Prayers for Maranatha members

1. Debbie Jacoby

Add Debbie to the Maranatha prayer list. The serious concussion she had in June has turned out to have resulted in identifying a growth in her sphenoid sinuses which may be a leakage of brain fluid into the sinus from a fracture of the bone around the sinus, a polyp and fungus growing in the sinus, or perhaps a tumor. The growth seen on the C-T is unclear as to source but has to be removed and then a source of treatment determined. Unless something changes, she scheduled this week to have surgery at St. Anthony’s hospital in OKC on December 2. If everything goes well the surgery will be a reasonably quick recovery. Unfortunately the surgery had some very significant risk due to its proximity to the brain and optic nerve. Please remember her in the group prayers.

Steve Jacoby

2. Jane and Alan Smith, their niece

Our niece is dealing with ovarian cancer (for many years) and more recently having the C Diff infection in the hospital.

3. Dave Cooley

It was good to see Dave in class today. He has been traveling a long road, but progress is that he was in class today.

4. Paul Staat

Awaiting to heal from his surgery before he can start chemo therapy.



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