Maranatha newsletter, 24 May 2015


Good to see everyone. What a great brunch and a great time to relax and to socialize with our fellow church and classmates.

Some highlights from the notes:

1. Sharon Earley is trying to set up a date(s) (either 29 May and / or 1 June) to do final cleaning of the Exodus apartment. Also, if you have any donations, please get them to the class as soon as possible and/or call Sharon for a pickup date.

2. Pam Low and Shari Goodwin will be starting up the process to organize our member picture board in alphabetical order and with new pictures. If you want a new picture, please let them know and the will work it for you.

3. We are going to update our table clothes for our classroom and will also get good clear containers to put them into for upkeep. We will be using money out of the class donation account (petty cash) to pay for this purchase.

Peace and Grace to all,


Maranatha Newsletter, 24 May 2015.pdf

Attachments for 24 May 2015.pdf

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