Newletter and Homework Handout

Good morning, friends:

Attached you will find both this week’s newsletter and the homework handout that Marita Morgan gave us yesterday to accomplish before class next week. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure Marita could take me in two out of three falls, so I plan to ensure that my homework is done before I go to class on Sunday!

Pam Low completed her work on our 2016 Maranatha Class Roster and asked that I send it in a separate email rather than as an attachment. By doing so, you can easily search back through old emails and find it throughout the year if you want to refer to it. So I will be sending you a separate email later today with the roster that you will use for this year.

The hockey game got a great response yesterday in class, but we have a very tight time frame within which to get our tickets. If you want to go to the game with the class on February 6th at 7:05 p.m., you must sign up and pay for your tickets ($13.00 each) by this Sunday. Art Campbell will be buying the tickets on Monday, 1/25, so don’t miss this window of opportunity to watch giant padded men get bashed and thrashed on ice.

Hope you have a great week and remember that you are enjoyed, appreciated and admired by your classmates in Maranatha.

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