwartz and a book by John-Michael Tebelak. It opened off Broadway on May 17, 1971, and has played in various touring companies and revivals many times since, including a 2011 revival which played on Broadway from October 13, 2011, to June 24, 2012. Several cast albums have been released over the years and one of its songs, "Day by Day" from the original cast album, reached #13 on the Billboard pop singles chart in the summer of 1972.

Rev Lisa Hines, 12 April 2015.pdf

2015 first half distribution, Maranatha.pdf

Snack sign up April – June 2015.pdf

Second Saturday, 11 April, 2015.pdf

TAGS Class__Exodus House graduation, April 2015.pdf

Car Care Clinic, 2015.pdf

UMCOR thank you note, April 2015.pdf

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Brunch 5 April 2015–notes


Attached are important notes for this coming Sunday Brunch, most important is the Holy Week Services schedule.

Next is our proposed first half distribution of monies, print your own copy to bring. If possible, we will vote on this matter this coming Sunday.

Time sensitive is Sharon Earley’s request for attendees for Lewis graduation next week Tuesday.

Angie’s TAGS class opportunity on 19 April.

Jose-Luis reply (email and Sistema info) to our request for information/status for the El Sistema program. I do have another request out to Joel Panceria and David Wiggs if they need to add more comments.




It is with great joy I announce my oldest daughter, Audrey and her husband James had child number

three, Isaac Robert Wollmershauser 03/20/2015. 8lbs 11oz; 21 inches. They live in Alexandra VA.

Prayers are always welcome!

Andrea and Rob Davis

Holy Week Services.pdf

2015 first half distribution, Maranatha.pdf

From Sharon Earley.pdf

TAGS Class–Angie’s class, 19 April, 2015.pdf

Jose-Luis email.pdf

SistemaTulsa.PositionPaper.2015 .pdf

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