Maranatha newsletter, 27 September 2015


Great to see everyone this past Sunday–it makes my day and week better after being with you all.

Attached you will find our weekly newsletter and attachments of interest.

Notes of interest:

1. Lots of emails this week with a lot of good info.

2. Please read of all of our newsletter, but in particular our Concerns section–prayer works.

3. Please remember that our Christmas dinner/Auction will be 4 December–please mark your calendar! More info later.

4. Get your donation request into the Finance committee soon, it’s that time.

5. We have a lot of officer positions open and available for 2016. I recommend you pray and consider this important duty we all have.

Peace and Love to all,


Maranatha Newsletter, 27 Sep 2015.pdf

Attachments for Maranatha, 27 September 2015.pdf

2016 Maranatha Officers.pdf

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