Maranatha newsletter, 29 November 2015

Hello all,

Julee and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed "the moment" with family and friends, we did and it was good. My little sister rocks!

Notes of interest:

1. Thank you to Pam Sherman for managing the class and to William Meyer for being the reporter.

2. Our annual dinner is this Friday at the Tulsa Country Club–it’s always a great time.

3. See the attachments, a lot of info to go over and you don’t want to miss them.

4. Here are the notes from Pam:

-We got a nice thank you note from the compassion and care ministry for our donation.

-Mary Staat gave a report on Paul, he is continuing to recover from his surgery and they are looking towards the next step in his treatments. He has also not lost his sense of humor!

-The Christmas Party; Richard is still looking for auction items, you can bring them the night of the party, just let Richard or Karen Campbell know what you are bringing.

-Michelle’s lesson on Christmas Bells was wonderful.

-William Meyer did the notes for the Word so everything should be in the article.

5. FINALLY, we have to make a decision soon on the Lover Offering money we collected for Trish. She no longer needs this money, she found out recently that her mother had a life insurance policy which covered all of her funeral cost (which is what the money was going to assist with). Trish informed she appreciates the love and kindness from everyone, but does not need the money.

5.A. We do have a (just received it today) a request for a laptop computer for a UM girl. Please read the request, think about it and we will discuss it this coming Sunday.

From Shari Goodwin:

Cecil and Jeanne Brosius Smith came to me Sunday morning asking if I could put a request in The Word for a used computer for a young lady (age 19) who lives at the U.M. Children’s Home in a cottage for youth who have aged out but who are trying to stay in school with no parents to help. I know this kind of request in The Word has not been successful in the past – the computers people bring have usually been way out of date and generally not usable.

This young lady now has to go to the Children’s Home office and wait for any time when an employee is not using their computer so that she can do her homework. I understand she is a hard worker who makes good grades, and she is officially sponsored by our church. It’s not that she just wants a computer – she really needs one.

Do you think this is anything the class would be willing to help with?

If no funds are available, do you think there would be some class members who might go in together to buy a computer? We would participate.

I think she is really deserving of the help, and I understand she basically has nothing.



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