Maranatha News

Good day Maranatha.

Attached is the news for last Sunday

Thanks to those who provided information to include in this weeks newsletter.
If you ever have any information that you need included, no problem, shoot me an email.

Have a great week and we will see you next Sunday.

Dan Blevins


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Maranatha News

Good day Maranatha,

The Rev. Sara Pugh Montgomery told us about the path that eventually brought her to Boston Avenue. I always find it interesting the stories that people tell about how they are certain that they are called to service. If you’re not listening, you might end up being a pharmacist.

Several bits of information in the Missions section this week.

Have a great week,
Dan Blevins


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Maranatha News

Hello Maranatha!

Linda Alegria gave our lesson this Sunday morning, and she will be followed next week by the Reverend Sara Pugh Montgomery.

If you haven’t paid for your Christmas Auction item(s), please take the time to send your check to the Butterworths, or see Susie or Mark in class next week. Thanks.

See you Sunday.

Dan Blevins


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Prayers for Nancy Morgan

Nancy has asked that the class be in prayer for her. She has a stomach virus and feels very sick and appreciates your prayer for healing.

Caranatha is providing a meal for the family Monday evening.

Thank you for your support for the Morgan family during this difficult time with the passing of their father Wayne Morgan this week.

Scott Morgan

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Nancy and Suzan Morgan’s father

Suzan and Nancy Morgan’s father Wayne Morgan passed away on Wednesday this week. There is a private ceremony next Wednesday at Montereau. Also, there is a celebration of life with a reception from 12:30 to 2:00 on Wednesday at Montereau which is open to the public.

Caranatha has arranged to take them a meal on Wednesday. Please keep the family in your prayers during this difficult time.

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Maranatha News

Hello Maranatha!

Our second Sunday of the year brought Brenda Reed’s second presentation concerning the state of Boston Avenue. The next lesson will be from Linda Alegria.

Paula Scott lost her brother Gary in December. I’ve included a link in the newsletter that links to his obituary. If you wanted to leave her a message, the best way might be to go to Facebook and search for ‘Paula Ralston Scott’. You’ll find her.

I have made a few changes to the format of the Newsletter. My goal is to have it display the same whether you open it with Word, preview it in Outlook, or view it on your smartphone or tablet.let me know if you don’t like the way it looks on your device. Thanks.

See you next Sunday,

Dan Blevins


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Maranatha News

Good day Maranatha!

January 1st brought in the first day of a New Year and our first class of 2017. It also brought in our capable new class president Scott Morgan was at the helm. Not a bad Sunday.

Our first speaker of the year was Brenda Reed our church Business Administrator. She will be back again this Sunday.

For the coming year, if you have any announcements, joys, or concerns that didn’t get mentioned in class and you like to have it included in the newsletter, then please feel free to email the information to me. My email address is blevins_dan09.


Dan Blevins


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