Date correction


Please note on the newsletter header I did not list the dates correctly. TODAY should be 22 November and NEXT WEEK should be 29 November.

I apologize for the error/oversight.


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Maranatha newsletter, 22 Nov 2015

Hello all,

It was good to see everyone this past Sunday at Brunch. Great food, great conversations and great fellowship.

Attached you will find see our weekly newsletter and other important documents.

Notes of interest:

1. Julee and I will not be in town on 29 November for church. I need someone to cover the class for me. The dry erase board is up to date and located inside the podium is a white three ring binder with a class checklist outline to be filled out. Just send me the notes and I will do the newsletter. Call, email or text me if you are willing to do this and I will give some more details.

2. Carol and Dave Grim volunteered to take the Caranatha position for 2016! Thank you so much.

3. We still need to fill the Mission, Auction, Secretary and Reporter position. Once we do this, 2016 will be good to go!

4. Our annual Christmas Auction is almost upon us, please see attached info for auction status. Please contact Meredith and/or Richard to let them what you can donate for the auction.

Julee, Sam and I wish you all a happy, safe and fulfilling Thanksgiving and Christmas. We count our blessings daily knowing we have you all in our lives and Christian faith walk. Let’s all pray for Peace, Happiness and Love for all humankind.


Maranatha Newsletter, 22 Nov 2015.pdf

2016 Maranatha Officers.pdf

Advent workshop info, 2015.pdf

Auction status as of 22 Nov 2015.pdf

Maranatha auction form 2015.pdf

Restore Hope Thanksgiving & Christmas drive, 2015.pdf

BAUMC prayer list 22 Nov 2015.pdf

St Luke’s 22 Nov 2015.pdf

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Maranatha newsletter, 15 Nov 2015


Good to see you all this Sunday.

Notes of interest:

1. Attached is our weekly newsletter, lots of info, please read it!

2. Jim McCann has accepted the 2016 presidency for Maranatha, support him and wish him well.

3. We will be having our brunch 22 Nov, this is prior to our Advent season.



Maranatha Newsletter, 15 Nov 2015.pdf

Attachments for 15 Nov 2015.pdf

2016 Maranatha Officers.pdf

Church prayer request, 15 Nov 2015.pdf

Maranatha auction form 2015.pdf

Restore Hope Thanksgiving & Christmas drive, 2015.pdf

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Special Early Christmas Auction Item!!!

Special Early Christmas Auction Item:

Roger and Charlotte Rowe have a pair of tickets for The Book of Mormon at the PAC that they will be unable to use this Saturday night, November 21. The PAC is not allowing exchanges on these tickets, so they are donating them as an early auction item for our annual fund raiser. These are orchestra seats on Row L, seats 111 and 112 and are a $150 value for the pair. Curtain time is 8:00pm.

Here’s how the auction will work: Minimum bid is $100 for the pair. Interested parties should e-mail Roger directly at with their bid. Each night, Roger will notify all interested parties of the highest bid received by 8pm that night. Tickets will go to the highest bidder as of 8pm Wednesday night, November 18 and be delivered on Thursday or Friday at the buyer’s convenience. Depending on how the bidding goes, there may be additional updates during the day on Wednesday. Winner should make check payable to Maranatha and deliver to Jim Embry or Susie Butterworth on Sunday.

Happy bidding!

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Prayers for Maranatha members

1. Debbie Jacoby

Add Debbie to the Maranatha prayer list. The serious concussion she had in June has turned out to have resulted in identifying a growth in her sphenoid sinuses which may be a leakage of brain fluid into the sinus from a fracture of the bone around the sinus, a polyp and fungus growing in the sinus, or perhaps a tumor. The growth seen on the C-T is unclear as to source but has to be removed and then a source of treatment determined. Unless something changes, she scheduled this week to have surgery at St. Anthony’s hospital in OKC on December 2. If everything goes well the surgery will be a reasonably quick recovery. Unfortunately the surgery had some very significant risk due to its proximity to the brain and optic nerve. Please remember her in the group prayers.

Steve Jacoby

2. Jane and Alan Smith, their niece

Our niece is dealing with ovarian cancer (for many years) and more recently having the C Diff infection in the hospital.

3. Dave Cooley

It was good to see Dave in class today. He has been traveling a long road, but progress is that he was in class today.

4. Paul Staat

Awaiting to heal from his surgery before he can start chemo therapy.



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Maranatha newsletter, 8 Nov 2015


Good to see you all this past Sunday.

Attached you will find our weekly newsletter and a lot of other attachments you will find informative and of class value.

Notes of interest:

1. We still have six kids that need to be picked for Christmas toys.

2. BBQ and Jazz this Sunday, see attached for details.

3. Our proposed second distribution for 2015.



Maranatha Newsletter, 8 Nov 2015.pdf

2016 Maranatha Officers.pdf

2016 Socials for Maranatha.pdf

BBQ and Blues.pdf

Maranatha auction form 2015.pdf

Prayers for 8 Nov 2015.pdf

Restore Hope Thanksgiving & Christmas drive, 2015.pdf

Second Distribution in 2015.pdf

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Status on Paul Staat

From Mary Staat today:

At oncologist visit yesterday morning diagnosis given of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, stage 3, and large b cell lymphoma which has emerged (transformed) from the stage 3 non-hodgkins.

[We] Are waiting two weeks for the abdominal surgery wound to heal, then beginning treatment. Waiting on labs and a bone marrow biopsy next Monday to determine course of treatment. Are new drugs since our last go-round. Another bone marrow transplant is on the table as a treatment option.

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Maranatha newsletter, 1 November 2015

Hello all,

Good to see you.

1. Staat’s correct address is 4917 S. Madison Ave, Tulsa, 74105. Thank you all who have volunteered to deliver meals and all others for your prayers.

2. I will be asking for a love offering tomorrow, please see our newsletter for more details and you kind consideration.

3. Looking for teachers from our class during Advent…interested? Please let Michelle Place know.

Finally I have been having problems with Gmail, so I apologize for the multiple emails and mistakes.



Maranatha Newsletter, 1 Nov 2015.pdf

Restore Hope Thanksgiving & Christmas drive, 2015.pdf

Maranatha auction form 2015.pdf

Dinners for the Staats, Nov 2015.pdf

2016 Maranatha Officers.pdf

Dr. Lisa W Davison, Bio.pdf

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Address correction for the Staat’s

From: "Staat, Mary M" <>

Date: 11/2/2015 9:52 AM (GMT-06:00)


Subject: Address

Good morning! This is amazing that so many of our friends signed up to help us and bring us food!

I noticed when I read the email this morning that our address is written as 2917 S. Madison. It’s actually 4917 S. Madison.

I didn’t want anyone who hasn’t been to our home before to be frustrated and confused trying to find us when they are being so nice.

Thanks! J

Mary M. Staat

School Counselor

Spring Creek Elementary

Phone 918-259-4480

Fax 918-455-9160

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Dinners for the Staats


1. Per our conversation this morning, see attached for the dinners listing for the Staat’s.

2. Shari Goodwin informed me that tonight’s dinner is already taken care of so we are good to go on the 1st of Nov.

3. Just spoke with Mary Staat. She informed me that we just need to ring the door bell when we arrive with the food. Someone will always be there to receive the meal. There will be no cooler there as of this time–maybe in the future.

She says to say thank you and they really appreciate the love, prayers and kindness.


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