Parkinson’s Rally Walk and 5K Run

Dear Maranatha class,

Wow, it’s hard to believe that another year has gone by since i sent out a letter like this. April is Parkinson’s awareness month.A fact that you may not be familiar with. Unfortunately I am very aware of this because I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in February 2012. Jeff and I got the diagnosis together and we both commented after the fact that it was good to have a name to go with all the symptoms I was having. At least we finally knew what to call it and how to attack the problem.

And attack we did. We got hooked up with the Parkinson’s Foundation of Oklahoma. It is a group that provides services to families impacted by the disease across the state of Oklahoma.
I participate in a Loud Crowd group that works on keeping your voice loud and strong, Ready to Fight, a boxing group that meets 3 days a week to help with balance and eye hand coordination and finally, Pedal for Parkinson’s a cycle spin class that is only for parkinson’s patients. PFO also offers free workshops across the state, that focus on advances in medical treatment, physical therapy and healthy living.

Armed with this information, I am asking if you would like to join my team, “Team Jules” and participate in the third year of ‘Parkinson’s Rally Walk and 5K run.’ Team Jules hopes to raise $6,500. Please click the link below to join my team today. if you can’t join the team, please consider making a donation. The event is Sunday April 23rd at 1:00 with pre-race festivities and the run and walk begins at 2:00. (click on ‘Donate’ or search for ‘Team Jules’)

Thank you,

Julie Allen

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