Maranatha newsletter, 28 June 2015

Hello all,

It was great to see everyone this past Sunday. Attached you will find our weekly newsletter and attachments in regards to the July Mission Emphasis Month.

Notes of interest:

1. Prayer request for Darlene Lorenz. She was a good friend of Sue Brothers who pasted away recently (service will be this Wednesday at 1 PM) and needs to be lifted up during this time of grieving.

2. Prayer request for Debbie Jacoby. Debbie fell down and needs prayers to up lift her. Caranatha and Sharon Earley are checking in on her now for any needs.

3. Nancy Christy’s last Sunday with us will be this coming Sunday! She is off to the east coast…however, she did promise to come and visit us often.



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Mission Emphasis Month flyer, July 2015.pdf

Mission Emphasis Month handout, July 2015.pdf

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Newsletter, 21 June 2015


I hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the summer, we are.

Attached is:

1. Our class newsletter.
2. Church announcements

FYI (this was almost unanimous), our class voted for what we think is the most popular verse and it is Luke 10:27, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all of your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and you neighbor as yourself."

I NEED A FAVOR: I will be out of pocket for the following Sundays and I need a sub: July 19th, 26th and 2 August. Please email me at jjsembrey if you are willing to do this. I will leave my class book for your use, email you info as needed/requested and will do what I can from off-site. You do not need to do a newsletter, just forward the class notes to me and I will do that from my location.

Have a blessed week,


Maranatha Newsletter, 21 June 2015.pdf

BA Summit, July 17 & 18, 2015.pdf

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Maranatha newsletter, 14 June 2015


Good to see everyone this past Sunday. A lot of folks on vacation and just plain good ol’ summer time outings.

Attached you will find our weekly newsletter. Of note:

1. Note the bible versus attachment, please read the instructions, make your choice and we will vote on it this coming Sunday.
2. BABA ticket sales volunteers sign up sheet (I think we are just about filled up, but please fill free to put you name down).
3. Dana Solomon is now passing around a sign up sheet for our July 12 luncheon social (before the 2:30 PM BABA show), please sign up soon!
4. Thanks to Rex and Allene for taking the food over to the OMM interns, sounds as if they enjoyed the food.

Blessings and Peace,


Maranatha Newsletter, 14 June 2015.pdf


BABA ticket sales sign up.pdf

OMM interns dinner, June 15, 2015.pdf

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From Richard and Joey Payton (Jeanie and Richard’s son/daughter-in-law)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so very much for the wonderful dinner you provided our family after Stella’s service. I can not tell you how comforting it was to know that there would be food available and that we didn’t need to worry about the preparation at all! So many of our family members traveled to attend and it meant the world to us to not have to make another trip to an uninviting and busy restaurant.

The food that you served our family was absolutely wonderful! Everything was so fresh and wholesome. It was as though you read our minds when you made the menu. It was clear to everyone that an enormous amount of care and love went into our dinner. Your gift kept on giving as well! Being able to take home the remainder meant we was able to spend precious time visiting rather than in the kitchen cooking.

One thing we learned during our short four years of parenting Stella is that everyday is a gift. I am thankful for the gift of your love. It was clear with the excellent dinner you prepared for our family and we are so very appreciative.


Richard and Joey Payton

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Newsletter, 7 June 2015


Good to see everyone this past Sunday.

Attached is our weekly newsletter and notes of interest which include 1) BABA ticket sales sign up, 2) Wynton Marsalis info (for El Systema fund raiser) and 3) "The favorite bible verse" ballot.



Maranatha Newsletter, 7 June 2015.pdf

BABA 2015 ticket sales personnel.pdf

Wynton Marsalis, Oct 2, 8pm, 2015.pdf


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Special notes–Maranatha


A couple of notes for your review and consideration.



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31 May 2015 Maranatha Newsletter


Good to see everyone this Sunday. Our weekly newsletter is attached.

Notes of interest:

1. From Lynn Jesse. Thank you all of Maranatha for your support for the Payton family this past Friday–we take care of each other.

2. Blue Grass and Chili at the Shepard’s will be this Saturday at 6:30PM This is a great event and is a auction item.

See you all this coming Sunday,


Maranatha Newsletter, 31 May 2015.pdf

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