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Hey, friends:

We have three important things to discuss this week, so hang on for the ride.

First, class officers. Five wonderful people have stepped up to fill positions this week and we are so grateful! Dee Dueck took the position of Attendance Secretary, Shari Goodwin agreed to put out the Maranatha Newsletter each week (provided someone will fill in for her during the weeks that she is getting treatment in Ft. Worth) and Debra Morgan, Allene Donley and Sharon Earley all agreed to serve on the Caranatha Team. Since our goal is to get five people on the Caranatha Team to ensure that no one is ever overwhelmed by multiple needs regardless of the issues surrounding the class members at any one time, this means that we just need two more people to work with Debra, Allene & Sharon to fill out the Caranatha Team. So here are the positions remaining open:

President(s) – but now without the responsibility of the dreaded newsletter!

Auction Chaironly two months per year. It’s like working for the government!

Caranatha Team – two more people to work with the three great people who have already agreed to serve!

That’s it. All the other positions are filled for us to move into 2017. You can do this. Trust me, it isn’t rocket science. If Jim and I can do it, anyone can.

Secondly, the upcoming Auction. Ed & Judith Payton are working extremely hard to make this a great event that everyone can enjoy AND one which will generate lots of funds so we can support many worthwhile causes at the church and in Tulsa. Please be thinking about what you can donate, either large or small, and get those auction item forms turned into Ed. The auction falls immediately after Thanksgiving this year, so we have to plan BEFORE Thanksgiving and be ready. Ed has provided lots of helpful information in the Social Event section of the newsletter so be sure to check it out.

Finally, it is time to begin planning in earnest for that crazy idea that we approved in February to host an All Church Brunch on Christmas morning for the entire church. As you recall Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, and everything is being done a little differently. There is no early service and no Sunday School. Instead, the only two events that morning are our Brunch from 9:00 to 10;30 and then one worship service at 11:00. Jim Embrey, Glenna Arnott, Rex & Allene Donley and I have begun planning in earnest and there will be lots of ways for you to get involved even if your family plans prevent you from working on the 25th. We will need the help of the whole class to make this happen. The first thing to happen is that we are going to begin selling tickets each Sunday in December, the same way that we do for Chili Supper. We will sell on December 4, 11, 18 and at all the services on the 24th. Jim Embrey will have a signup sheet to pass around this Sunday to start signing up for slots to sell tickets BEFORE Sunday School (9:30 to 9:50), AFTER Sunday School (10;30 to 11:00) and AFTER worship (11:55 to 12:20). We will also need NORTH and SOUTH ticket sellers for all of the services on the 24th. Please sign up to sell if you possibly can. We are not selling tickets as a fundraiser, but to use as a headcount for food planning purposes, so keeping an accurate count of the number of tickets that we sell is absolutely critical. Remember that any money that we accidentally make is going immediately to the BAUMC Mission Endowment Fund. This can be a fun opportunity for fellowship with each other as we attempt something that no other class has ever done at BAUMC. Frankly, if I am going to do the impossible or the improbable, I want to do it with the incredible people of Maranatha.

Remember that you are appreciated, enjoyed and admired by your class members.


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