Maranatha Health Update – David Rose

Hey, friends:

I will try not to email you multiple times during the week (other than the newsletter) unless it is a matter of significant importance regarding a class member. This is such a matter. David Rose contacted Jim and has asked that the following email be sent to the class. I am copying it here, in all of David’s inimitable style:

Hi Jim,

You mentioned you’d like to get some advance notice of class business ahead of time so I am sending this along.

I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be starting radiation treatments soon. My prognosis is very good since I caught it very early and we have already confirmed it has not spread.

The treatment plan does NOT indicated Chemo, just pin point radiation so I am expecting to work everyday and chug along as normal for the 9 weeks of treatment.

Prayers will be helpful.

It’s just going to be a pain in the butt! ( literally )

David Rose

Please join Jim and me to pray that David recovers quickly and that David, Susan and their family never feel alone on the journey, but instead always know that they are surrounded by all of us who love and care for them.


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