Emergency Assistance needed for Apartment M resident

Hey, friends:

I got the following message today from Sharon Earley:

Darlene learned today that there is a high likelihood that we will have a new resident TOMORROW. She will find out in the morning. I usually put some generic food in the apartment (I could do this tonight) until I can take them shopping – which I can’t do until probably late Friday. If there was someone in the class who would be willing and able to do this Wednesday afternoon or Thursday (but not evening), that would be helpful. Darlene, et. al. will be taking her (name unknown J ) to lunch tomorrow and that person would be welcome to join us. Can you please send out this request and have them contact me if anyone can help. Thanks.

Sharon R Earley

Managing Consultant – Accounting Research

Williams Midstream

918-573-3119 (work)


918-627-5327 (cell)

Please contact Sharon directly if you can assist her.



(918) 638-2353


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