Maranatha News

Hey, Maranatha friends:

This will be my final Maranatha newsletter, as the newsletter will now be in the very capable hands of Dan Blevins. I have appreciated both the opportunity to speak to you each week, and the patience you have employed when the newsletter skated into your mailboxes minutes before the weekend due to my work schedule. I am confident that Dan will be much more punctual!

For those that were not able to attend the All Church Christmas Brunch and might be wondering how it went, I have a few observations. Jim Embrey will finalize our ticket count and Suzie Butterworth will calculate whether we lost or made any money to be turned over to the BAUMC Mission Endowment Fund as we promised. But my thoughts add a different computation.

On Christmas morning, as I struggled out of bed at zero dark thirty, I was filled with giant trepidation. I was mentally kicking myself for having created this crazy situation and having brought all these lovely Maranatha people along for the ride. I had been hugely humbled throughout December as Maranatha member after Maranatha member stepped forward to bake wonderful goodies for the pastry table, to bring a sea of milk and juice, to gather in the midst of their own holiday cooking to create the casseroles to serve our guests. Each time I thought, “Will anyone agree to do this?” virtually everyone who could make his/her schedule work rushed to help. Generous Ruth Giessen, in addition to cooking pastries, ever offered her talented family to play their harps during the brunch so we could have the lovely sound of live music. The lead-up to the brunch was overwhelming, and I was nervous that the actual event would be a letdown.

I needn’t have worried. As each beautiful, sleep-deprived Maranatha person arrived, they came in ready to smile and serve and spread cheer. It was a true joy to work alongside them. During the course of the morning, I made three distinct observations:

(1) Jim Embrey organized this event for months and kept us on track right up through 12/24. Then he handed the baton to Rex Donley who created the most unbelievably detailed minute-by-minute chart of what we were to accomplish that it was impossible to either deviate or fail. Truly, as a person who loves spreadsheets and organization, other than the faces of my children it may be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! But all of Rex’s organization was magnified by Allene encyclopedic knowledge of the BAUMC kitchen and its contents. Without Allene, we would have struggled to find what we wanted or know how to use it. With her, we barely finished sentences of, “Where is the . . .” before Allene would find it, show us how to use it, and have us hard at work. Together these three great organizers made the Maranatha volunteers a mighty force indeed.

(2) An even greater joy than the organization of the task was the ownership of the work by the entire group. Everywhere I went I heard Maranatha members talking earnestly about the tasks that they had been given and the best way to attack them. Carol Maus, Sarah Maldonado, Julee Embrey and Sharon Bookout reorganized the pastry table into a work of art. Mickey Maus directed patrons to the serving line with a flair that made them feel they were being shown into the Oval Office. Rita Singer’s actual job was just to serve fresh fruit, but she augmented that job by greeting each guest with a beautiful, beaming smile and a warm, “Are you hungry this morning?” Everywhere I looked, Maranatha members did what they had been asked to do, but they did more of their own volition and they did it warmly, with love and affection for those they were serving. I have rarely been so proud.

(3) But the absolute best part about our brunch was the group that we served. I may be in the slow reader group, but even in the press of serving casserole to every guest, I began to notice the demographics. While there were isolated pockets of young families with adorable children in their jammies, the overwhelming majority of our guests (probably 85-90%) were older couples or older women on their own. They came early, dressed in their Christmas finest, ate well, and stayed happily at the tables talking with others. At 10:30, we had a full dining room of folks still chatting. They only began to drift to the sanctuary when Sam and Larkin none-too-subtlely began stacking chairs and tables! From the smiles on their faces and the comments that they made, I realized that what we had done was give these people somewhere to go on Christmas morning. These were the BAUMC folks who might have been home alone that morning, but because of us, they had a reason to get up and get dressed, to go somewhere that they were welcomed and wanted. They were thrilled to have somewhere to go and it was extraordinarily moving to those of us who were there to see that we had changed what might otherwise have been a lonely day for people who should never be lonely. When this epiphany finally hit me, the lure of my warm bed didn’t seem appealing at all.

So those are my thoughts. I believe we served a group that needed us and added a lustrous sense of community to what might have been an all-too-quiet day for them. We did so while revealing again the true generous and loving hearts that make up Maranatha and make me so grateful to be part of you. Thank you for giving Jim and me the opportunity to lead this past year. Now we will slip back to our aisle seats where Jim can continue his practice of displaying wild socks and I can retire my newsletter keyboard.

Much love from both of us.

Remember that you are appreciated, enjoyed and admired by your class members.


(918) 638-2353



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Karen Harris’s father

My dad, Glenn Wood, died suddenly Wednesday December 22. We are deeply saddened to lose our father and a husband to my sweet mother of 61 years. My dad was 83. Funeral services are being arranged through Mark Griffith Memorial Funeral Home. Viewing is Monday 4-7 pm.
The funeral will take place on Tuesday December 27, 2016 at 1 pm, Carbondale Assembly of God.

Karen Harris (Joe Harris)

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Maranatha News

Hey, Maranatha friends:

We are right on the cusp on Christmas. I hope you are filled with Christ-centered Christmas joy, not bogged down with secular, shopping center mania. I hope the people that you love best are close to you and you have time to enjoy them. I hope that there will soon be great smells coming from the kitchen (or the microwave or the delivery bag – not judging!) and that you look forward to picking up your fork. I hope that there is a light in your eye, a carol in your ear, a smile on your lips and a hug just waiting to burst out of your arms.

May you, my sweet, warm, generous, boisterous, energetic, rowdy, lively, animated, hard-working, dedicated, laughter-filled Maranatha, feel in this season all the love that you have helped spread in the class, in the church, and in the community all year long.

Remember that you are appreciated, enjoyed and admired by your class members.


(918) 638-2353



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Maranatha News

Hey, Maranatha friends:

Another week and we draw ever closer to the birth of the baby who brings us all together. I hope during this crazy busy season you have had at least a moment to reflect upon how fortunate we are to have our church, our class and each other. I know that when I count my blessings, you are right there on the list.

Just a few things to note:

1) Thank you so much for those of you who have signed up to bring mini-muffins, sweet breads, orange juice or milk for us to provide at the All Church Brunch. Remember that you can drop that off in the kitchen whenever you like. Just make sure that it is marked for Maranatha so some hungry soul doesn’t start munching before the brunching!

2) Thanks also to those of you who are going to assemble the casseroles this Friday, December 23rd, starting at 1:00 in the BAUMC kitchen. This will make things so much easier when the first crew arrives before dawn on Christmas morning!

3) For those who want to participate but haven’t yet sign up for anything, sign-up sheets will go around in class again this Sunday. If you want to participate, but won’t be in class, just email, text or call me and let me know how you want to help. We appreciate all assistance!

4) We’ll send out crew assignments next week to those actually working the brunch so you’ll know your station before you arrive. (You didn’t actually think Chief Embrey was going to go into this culinary skirmish without a battle plan, did you?)

5) Still need some ticket sellers around the 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00 services on Christmas Eve, so if you are going to one of those services and could spend a few minutes before and after in the Parlor at our table, we would really appreciate it.

6) We are asking all Maranatha members that will be working the Brunch to purchase tickets so we know the count for food. Yes, the McCanns will be paying $25.00 for the privilege of hauling Molleigh, Larkin and my mother out of bed at 5:00 a.m. on Christmas Day to get to the church by 6:00. But that way, there will be enough food for everyone to eat when the sleepy McCanns are finally awake!

7) I promise not to have another ridiculous idea like this for at least seven years . . .

Remember that you are appreciated, enjoyed and admired by your class members.


(918) 638-2353



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Maranatha News

Hey, Maranatha friends:

Several important items to note for the next few days:

1) If you signed up to bring gifts for children with incarcerated parents or the Exodus House program, please bring them to class this Sunday, 12/11, or contact Sharon Earley to make other arrangements.

2) Scott Morgan is representing Maranatha at the Christmas Party for Exodus House on Tuesday, 12/13. We have a gift for Terri Thomas, our resident, and Scott will give it to her that night. Scott has asked that class members bring Christmas cards for Terri to class this Sunday and he will take them to the party to give to her. If you prefer, you could mail a card to her instead. If you would like to attend the party, please contact Sharon Earley.

3) We have permission to sell tickets to our All Church Christmas Brunch before and after the 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00 services on 12/24 in the Parlor. If you could be available to sit at a table in the parlor and sell from 1:45 to 2:00, 3:00 to 3:15, 3:45 to 4:00, 5:00 to 5:15, 5:45 to 6:00 or 7:00 to 7:15, please contact Jim Embrey.

4) We need class members to make Christmas breads or small muffins for the sweets table at the Brunch. You can make them at home and drop them off at the church anytime during the week of 12/18 through 12/24. If you are going to be doing so, please let Angie know so she will know if we will have enough, or have to spend class funds to purchase breads and sweets.

5) We also need class members to bring containers of orange juice and milk for use at the Brunch. These can also be dropped off at the church anytime during the week of 12/18 through 12/24 and stored in a special spot in the church refrigerator. If you are going to do so, please let Angie know so she can keep track of quantities and determine whether we need to spend class funds to purchase extra juice and milk.

6) We will be having Casserole Day on 12/23 in the church kitchen, starting at 1:00. This is when we will make the casseroles that we will serve at the Brunch. Anyone is welcome to come help cook them, male or female – the more the merrier! Please let Angie know you are coming so we can be prepared for all our chefs!

7) Our speaker this week is Michelle Place, our prayer will be by Lynn Jessee Russell, and our snacks will be provided by the Manduanos and the Russells.

8) Scott Solomon is still undergoing a rigorous week of evaluation at Craig Hospital in Englewood, CO, so he hasn’t yet begun this program of therapies. However, the doctors told him that because his core was so fit and strong, he is capable of learning to scuba dive. Scott is very pleased! Our tree was delivered and Dana seemed to like it. Our other two plans are in the works, but I won’t discuss them here since Dana and Stuart will read this email! Thank you to Maranatha for all your love and support.

So sorry that it wasn’t a full email, but client needs had to come first this week. But excitingly, Dan Blevins has agreed to be the Newsletter Editor for 2017, so you will hopefully not have any dereliction of duty like you have had from me! Our last position was also filled as Scott Gardner & Jim McCann agreed to reprise their roles as Auction Chairs again. Maranatha has a full set of officers for 2017!

Remember that you are appreciated, enjoyed and admired by your class members.


(918) 638-2353


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Roster Update Time

I passed the roster around class last Sunday to update info. If you weren’t there or you didn’t write on it that everything was okay, please send any corrections or let me know that it is okay. The updated info from Sunday has not been entered yet. Please reply to pglowThanks

ALLEN, Julie and Jeff 296-0112

710 W. 107th Place South Jenks, OK 74037

Jeff: 8/22 President, Tidemark Expl.

jallen C-645-5043

Julie: 6/12

jallen77 C-269-0431

Anniv: 5/30/81

Children: Taylor, Rebecca

ALTSHULER, Claudia and Larry

129 E. 26th Pl Tulsa, OK 74114

Larry: 8/3 Physician

Claudia: 6/5 Artist

claudia.tulsa C-899-5959

Anniv: 6/10/89

Children: Lindsey, Ben, Genevieve, Vanessa

ARNOTT, Glenna 493-3450

PO Box 500 Jenks, OK 74037

Glenna: 8/6 Retired

arnott33 C-520-7810

BANES, Patty and Jim 745-0887

1348 S. Knoxville Tulsa, OK 74112

Jim: 4/2 Architect 745-0255

Patty: 7/8 Preschool Director 669-0112


Anniv: 8/7/76

BEEN, Margaret and Dave 592-2336

24 Woodward Blvd. Tulsa, OK 74114

Dave: 2/5

Margaret: 9/26


Anniv: 5/1/71

BLANKENSHIP, Gabriele 742-5794

2223 S. Delaware Ave Tulsa, OK 74114

Gabriele: 12/13

gabrieleb C-625-3502

BLEVINS, Martha and Dan 743-0779

1389 E. 26th St. Tulsa, OK 74114-2733

Dan: 9/30 Hertz Corp


Martha: 1/21 Methodist Manor 346-6661

mmblevins C-346-7182

Anniv: 4/7/84

BOOKOUT, Sharon 272-6758

8203 N. 116th E. Ave. Owasso, OK 74055

Sharon: 6/2 Lanier Elementary 833-9381, 833-9386

bookbat C-605-9897

Children: Nathanael

BUNDREN, Mary and Clark

3120 E. 87th St Tulsa, OK 74137

Clark: 5/20 Physician


Mary: 10/13 Attorney 299-9999

mary C-857-0862

Anniv: 6/2/79

Children: Johnathan, Michelle, Kara

BUTTERWORTH, Susie and Mark 748-9796

2125 Forest Blvd. Tulsa, OK 74114

Mark: 7/20 Financial Planner 742-7526

mark C-625-3542

Susie: 5/4 Williams 573-3169

susie.butterworth C-629-7933

Anniv: 6/24/78

Children: Ashley, Parker


2503 E. 10th St Apt 4 Tulsa, OK 74104

Michael: 9/12

junior4944 C-857-4609

CAMPBELL, Karen and Art 492-1234

6931 S. Knoxville Tulsa, OK 74136-2653

Art: 2/7

acsoupson C-510-0551

Karen: 10/12

k.brownlee C-625-5989

Anniv: 2/26/05

Children: Alexis, Katie

CARPENTER, Kendall and David 918-764-8308

6701 S Atlanta Ave Tulsa, OK 74136

David: 7/29 Atty. 298-1001

carpenterestatelaw C-633-2855

Kendall: 3/08 CFO 918-932-2045

kendall.carpenter C-633-1210

Anniv: 5/21/83

Children: Valerie, Grant

CHUCOSKI, Sharon and Bruce

3728 E. 64th Pl. Tulsa, OK 74136

Bruce: 4/8 IT, Staffmark

bruce C-501-804-2656

Sharon: 11/14

sharon C-501-258-3055

Anniv: 6/8/79


4630 E. 14th St. Tulsa, OK 74112

David: 7/5

dcoriginals C-645-5863

DAVIS, Andrea and Rob 528-6692

4004 E. 108th St. Tulsa, OK 74137

Rob: 11/6 Farmers Ins 493-1020

rdavjr C-269-4892

Andrea: 8/30 Teacher Jenks 299-4415 x 5861

andrea.davis C-269-4896

Anniv: 6/6/92

Children: Taylor, Bobby

DAY, Susan 539-832-8889

5305 S. Delaware Ave. Tulsa, OK 74105

Susan: 9/3

DONLEY, Allene and Rex 744-8656

1937 S. Evanston Tulsa, Ok 74104

Rex: 11/30

crdonley C-706-3635

Allene: 9/3 Retired

crdonley C-851-0630

Anniv: 5/25/96

DUECK, Dee 430-3590

6808 S. 32nd West Ave Tulsa, OK 74132

Dee: 4/10

deeron2 C-574-343-3585

EARLEY, Sharon and Ray 492-1803

3737 E. 82nd Pl. Tulsa, OK 74137-1640

Ray: Flamingo Seismic Solutions 499-1053

rgearley C-606-3046

Sharon: 9/15 Williams Co 573-3119 C-629-5327

Anniv: 6/21/80

Children: Renee, Jason

EMBREY, Julee and Jim 252-7294

8611 E. 80th St. Tulsa, OK 74133

Jim: 5/13

jjsembrey C-625-3373

Julee: 2/27 Retired

julee27 C-630-1511

Anniv: 10/30/93

Children: Sam

EVANS, Melanie and Rick

Rick: 9/19

evansmrmj C-321-303-9873

Melanie: 12/8

evansmrmj C-321-212-9622

Anniv: 5/20/77

GARDNER, Sandi and Scott 744-7896

1370 E. 25th Tulsa, OK 74114

Scott: 12/13/50 Crosshaven Properties 582-2224


Sandi: 11/25/53 Williams Sonoma 742-5252


Anniv: 10/1/77

Children: Andy 9/10/85; Alex 5/8/89

GERTSEN, Bill 743-0720

1740 S. Columbia Ave. Tulsa, OK 74104

Bill: 5/22 CPA

wgertsen C-231-3209

GIESSEN, Ruth and Paul

4636 S. Evanston Ave Tulsa, OK 74105

Paul: 2/2


Ruth: 3/4 Musician 749-0904

glissbliss C-749-0904

Anniv: 8/13/88

Children: Frances, Charles, MaryClaire


2624 E. Newton St. Apt M Tulsa, OK 74110

Trish: 6/24

trishgonzalis C-954-4424

GOODWIN, Shari and Lynn 747-5038

2924 E 39th St. Tulsa, OK 74105

Lynn: 11/26 Green Bay Packaging 447-3233

Lgoodwin C-625-3346

Shari: 12/6 BAUMC 699-0132

lsgood1, communications C-760-1282

Anniv: 6/28/75

Children: Christy, Julie

GREEN, Beth 749-8583

2621 S. Trenton Ave. Tulsa, OK 74114

Beth: 9/9 Brief Media 749-0118,

beth C-810-5858

Children: Ryan, Erin

GRIFFIN, Sherry and Jim

1376 E. 26th St Tulsa, OK 74114

Jim: 1/3

james.griffin C-407-256-4876

Sherry: 9/13

sherry.griffin1 C-629-5112

Anniv: 4/7/07

Children: Sara

GRIM, Carol and Dave 369-6945

9625 E. 118th St. S. Bixby, OK 74008

Dave: 9/4 Meeks Group

david C-640-5388

Carol: 3/19 BAUMC Morning receptionist


Anniv: 7/8/72

HALL, Jennifer 371-3427

1801 W. Oak St Collinsville, OK 74021

Jennifer: 10/11 Hard Rock Casino 384-7800

nannyhall83 C-406-2949

Children: Loring Ross, Samantha Marie


1000 S. Denver Tulsa, OK 74102

Susan: 9/23 BOK

susanhamilton2274 C-327-1273

HARKINS, Judy and John 622-1151

5651 S Gary Ave Tulsa, OK 74105

John: 4/1

Judy: 1/28 Tulsa Dermatology Clinic 749-2261


Anniv: 4/9/10

HARRIS, Karen and Joe 745-2279

1616 S. Lewis Pl. Tulsa, OK 74104

Joe: 3/18 Atty. 392-0505


Karen: 12/28 TCC Metro 595-7296

sublime9 C-991-5207

Anniv: 9/12/98

Children William

HAYES, Kristy 852-3927

6534 E. 21st Pl Apt 307 Tulsa, OK 74129

Kristy: 1/14 Exec Asst for Center for Grief Recovery


HUNSBERGER, James 664-9796

10868 E. 33rd Pl. Tulsa, OK 74146

James: 12/12 Tulsa Com Food Bank 936-4517


JACOBY, Debbie and Steve 496-2144

5514 E. 62nd St. Tulsa, OK 74136

Steve: 7/18 Asst Gen Mgr Hydro GRDA 610-9727

okstate1980 C-323-5537

Debbie: 9/18 CFO, Union PS 357-6005

structs222 C-809-4422

Anniv: 6/4/76

Children: Shannon, Stephanie


12 E. 12th St Tulsa, OK 74119




1116 E 60th St, Apt B Tulsa, OK 74105

Kip: 3/14

kipjones50 C-405-385-1607

JONES, Terry and Bob 627-5977

7710 E. 24th St Tulsa, OK 74129

Bob: 2/7 POH


Terry: 10/26 POH

terry C-510-5270

Anniv: 10/24/93

Children: Anabel Eve

KING, Kenny

9301 Haskell Dr Broken Arrow, OK 74014

Kenny: 3/6 self-employed

kking36 C-237-2428

KLEIN, Denise and Albert

15608 Horizon Dr. Skiatook, OK 74070

Albert: 8/25 Klein Quality Construction

kleinqualityconst C-921-4847

Denise: 6/18 Lee Elementary School

Beenesprout C-845-1620

Anniv: 10/4/86

Children: Matthew, Nicholas

KOOKER, June and David 970-6968

8314 E. 108th St Tulsa, OK 74133

David: 12/28 Retired

david.kooker1 C-605-7988

June: 6/15

Anniv: 8/12/95

Children: Ron, Rick

LANE, Michael

5710 E 22nd Pl Tulsa, OK 74114

Michael: 4/14

michaelblane C-640-5630

LATCHEM, Shannon and Ray 445-7111

2715 S. Zunis Ave. Tulsa, OK 74114

Ray: 2/26 Spectrum Energy 298-6660

ray C-630-1642

Shannon: 8/2 Spectrum Properties 298-6661

shannon C-633-4148

Anniv: 10/16/92

Children: Ross, Ryan, Lauren

LeDOUX, Ginny and Jerry

8522 E. 83rd St. Tulsa, OK 74133

Jerry: 2/11 Site Tech, Key Elementary School

jgledoux C-810-7233

Ginny: 9/7 Holland Hall Vocal Music, BAUMC Dir.Children’s Choirs

gledoux C-361-4622

Anniv: 6/21/69

Children: Michelle, Heather, David, Robin

LEE, Mark & MILLER, Brenda 499-3943

4824 S. Norfolk Ave Tulsa, OK 74105

Mark: 11/27

millerlee C-740-5189

Brenda: 11/20


Anniv: 7/27/91

LEONARD, Susan and Thad

3523 E. 60th St. Tulsa, OK 74135

Thad: 1/25 Rich and Cartmill, Insurance Co.

sleonard1254 C-625-9551

Susan: 12/11 Reg. Dietician, Laureate Eating Disorder Clinic

sleonard1254 C-629-5629

Anniv: 9/10/77

Children: Abby, Whitney

LEWIS, Peggy

29566 S. 4090 Rd Catoosa, OK 74015

Peggy: 6/7 Retired

peggylewis1957 C-325-938-0009

LORENZ, Darlene 231-4013

2624 E. Newton St. Apt A Tulsa, OK 74110

Darlene: 7/16


LOW, Pam and Karey 749-3166

2447 E. 22nd Pl. Tulsa, OK 74114-3126

Karey: 2/8 Retired

pglow C-230-8984

Pam: 4/14 Retired

pglow C-691-3795

Anniv: 12/30/77

LUKS, Christi and Kraemer

10422 S. Hudson Pl. Tulsa, OK 74137

Kraemer: 9/6 Quasi-retired

kraemer.luks C-706-1636

Christi: 9/16 Missouri S&T 573-341-7641

pattonluks C-706-1637

Anniv: 3/5/94

Children: Brian, Melissa, Kelsey

MADDEN, Sue and Keith

12107 E 69th St N Owasso, OK 74055

Keith: 2/14 Tulsa City Council

rkeithmadden C-640-8794

Sue: 7/1 Retired

suemadden744 C-645-4645

Anniv: 3/24/72

Children: Amanda

MALDONADO, Sarah and Cisco 251-8974

404 S. Poplar Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Cisco: 11/2 American Airlines 292-2618

Sarah: 1/30


Anniv: 2/10/90

MANDUANO, Nancy and Joey 587-4460

1015 E. 19th St. Tulsa, OK 74120

Joey: 4/16 Physician 749-5522

manduano C-289-8506

Nancy: 11/12 749-5522

nancym C-408-5522

Anniv: 4/15/78

MARTIN, Diane and Gene 299-0878

5626 E. 114th St. Tulsa, OK 74137-8100

Gene: 8/14 Gene T. Martin CPA 521-5205


Diane: 6/5 Teacher, Jenks Southeast 299-4411 x6863


Anniv: 5/27/77

MAUS, Carol and Mickey 299-8312

5114 E. 106th St. Tulsa, OK 74137

Mickey: 4/19 Retired


Carol: 11/16 Retired

maus3720 C-361-5392

Anniv: 7/19/80

Children: Stuart, Gregory

McCANN, Jim and DALE, Angelyn 747-4427

736 W. 79th St Tulsa, OK 74132

Jim: 10/8 Atty. 430-3702

jmccann C-697-1700

Angelyn: 5/22 Atty. 594-0558

adale C-638-2353

Anniv: 8/8/87

Children: Larkin, Molleigh

MEEHAN, Barbara 280-0991

4712 S. 66th E. Ave Tulsa, OK 74145

Barbara: 12/14 Project Mgr, TCCL 549-7372

bbmeehan C-850-5566

MEYER, William 403-9269

4605 S. Columbia Ave. Tulsa, OK 74105

William: 6/26 Hewlett Packard


MICHAEL, Amy and Terry 286-3586

Terry: 7/17 Federal Judge 699-4065


Amy: 5/26 BAUMC 583-5181


Anniv: 5/30/81

Children: Kathryn, Lauren

MORGAN, Debra and Scott 744-5170

2638 E. 33rd Pl. Tulsa, OK 74105

Scott: 10/7 CFO, Methodist Manor 346-6633

smorgan C-640-4068

Debra: 6/2 Retired

talktodmorgan C-640-3350

Anniv: 5/18/72

MORGAN, Nancy 747-7631

2624 S. Sandusky Tulsa, OK 74114

Nancy: 10/5 Retired

nmorgan105 C-619-7475

MORGAN, Suzan & SMITH, Rob

PO Box 557 Tulsa, OK 74101

Robert: 2/10 Lawyer

Suzan: 3/29 Retired attorney

suzmok C-695-2965

Anniv: 8/13/96

MORGAN, Suzy and Rob 744-6539

3965 S. Delaware Pl. Tulsa, OK 74105

Rob: 1/26 USPHS Indian Health

rsmm3965 C-230-2907

Suzy: 3/27 Clinician’s Brief

ssmorg C-261-5377

Anniv: 2/16/85

Children: Marisa, Mason

MORRIS, Becky 834-7790

3903 E 11th Place Tulsa, OK 74112

Betty: 2/24 Philcrest Tennis Club

no email C-576-3453


3738 S. Madison Ave Tulsa, OK 74105

LeeAnne: 4/13 W-631-2934

lee-nichols C-230-2640

Children: Manissa

NICKS, Linda and John 584-7117

1325 S. Guthrie Tulsa, OK 74119

John: 5/8 Atty. 633-5879

Linda: 3/27 Judge 596-5340


Anniv: 10/23/81

Children: Denver, Travis, Savannah

PANCIERA, Susan and Joel 893-2885

917 S. Umbrella Circle Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Joel: 1/9 BAUMC 583-5181


Susan: 3/19 BAUMC 583-5181

susanpanciera C-633-1099

Anniv: 10/6/84

Children: Luke, Anne

PARIS, Leslie 645-4025

1410 E. 33rd St Tulsa, OK 74105

Leslie: 1/8 588-6831


PASCOE, Debbie and Neal 806-6704

908 West Fargo Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Neal: 6/4 Tulsa Historical Society 712-9484

Debbie: 6/12 Paralegal Crowe & Dunlevy 592-9871

debjpas C-850-6174

Anniv: 3/21/81

Children: Jeff, Ben

PAYTON, Jeanie and Richard 872-8888

17021 E. 48th St. South Tulsa, OK 74134

Richard: 8/19 Summit Hairstyling 492-7650


Jeanie: 12/16


Anniv: 3/14/70

Children: Richie, Ashliann, Lindsay

PAYTON, Judith and Ed 492-5012

8716 S. Erie Ave Tulsa, OK 74137

Ed: 10/24 Celebrity Attractions 796-0214

edpayton C-760-8834

Judith: 11/7

judithapayton C-724-3421

Anniv: 7/17/81


5206 S. Harvard Ave. #220 Tulsa, OK 74135

Liz: 3/2 Retired

lpierron C-314-517-0528

PLACE, Michelle and Kirk

5206 S Harvard #201 Tulsa, OK 74135

Kirk: 5/5 Oil Consultant C-906-1578

Michelle: 9/11 Tulsa Historical Society 712-9484

mplacetul C-906-2314

Anniv: 3/7/80

Children: Laura

PURINTON, Janet 712-0038

2882 E. 29th St Tulsa, OK 74114

Janet: 11/07 Retired

purinton2 C-230-3416

RECK, Frieda and Rob 664-5869

10715 E. 27th St. Tulsa, OK 74129

Rob: 4/7

reckeuph, rob.reck C-671-2521

Frieda: 7/11

flreck C-671-2875

Anniv: 8/11/78

Children: Daniel, David

ROSE, Susan and David

5227 S 70th E. Pl Tulsa, OK 74145

David: 1/12 H.O.W. Foundation

davidfrose C-404-1789

Susan: 1/30 Clinician’s Brief


Anniv: 9/11/04

ROWE, Charlotte and Roger 496-0215

712 W. 79th St. Tulsa, OK 74132

Roger: 6/29 Retired

rw.rowe C-629-6243

Charlotte: 7/25


Anniv: 5/6/78

RUSSELL, Lynn and Bob 794-4660

4705 S. Columbia Place Tulsa, OK 74105

Bob: 9/5 C-408-2203

Lynn: 10/5 European Concepts 779-4480

lynnkjessee C-809-0790

Anniv: 5/27/05

SCOTT, Paula and Skip 865-2887

PO Box 217 Mannford, OK 74044

Skip: 7/29

sscott C-352-0391

Paula: 5/11 TCC

sscott C-232-2086

Anniv: 9/2/78

Children: Gretchen, Matthew


2615 East 59th Street Tulsa, OK 74105

Jim: 1/3 Retired

jms1350 C-698-1987

SHEPHERD, Dave and Melanie 245-6098

604 E 11th St. Sand Springs, OK 74063

Dave: 8/30 Williams 573-0033

dave.shep C-688-8367

Melanie: 10/30 Magellan Midstream 574-7682

mel.shep C-521-5821

Anniv: 8/23/75

SHERMAN Jr., Pam and John 496-2443

6705 E. 24th St. Tulsa, OK 74129

John: 3/18 Sherman Studios

sirjohn1 C-200-1123

Pam: 9/9 City of Tulsa 596-7619

psherman C-430-8535

Anniv: 3/10/07


1414 E 39th St Apt 224 Tulsa, OK 74105

Rita: 10/8

ritaesinger C-605-1974

SMITH, Jane and Alan 250-8466

4221 W. Urbana St. Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Alan: 9/28

als19511973 C-409-4820

Jane: 5/25 Music Teacher BA

jlsmithmusic C-810-2484

Anniv: 6/30/79

Children: Stuart, Miranda

SMITH, Patti and Gary 745-0334

1907 S. Evanston Ave. Tulsa, OK 74104

Gary: 1/8 McGraw Realtors

gsmith C-629-7264

Patti: 11/26 McGraw Realtors 629-7264

psmith C-630-3888

Anniv: 7/9/83

SMITH, Sarah and Sam

11881 S. Yale Ave Tulsa, OK 74137

Sam: 2/17 Classic Properties 627-5600


Sarah: 4/23 Special Judge 596-5372

sarah.smith C-261-0682

Anniv: 10/19/84

Children: Corbin, Keeley

SOLOMON, Dana and Stuart 712-9353

2710 E. 22nd Place Tulsa, OK 74114

Stuart: 12/14 PSO 599-2555

djsolomon59 C-519-7014

Dana: 9/22

djsolomon59 C-640-6792

Anniv: 8/23/86

Children: Scott, Michael

SPENCER, Brenda 746-5962

2514 E. 17th Place Tulsa, OK 74104

Brenda: 1/29 Williams 573-2114


SPENCER, Laurie 742-8913

2511 E. 17th Place Tulsa, OK 74104

Laurie: 12/11 Artist, Teacher Holland Hall


Children: Geovy

STAAT, Mary and Rev. Paul 619-9918

4917 S. Madison Ave. Tulsa, OK 74105

Paul: 8/4 Associate Minister BAUMC 583-5181

paulstaat C-938-8302

Mary: 8/5 BA School Counselor 259-4480

mmstaat C-938-8299

Anniv: 6/16/90

Children: Kate

STINSON, Sherry and Jim 492-7218

7614 S. Quebec Ave Tulsa, OK 74136-8101

Jim: 12/15


Sherry: 2/7

sherrystinson C-688-4548

Anniv: 7/7/62

TALLENT, Lisa and Denzil

10937 S. 77 East Ave Tulsa, OK 74133

Denzil: 12/17 Smith & Wesson 370-1331


Lisa: 6/6 Universal Field Services 494-7600

lisaosu84 C-906-4815

Anniv: 8/6/83

Children: Lauren, Rachel

THOMAS, Jill and Bob

2251 E. 39th St. Tulsa, OK 74105

Bob: 11/9 Senior Star Living 592-4400 x 17

rthomas C-691-0347

Jill: 8/6

tulsa.thomas C-691-6436

Anniv: 11/2/84

Children: Allie, Olivia

THOMAS, Susan and Bill

1376 East 29th Street Tulsa, OK 74114

Bill: 11/9 Senior Star Living 592-4400 x 216

wthomas C-691-0348

Susan: 12/16

swt1216 C-691-0349

Anniv: 8/30/93

TODD, Terri and Dean O. 745-9058

3730 S. Atlanta Pl Tulsa, OK 74105

Dean O: 2/18 Dentist 493-2444

carty2b C-625-8459

Terri: 7/28 Dental Hygienist 493-2444

carty2b C-625-7184

Anniv: 6/19/82

Children: Tyler, Carter


29566 S 4090 Road Catoosa, OK 74015

Ed: 4/15 Mr. Ed’s Auction

mred C-636-2202

WALKER, Ginny and Jerry 298-8886

6826 East 112th Street South Bixby, OK 74008

Jerry: 5/22 Methodist Manor resident 743-8112

Ginny: 2/23 Phillips Theological Seminary 270-6417

virginiawlk C-671-9375

Anniv: Easter Sunday

Children: Elisabeth, Anne

WANSLEY, Richard and Meredith DAVISON

1502 South Boulder Ave Tulsa, OK 74119

Richard: 8/19 Mental Health Association

rawansley C-520-8787

Meredith: 3/20 OU Med College 660-3841

Meredith-Davison C-520-4294

Anniv: 12/17/72


2501 E 10th St #4 Tulsa, OK 74104

Bethany: 5/27 CPRSS, Mental Health Assoc.

bwillyard C-857-1472

WORTHINGTON, Brenda and David

2657 S. Vandalia Ave. Tulsa, OK 74114

David: 1/16 Coca-Cola Refreshments

drw1624 C-402-3320

Brenda: 5/1 JLT Holdings Inc.

bwlawyer C-640-8951

Anniv: 2/12/07

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Classroom Photos

If you would like a new photo for our classroom boards, I will be there early and will stay late this Sunday.Pam Low

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Maranatha News

Hey, Maranatha friends:

We are hoping to see all or as many as possible of you tonight at the Christmas Dinner and Auction at 6:00 at the Tulsa Country Club. It promises to be a special night, but it will be better if you are there.

I have included within our Joys & Concerns section of the newsletter a brief update on Scott Solomon, in an attempt to respond to so many of you who have called, texted and emailed me to get the latest information. Scott has recovered well from the surgery on his back and is now ready to begin rehabilitation to develop the new skills that he will need to gain maximum independence to resume his life. He has an extraordinarily positive and upbeat attitude, and is ready to tackle this new challenge. Together, the Solomon family has determined that the optimal place for Scott to attack his rehab is the Craig Hospital in Englewood, CO (a suburb of Denver). The Craig Hospital specializes in spinal cord injuries and is one of the top places in the country to work with Scott. He will be transferred there this weekend, and will be working with them for 45-60 days. Dana will follow on Monday for at least 30 days, and Stuart and Michael will go as soon as Michael is out of school for the Christmas holiday.

Dana, Michelle Place and I have determined that the best system for updating the multitudes of people who love the Solomons and are eager to hear how the family is doing is the same system that Michelle utilized when Larkin had a lengthy hospitalization many years ago. That is, Dana will contact Michelle when she has news to report. Michelle will send out an email to everyone who has asked to be on the email list. These updates probably won’t be daily, but they will be more frequent that the weekly Maranatha newsletter in which I will summarize the information (at least for the next month until the new Newsletter Editor takes the position – please!). Thus, if you would like to be on Michelle’s email list for more frequent updates, please contact Michelle at mplace to let her know to add you to the list (or you can let me know that you want to be on the list and I will forward your email to her).

One day at a time, one concern at a time, one prayer at a time. Sometimes, that’s all we’ve got. Let’s hang on to that, and each other.

Remember that you are appreciated, enjoyed and admired by your class members.



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