SITREP (situation report): Paul Staat & Laptop & Love offering


Catching everyone up on Mission work.

1. Roger Rowe and I r2 (removed/replaced; pronounced in the maintenance world, "R-squared") the ceiling fan in their kitchen. Code 1 (good to go).

1.a. Roger worked on the bathtub leaking faucet. We cannot fix this (beyond our skill set), the actual brass water housing is cracked; this will require a plumber and materials. I am guessing around $300’ish to fix.

2. Roger has purchased the laptop and software for the computer for Carmen, the UMC youth living at the Tahlequah Methodist home. He and I will be delivering it tomorrow to her case worker in Tahlequah. More later on that.

2.a. Charlotte’s and Roger’s offer to the class was matching funds, up to $500 for the laptop other related computer stuff.

2.b. BOTTOM LINE & a LONG STORY SHORT: Roger researched and worked a very good deal on a laptop and software, so with matching funds, WE HAVE approximately $350’ish dollars left over from the Love Offering.

3. Proposal to the class: I would like to propose to use the remaining money to reimburse the Staat’s on the plumbing fixture for the bathtub. The plumber will be there tomorrow afternoon for the repair. I will bring this up for consideration this Sunday in class. If approved, I will get the actual cost and do the math with Susie and the Paul.

4. While at the Staat’s home, he asked me to return to Maranatha some Tupperware that people used to deliver the food to them. I placed all of it on the counter in the Maranatha room. Please pick it up this Sunday and take it home. At the end of December, if still there, I donate it to Goodwill or the church. It’s gotta go, include the food warmer below the paper sack.

More later,


Tupperware that needs to go home.pdf

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