Barbara Meehan’s mother

Barbara’s Mom passed away.. I don’t know the details but I will keep the class informed as I am sure we will be providing the food for her service. Our prayers and thoughts are with Barbara and her family.

I would also like to thank everyone for helping with Melanie’s Mom, Doris, dinner. We have all we need to help serve and to bring food. Melanie is leaving on Sunday to be here. She said she thought they would have a lot of family in Tulsa for the service. I am assuming we will have lunch after the service which will be at 11.

Thank you all again for being the greatest bunch of people in the world. I know Melanie and Barbara are also so thankful for each of you.

Lynn Knight Jessee

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Maranatha newsletter, 27 September 2015


Great to see everyone this past Sunday–it makes my day and week better after being with you all.

Attached you will find our weekly newsletter and attachments of interest.

Notes of interest:

1. Lots of emails this week with a lot of good info.

2. Please read of all of our newsletter, but in particular our Concerns section–prayer works.

3. Please remember that our Christmas dinner/Auction will be 4 December–please mark your calendar! More info later.

4. Get your donation request into the Finance committee soon, it’s that time.

5. We have a lot of officer positions open and available for 2016. I recommend you pray and consider this important duty we all have.

Peace and Love to all,


Maranatha Newsletter, 27 Sep 2015.pdf

Attachments for Maranatha, 27 September 2015.pdf

2016 Maranatha Officers.pdf

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Church news, September 29, 2015

Dear clergy,

Bishop’s Hayes Devotional and a four part video presentation of Reggie McNeal, our special speaker at the “Bishop’s Day Apart,” is ready for viewing on and will only be available through mid-December.

View on OKvideos

Department of Communications
Oklahoma Conference of The UMC

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Thank you for being "In The Loop" for Boston Avenue Church! Read on to know more about new members, special guests and upcoming happenings to share with your class!
Welcome to the Loop Group
You are now"In The Loop"with Welcoming Ministries. Thank you for saying YES! to being in partnership with the Welcoming Committee! We are excited to work with our Sunday School Classes to welcome our guests and follow up with our members. Each class has enthusiastically designated a volunteer (or two) to represent their class.

Here’s what you can expect each week:

1- Visitor Cards in your classroom.

2- A weekly email with specific information for you to share with your class as you see fit.

3- Personal follow-up and partnership with any guests who may visit- this is a team effort!

4- A partnership approach to growing an invitational and welcoming culture not only with new people but our existing congregation too!

Welcome our newest members

The Heath Family

Heather Heath (mom) has a history at Boston Avenue and we are glad that she has returned home. We welcome Heather’s sons Noah Dufoe (older son) and Jamison Farmer (younger son) Noah was baptized and joined the church after the 11:00 service in Rose Chapel. Because Noah (the older son) was too shy to come before the entire congregation, David performed a beautiful and simple baptismal and joining service that he could understand. Both boys received prayer bears from the church. Jamison is enrolled in confirmation and recently attended the Confirmation retreat. He had a fabulous time! Both boys thought the meal at the Discover Boston Avenue lunch was the best meal ever! Ian, Heather’s husband joined us on Sunday Morning at 11:00 by profession of faith. Heather and Ian are attending the Embark Bible Study and plan to attend the new Sunday School class for couples. Help me welcome them when you see them at church on Sunday. They are looking for places to live out their faith. You can contact the family by mail at: 717 W 25th St. Apt C Tulsa, OK 74107.

Audra Fogle | Welcoming Ministries | audrafogle
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Caranatha and Prayer request

From Lynn Jesse-Russell (Caranatha):

Prayers are requested for Rick and Melanie Evans and their family. Melanie’s mother, Doris Combs, passed away this morning (September 28) at Crestwood. I talked to Melanie today and she would like us to do the food for her Mother’s services. It is on Saturday October 10th at ll:00. I will need volunteers for the sides, salads and desserts. I will ask Sharon to prepare the Main Meat Dish. I will also need people to help set up and serve.

If you can help us in anyway please contact me. Lynn. Thanks so much for your support for Melanie and Rick.

I also talked to Dave Sheppard about helping them and at this time they are ok. Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts during this difficult time for their family.


From Barbara Meehan:

My mom has been recovering from a broken hip since partial hip replacement on 8/15.

I am afraid that she has declined fairly quickly and is now nearing the end. We have hospice here at the Villages at Southern Hills and practically all of the family has been to visit. She is comfortable and content, though, and I am happy for her to shed her bonds of dementia as she goes on to a Better Place, to that Day of Rejoicing, and to be with Our Lord.


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Maranatha Newsletter, 20 September 2015


Good to see all this past Sunday.

Attached you will find:

1. Our newsletter.
2. Vacant officer positions for 2016 (yep…it’s time to start looking this over).
3. Kristy Hayes new business card–several members asked about it and I am attaching for all.

Reminders: 1 & 29 October we, Maranatha, have signed up for the set up portion of the Compassion Dinner; Our Social will be on Oct 5 at George & Rhonda Chastang’s home, good time to just have fun and visit and finally, an open invitation from the Thomas family .



Maranatha Newsletter, 20 Sep 2015.pdf

2016 Maranatha Officers.pdf

Grief Relief.pdf

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Short notice, Important from Boston Avenue


The Work Area on Mission would GREATLY appreciate a "heads up" on this Sunday’s special lunch. They want to order enough chicken for all the hungry eaters coming. Again, this is in support of all things MISSION in our church, so enjoy a great lunch at Noon on Sunday in Jubilee Hall.

Would you please send an email to your class asking them if they even think they might come, please send Lisa Hines an email at lisahines OR call her at 918-292-9829.

Yes, it is a potluck, so bring anything and put it in the Jubilee Hall refrigerators. We’ll be eating over there!

Thank you!!

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Gary Peluso-Verdend PowerPoint slides from the last two week lectures

What Is Christianity.pptx

What Is Christianity II.pptx

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Jill & Bob Thomas Homecoming invitation for Olivia


Jill and I are hosting a homecoming for Olivia, who will be in Oklahoma doing a media tour for the first time since becoming Miss USA 2015. Olivia asked that we make this an "Awareness Event" for causes which she and the Miss Universe Organization are closely aligned and important to women and Oklahoma.

So keep your checkbooks at home and join us on the evening of September 24 as we collectively shine a light on the Alzheimer’s Association, Oklahoma Project Woman and the Tulsa Area United Way—all at the Woody Guthrie Museum, where an exciting new exhibit will open the day before.

Click here for invitation details and to RSVP. It is our pleasure for you to come celebrate Olivia’s homecoming in a meaningful way. We very much look forward to seeing you.

Thank you,

Jill & Bob

PS: We understand that TAUW has an Alexis De Tocqueville event on the same evening. We have coordinated Olivia’s open house, so that those particular guests can join us a bit later.

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Maranatha weekly newsletter


Great to see everyone this Sunday. Thank you again to Meredith for covering the class while Julee and I were out of town.

I will be sending out three emails, 1) this one, 2) Gary Peluso-Verdend PowerPoint slides and 3) a special invitation from the Jill & Bob Thomas

Some quick notes:

This Sunday at church is the potluck lunch. If you are interested (see attachment for more details) in bringing food, please get a hold of Lisa Hines.

UMW Tea is this 17th, see attached.

A very kind and blessed thank you note from the Rose family.

Go in Peace, do good things,


Maranatha Newsletter, 13 Sep 2015.pdf

Rose Family Thank You note, Septermber 2015.pdf

Mission Fair, Potluck lunch, 20 September 2015.pdf

UMW Tea.pdf

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Prayer Request from Brenda Spencer


See below from Brenda.


I would like to ask for prayers for my youngest niece (and Rob Reck’s cousin), Elora Holder.

She was involved in a bad car accident on Saturday in Stillwater and life-flighted to Tulsa to St. Francis. She’s now had surgeries to put a rod in in her left leg, plates and screws in her right arm, plates and screws in her left ankle as all were broken. They are going to let her broken left hand heal without surgery.

By God’s grace, she had no brain or spine injury. The long road to recovery starts today.

All prayers for continuous improvement and for her spirit to be lifted through this will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Brenda Spencer

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