Maranatha Newsletter

Hey, friends:

What a great Sunday! Marita gave us a great lesson (complete with a beautiful benediction which is reprinted in the newsletter in case you wanted a copy), Scott & Sandi Gardner came home to the class, and the generous Maranatha spirit shone once again as you lovingly agreed to spend part of Christmas morning 2016 serving brunch to all of the BAUMC congregation as a true mission of service and kindness. In case you haven’t noticed, this is truly an amazing group of people who come together to do tremendous things!

We’ve got double mission opportunities next Sunday, with some of us serving at St. Lukes and Margaret Been representing us as our Class Chili Chef at the all church Sunday Night Live Talent Show and Chili Cook-Off. If you aren’t serving at St. Luke’s please try to attend the all church event to support Margaret as she battles it out with other chili aficionados. Go, Margaret!

Hope you have a great week and remember that you are appreciated, enjoyed and admired by others in the class.

(918) 638-2353


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Maranatha Class 2016 Rosters

Hey, friends:

As I promised, attached you will find the 2016 Maranatha Class Rosters. My understanding is that Pam deleted the contact information for people who did not respond to her indicating that they wished to continue to have their information printed in the class roster. However, if you do not find your information here and DO want to continue to be list in the roster, please let us know so that we may correct our records. We always consider you as Maranatha family unless and until you tell us otherwise, and would happily welcome you back into our mayhem in J221!

Have a good week and know that you are appreciated, admired and enjoyed by your Maranatha classmates.

(918) 638-2353

2016 class roster.pdf

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Newletter and Homework Handout

Good morning, friends:

Attached you will find both this week’s newsletter and the homework handout that Marita Morgan gave us yesterday to accomplish before class next week. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure Marita could take me in two out of three falls, so I plan to ensure that my homework is done before I go to class on Sunday!

Pam Low completed her work on our 2016 Maranatha Class Roster and asked that I send it in a separate email rather than as an attachment. By doing so, you can easily search back through old emails and find it throughout the year if you want to refer to it. So I will be sending you a separate email later today with the roster that you will use for this year.

The hockey game got a great response yesterday in class, but we have a very tight time frame within which to get our tickets. If you want to go to the game with the class on February 6th at 7:05 p.m., you must sign up and pay for your tickets ($13.00 each) by this Sunday. Art Campbell will be buying the tickets on Monday, 1/25, so don’t miss this window of opportunity to watch giant padded men get bashed and thrashed on ice.

Hope you have a great week and remember that you are enjoyed, appreciated and admired by your classmates in Maranatha.

(918) 638-2353



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2016 Class Officers

President: Jim McCann

VP Curriculum: Michelle Place

VP Finance: Bob Russell/Jim Embrey/Dave Grim/Karen Campbell (Emerita)/2016 President

VP Missions: Glenna Arnott/Jim Embrey

Social: Dale/Maldonado/Campbell/Payton (Jeannie and Judith)

Auction: Judith and Ed Payton

Attendance taker(s)/Secretary: Sharon Earley

Refreshments: Debbie and Scot Morgan

Reporter: Meredith Davison-Wansley

Caranatha: Carol and Dave Grim

Chili Supper: Jim & Julee Embrey

Historian: Pam Low

Treasurer: Susie Butterworth

Web Master: Barbara Meehan

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Maranatha Health Update – David Rose

Hey, friends:

I will try not to email you multiple times during the week (other than the newsletter) unless it is a matter of significant importance regarding a class member. This is such a matter. David Rose contacted Jim and has asked that the following email be sent to the class. I am copying it here, in all of David’s inimitable style:

Hi Jim,

You mentioned you’d like to get some advance notice of class business ahead of time so I am sending this along.

I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be starting radiation treatments soon. My prognosis is very good since I caught it very early and we have already confirmed it has not spread.

The treatment plan does NOT indicated Chemo, just pin point radiation so I am expecting to work everyday and chug along as normal for the 9 weeks of treatment.

Prayers will be helpful.

It’s just going to be a pain in the butt! ( literally )

David Rose

Please join Jim and me to pray that David recovers quickly and that David, Susan and their family never feel alone on the journey, but instead always know that they are surrounded by all of us who love and care for them.


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Maranatha Newsletter for 1/10/16

Hey, friends:

I approach the second official newsletter with only slightly less trembling and trepidation than last week, but perhaps I will manage to send this to everyone without accidentally dialing the Kremlin.

Of note this week is that we have our first social for 2016, the Unbirthday Party, planned with great panache by Sarah Maldonado to be held this Friday, January 15th at 6:00 in Community Hall. We’ll follow the White Rabbit into Alice’s Wonderland, enjoying a soup and salad potluck on a cold night, followed by delicious pies presided over by the Queen of Hearts/Tarts and rousing games of Tea Pong and other unbirthday specialties! We have 41 people signed up for this fun event, but we always have room for YOU! So contact Sarah Maldonado at (918) 251-8974 if you aren’t yet on the list for us to celebrate the day that you weren’t born! You don’t want to be late for this very important date!

We’ve enjoyed Brenda Reed as our speaker for the past two weeks and look forward to the always popular Marita Morgan for the next two weeks. Marita is debuting with us a new series entitled, Grounded. You’ll want to hear what she has to say.

Have a great week and remember that you are appreciated, enjoyed and admired by the other members in the class.


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Maranatha Newsletter 1/4/16

Good morning, friends:

Attached (if I haven’t blown it) you will find the first Maranatha Newsletter for 2016. It essentially follows the same format that Jim Embrey used because I thought that was clear and easy to follow. As you review this newsletter, if there are items that you would like to have included in future newsletters, please let me know. Please also remember to send me any messages, announcements, or requests that you would like to have printed in the newsletter, as well as any emergency messages that need to be immediately made during the middle of the week. In our division of presidential labor for 2016, Jim is the "Mouth," doing all of the talking from the podium on Sundays, and I am the "Hands," doing all of the email and newsletter communications for our class. (Cue the jokes now.)

We consider ourselves so fortunate to be able to worship and be in fellowship with each of you. We will pray that we can provide leadership that enables our class to continue to be a strong and lively force for positive effort within BAUMC.



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