Maranatha Newsletter 1/4/16

Good morning, friends:

Attached (if I haven’t blown it) you will find the first Maranatha Newsletter for 2016. It essentially follows the same format that Jim Embrey used because I thought that was clear and easy to follow. As you review this newsletter, if there are items that you would like to have included in future newsletters, please let me know. Please also remember to send me any messages, announcements, or requests that you would like to have printed in the newsletter, as well as any emergency messages that need to be immediately made during the middle of the week. In our division of presidential labor for 2016, Jim is the "Mouth," doing all of the talking from the podium on Sundays, and I am the "Hands," doing all of the email and newsletter communications for our class. (Cue the jokes now.)

We consider ourselves so fortunate to be able to worship and be in fellowship with each of you. We will pray that we can provide leadership that enables our class to continue to be a strong and lively force for positive effort within BAUMC.



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