Tomorrow is Brunch Day!


A reminder that we will be in the Scout 20 room (old Maranatha class, downstairs). Please bring something to share with others. The Horizon class will be visiting with us too, they will bring the coffee and drinks.

This will be a great time for all.

See ya,


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Maranatha newsletter, 23 August 2015

Hello all,

Thanks to Ken Tobler for a great two weeks of lessons. This coming Sunday we are going to be blessed to listen to the Salt Creek gospel band. Dave and Mel Shepherd are members of this band and they all sound great. We will be sharing this great time with the Horizons Sunday school class too, great fellowship!

1. Attached you will find our newsletter and other notes of interest.

2. This Sunday is BRUNCH, bring a dish to share with others. Feel free to get up and get food while listening to great gospel music.

3. This Sunday we will be located in the old Maranatha Sunday school classroom; now the Troop 20 Scout room. Please help those who are not familiar with the location (downstairs by community hall//choir room)

Peace and Love,


Maranatha Newsletter, 23 August 2015.pdf

23 August class attachments.pdf

SALTCREEK_Bio (with booking info)-2.pdf

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Susan Rose Family this coming Friday

Thank you all for those who have signed up, we all appreciate your support and kindness. We still have room (more is always better in my book) anyone else still wanting to assist. Please contact Lynn Jessee to let her know you are interested.

In Love and Peace,


For Susan Rose and her family; (her father (Robert Heckart) passed away on August 3).

I talked to Susan and they will be doing the service at BA on 21st at 1:00.They would like us to do dinner for 30 at 11:00. Susan does have food restrictions with oranges, bananas and grapes. They will also need a gluten free protein for her sister and her. Maranatha will furnish the meats but I will need volunteers to help serve and to bring sides, salads and desserts.

Thanks so much for all your help.


Lynn Knight Jessee

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Maranatha attachments 16 August 2015, part 2

Church announcements. These will be posted on the bulletin board (left side as you look at the erase board) next Sunday for the month of August and/or when they expire.


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Maranatha newsletter 16 August 2015, part 1


Good to see everyone this Sunday.

I always appreciate Mr. Tobler’s lessons. It is very interesting to consider/see our Jesus Christ as a child would. We look forward to his next lesson.


1. Due to the enormous amount of announces sent to us from the church, I will be sending two emails this week, the first one is our weekly newsletter with our attachments and the second will be attachments from the church. These announcements will

2. Sistema Program training will be this week Thursday from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in our Maranatha room. This training is for all volunteers that may be working with this program.

3. Please remember that 30 August we will in the Troop 20 room (our old Maranatha classroom). Help show our new members where the room is located. This is also a brunch, so bring a dish.

4. For those who listen to our lesson on line, see the below attachment for the erase board notes that Ken wrote during his lesson.

Go in Peace and do good to all that you can, everywhere you can,


Maranatha Newsletter, 16 August 2015.pdf

SALTCREEK_Bio (with booking info)-2.pdf

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Prayer request from Jane and Alan Smith

Our grand nephew of Centennial, CO was critically injured near Grand Junction, CO.

His friend, Noah, was killed in the rollover accident. His friend, Mason, has a broken neck and broken back. All three are 19.

Our grand nephew’s name is Jack Gause, our niece’s only son. Our niece’s name is Cathy Smith, who has been suffering from ovarian cancer for several years.

We appreciate your prayers for Jack and Cathy, Mason, and Noah’s family.

Alan and Jane Smith

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Maranatha newsletter, 9 August 2015

Hello all,

Good to be back and see everyone again–it’s good to be home with family and friends, most importantly it is good to be loved.

Attached you will see the following:

1. Newsletter.

2. A CARANATHA request by Lynn Jessee and team for the Susan Rose family (21 August)

3. Cisco rides again! See his letter for the 2015 MS ride.

4. Exodus home reunion that sounds fantastic and I hope as many of us can attend as possible to represent apartment M.

5. Restore Hope school supply update, this is good stuff.

Thanks again to Meredith, Susie and Pam for covering Julee and I while we were away, you ladies rock!

Do Good and go in Peace,


Maranatha Newsletter, 9 August 2015.pdf

CARANATHA for Susan Rose family, 21 August 2015.pdf

MS letter 2015.pdf

Exodus Reunion flyer 2015.pdf

Restore Hope School Supplies 2015 update.pdf

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Hello to all

Julee, Sam and I are back from our extended vacation, great time had by all!

Some notes:

A note of love and care to Susan Rose and her family from us for the recent loss of her father.

A special Thank You to Meredith, Susie and Pam for covering my position while I was away.

Bill Crowell is our guest speaker for this month.

August 16 we will be writing notes of encouragement to the future students and teachers of inaugural "El Sistema" program after class. This will be fun and I personally feel life/church course changing for our future, let’s be a part of the future together!

Please note that The Word mentioned this project is to happen this weekend, that is incorrect, the correct date is 16 August.

See you all Sunday,


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