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Hey, friends:

Attached please find the Maranatha Newsletter for this week. A couple of things to note.

***Maranatha is being asked to support our own Troop 20 as the scouts go to summer camp. This would involve 5-10 of us writing letters to various scouts on their way to summer camp, encouraging them in their endeavors. It would be particularly meaningful if it could be done by men who were scouts, or by people who had a scout in the family, so that the writer could include personal camp stories. Maranatha is also being asked to provide candy to include in care packages that are sent to all 45 campers. I know from my own bitter experience in trying to get epic chocolate stains out of Larkin’s scout uniforms that chocolate candy is a particularly BAD idea. Any bags of non-chocolate, non-melting candy would be great. If you are willing to write a letter or provide candy, please let me know and I will coordinate getting the name of a boy for you. All letters and candy need to be returned to Maranatha by Sunday, May 29th, and I will then provide everything to Audra sp the care packages can be packed.

***I have had a terrible time with the Maranatha gmail account because it fights with the insane security measures imposed by the law firm’s IT department. (Not literally, but you get the idea.) It is now to the point that I cannot receive any incoming mail via the Maranatha gmail address. I think I can continue sending out the newsletter via Google since that is how all of your addresses are loaded, but PLEASE EMAIL ME AT ME adale if you need me. If you reply to this email, or send something to the Maranatha email account, I will not be able to open it or see it.

***Those of you who have volunteered at Burrough’s Elementary this year (besides being total rockstars!) are invited to a breakfast honoring you this Friday, May 6th, at 9:00 .m. in the school library. Please RSVP to the school ASAP to let them know if you are coming.

Have a great week and know that you are appreciated, enjoyed and admired by your class members.

(918) 638-2353


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