Maranatha Newsletter

Hey, friends:

What a great Sunday! Marita gave us a great lesson (complete with a beautiful benediction which is reprinted in the newsletter in case you wanted a copy), Scott & Sandi Gardner came home to the class, and the generous Maranatha spirit shone once again as you lovingly agreed to spend part of Christmas morning 2016 serving brunch to all of the BAUMC congregation as a true mission of service and kindness. In case you haven’t noticed, this is truly an amazing group of people who come together to do tremendous things!

We’ve got double mission opportunities next Sunday, with some of us serving at St. Lukes and Margaret Been representing us as our Class Chili Chef at the all church Sunday Night Live Talent Show and Chili Cook-Off. If you aren’t serving at St. Luke’s please try to attend the all church event to support Margaret as she battles it out with other chili aficionados. Go, Margaret!

Hope you have a great week and remember that you are appreciated, enjoyed and admired by others in the class.

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